Elementary Review: B leads to A

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"Deja Vu All Over Again" was another return episode for Elementary after a two-week hiatus.

InĀ  "Possibly Two" we saw Joan taking her first steps into becoming a full blown consulting detective - and here Sherlock gave Watson her first case to solve on her own. Joan struggled with her confidence but Holmes was there to pick her up.

Joan's Investigation

I had two favorite parts about tonight: the fact it was Joan centric and Alfredo.

Long ago, when Alfredo was first introduced, I RAVED about his character and I hoped that we would see more of him... and now we finally have! I truly enjoy the role he plays alongside Sherlock and Joan, small but needed. Alfredo is still an outsiderm but the fact that Sherlock still lets him stick around means that his small role is a big one.

I will never NOT love an episode that is based around Joan. I love getting her back-story and meeting the people in her life, like her friends. We also witnessed the struggles Joan is facing with her newest career choice because it is so different from what she normally does. I think her friends were in the right to be worried about her. It's nice to see that she does have a life outside of her work with Sherlock.

The best part was at the end when we saw how happy she was when she changed her career status to "Consulting Detective." I think Joan has what it takes to be a detective alongside Sherlock. If you don't, haters to the left.

Let's all take a moment to appreciate Joan during the interrogation. She was definitely channeling Sherlock Holmes. Watson was on a roll and unstoppable Hats off to you, Lucy Liu!

I love the fact that we are getting such an array of story-lines in this latter part of Elementary Season 1. By this, I mean that we are not just seeing a murder case that is baffling at the beginning and a ride to watch Sherlock solve at the end. Now we're seeing kidnappings, old cases being reopened, cases intertwining and all of this makes me feel like Elementary is keeping it very fresh.

Elsewhere, watching Sherlock support Watson in her case was wonderful. Even when she was down and negative, Sherlock found a way to lift her spirits up and look at the positive outcomes of her choices. That is something that you need in a partner and these two have it down.


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I would have been more impressed with this episode if the case had actually been solved. Yet, the audience was left with the very same question that we had at the beginning - WHAT HAPPENED TO THE WIFE? We know what happened to the subway victim and the motive for the crime - she was a red herring. Still, as far as I could see - no body for the wife, no physical evidence linking the husband to anything other than his wife's email account. And, you know what...some spouses may actually do a lot with each other's accounts. So, it's not really a slam dunk there. Yes, the Watson character stuff was good; and Sherlock is a really good mentor. But, the crime of the week was not solved well IMO.


The Good: Lucy and Jonny, as usual. There is no more beautiful actress working today than she, and he is the ultimate modern Holmes.
The Bad: The shopworn deus ex machina storyline... "well, now we should tell you that 18 months before she disappeared, another woman with a bunch of flowers fell off a subway platform." Shades of contrived solutions! Good writing means that you leave clues in plain sight for the audience to notice. There had to be some way the writers could have left us something so that the whole plot doesn't have to hinge on a clue we have never been offered.


It was good to see Alfredo back, if even briefly. I like when shows expand the universe a little with recurring peripheral characters -- and wonder/hope Watson's reporter friend could return, either helping them find some information or bringing them a sticky problem. That would be fun!


So, Lucy Liu got enough credits, I'd like to give credits to the writers for coming up with this week's case. It's like something straight out of a detective novel. Nicely done. Love the twist that B leads to A and I never predicted that the video is from the first separation.


Love love love Elementary. Three love alone cannot stress enough how much I enjoy Elementary!!
I love Lucy Liu's take on Watson character...it is quite fresh and love the dynamics between her and Sherlock.
Who knew Sherlock would be a good mentor...but he totally is. Yesterday's episode gave us a glimpse of that. He is helpful and yet pushed Watson to unravel the case herself. Love it!!
Loved yesterday's episode more so because we saw more into Watson's personal life with her friends and how they perceive the new her.
I hope the show sticks around for a lot of seasons. We definitely need more intriguing shows like so :)


Most definately a brillian episode. These characters together are intriguing. Neither one perfect, together perfection. Brilliant!!!!


Love this epeiode


I'm so glad Elementary is back and totally agree with the review. The writers and actors have made this relationship so tight and supportive without a hint of sexual tension. GREAT. I've enjoyed this series from episode one and it seems to only get better; fresh and interesting. Miller and Liu are wonderful together. Thank you.

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