Family Guy Review: Free Fallin'

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In a Family Guy tradition, the series aired an episode this week where Peter becomes a temporary member of some other culture. 

"Turban Cowboy" focused on Peter wading in the shallow end of the Islam pool, making rather easy jokes and exploiting lazy stereotypes about Muslims.

Peter's Sky Diving

Now, this show does not have the best track record when it comes to making fun of anything outside of white male culture, as it all just feels unnecessarily cruel. I groaned when it turned out that Peter's new friend, Mahmoud, was actually a terrorist - it came out of nowhere, especially as the suspicions of Joe and Quagmire were explained as being off-base.

The show could have played the "things are not actually they seem" card or anything of substance to subvert the obvious here.

Sure, when Mahmoud did turn out to be a terrorist, then there was some lip-service paid to the idea that not all Muslims fit this bill. But it felt like a half-hearted attempt to have it both ways. This was a stereotypical storyline that makes fun of a minority group for being different from traditional culture, and the half hour concluded with the status quo having been restored - and nothing have been learned.

It's just a regrettable pattern of behavior for the series, which I don't think has earned the benefit of the doubt to say that it's intelligently poking fun at a group that has been marginalized and mocked consistently in pop culture and usually painted as the villain.

For the show to follow that path and to barely try to subvert the story, it's just lazy and offensive without being funny. Humor that offends is one thing, and there were moments like that, such as the casual extreme violence of Peter's cell phone triggering explosions. That was probably the funniest aspect of this episode, as it served as a clever callback. But too often the jokes felt mean. This isn't just limited to this one episode, but to the later seasons of the series as a whole. When the show avoids this type broad and disposable humor, it's at its best. 

I don't expect Family Guy to be as revolutionary as its earlier days, when its humor went to shocking places yet still had a heart to it. Remember the outrage over the "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" episode that was ultimately benign and surprisingly respectful to Judaism while still making joking references to the religion? It had a true sense of its perspective. Now it has little of the heart left to it, preferring to just be offensive, and the only people getting outraged by the show is the Parents Television Council. It's just a shame because I know this show can be better.

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Wow. The Jewish FG writers wrote a respectful episode about Judaism, yet then went on to write an episode about Islam that was disrespectful. There's a shock, huh?


Jake , please get to know about Islam (well) before you judge


Adam, if all terrorists are Muslim, it must come as a surprise to the Real IRA and the ghost of Timothy McVeigh. Jake, which sect of Islam are you talking about? Islam is as splintered a religion as Christianity, despite what some Muslims will tell you. Saying Islam is a "terrorist regime" because of the actions of Wahabi Muslims is like saying Christianity is a terrorist regime because of the actions of the Roman Catholic IRA. You could also then make the claim that Judaism is a terrorist regime because of the actions of Kahanist Jews. If the threat of Islam in general is really as great as you make out, then you have to explain how there are 2.2 billion Muslims on earth and yet not a single skyscraper in Australia or Canada or the Netherlands has been destroyed by Muslims.


I agree with you. If you compare it to the earlier "Wish Upon a Weinstein", I felt it was done in a way that wasn't cheap or cruel. The first half of this episode was kind of funny but not enough to actually laugh.. staying in line with all Family Guys these days. The second half was just lazy and offensive. It completely negated its own point - poking fun at Muslims without assuming they are all terrorists. Oh never mind, the only Muslim character on Family Guy ever turns out to be a terrorist anyway. Cheap. Lazy. Not funny.


The episode "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein" is the exact thing I thought of too. That was well done. It actually made fun of the people who make fun of Jews. When I saw this, I thought. Seth what are you doing. Are you insane? I'm sorry but you have to be an idiot to make an episode like this. I love Family Guy and it has many hilarious episodes, but the only funny thing about this episode was Peter's skydiving antics. They should have made the whole episode about skydiving.


Not all Muslims are terrorists. But all terrorists are Muslim.


I don't know which Islam they are talking about. It says again and again in Islam that if you even harm another human being with even your words, you are already doing the opposite what the religion teaches you.


But Islam is a terrorist regime and Family guy under exaggerated the problem with islam

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