Glee Review: Dirty Little Secrets

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Due to the absence of Will Schuester at McKinley High, this week's Glee practice was almost cancelled. Overlooking the fact that Will has been MIA for the better part of the year, Sam and Blaine saved the day so the New Directions wouldn't have a week off from regionals practice.

The assignment of the week? Everyone had to perform their "Guilty Pleasures."

Kurt with Santana

When Blaine discovered that Sam was hiding his pretty awesome talent for macaroni art portraits, he was inspired to make this week's theme all about exposing hidden passions. Sam and Blaine went with one of the classic guilty pleasures acts and kicked things off with a little Wham! Can I get a couple of "jitterbugs?" 

Sam continued to express himself when he admitted that he's a hardcore Barry Manilow "fanilow." I've seriously not seen such a hardcore "fanilow" since Ethan Embry's character in Can't Hardly Wait. Remember the guy who was obsessed with Jennifer Love Hewitt's character and thought "Mandy" was a sign he should talk to her? Well, while I appreciate Trouty Mouth's willingness to put himself out there and throw on a ruffly mariachi jacket, there's already a classic performance of "Copacabana" out there in the TV universe.  

It belongs to Rachel Green in her Pepto Bismol bridesmaid dress in Season 2 of Friends.

The thing about all of these guilty pleasures is that they're not so guilty after all. Well, either that, or I'm too open about my embarrassing entertainment preferences. Either way, let's assess. Spice Girls?? Ummm... who didn't perform "Wannabe" during a childhood talent show. I was Baby Spice, there are photos.

Phil Collins? I'm pretty sure it wasn't embarrassing when one of his songs was chosen for the Risky Business soundtrack and played during one of the sexiest scenes of all time. 

Truth be told, the 80s was just an embarrassing decade. I'm sorry, but it's true. What was really embarrassing wasn't that Kitty loves all of the Bring It On movies, duh, but that Jake didn't realize Bobby Brown had a really sordid and awful past. Bobby Brown vs. Chris Brown, who do you think Jake should have been more embarrassed about?

Let's face it, it wouldn't be an episode of Glee without some political or moral agenda. However, I personally hate Chris Brown so I doth protest too much. I will, however, back up Jake's point that there are plenty of singers they perform in Glee club who are terrible role models. In addition, what kind of role model is "Bad Gal Riri" when she just ended up getting back together with the guy who beat the crap out of her?

Off in New York, Rachel was nursing her broken heart over her Gigolo boyfriend, Kurt was ordering boyfriend pillows on Ambien, and Santana...was just continuing to be awesome. Can we all agree that bringing Santana back was one of the best decisions Ryan Murphy has made in years?

Your boyfriend wasn't a cater waiter, he as a gigolo. Like Magic Mike with happy endings, for money. | permalink

So what's your guilty pleasure song? I'll let you guys in on a little secret about one of mine: Will and Finn weren't "sick" this week, they've just been trapped in my apartment doing repeat performances of NSync vs Backstreet since last week's phenomenal performance that was my own personal teenage dream.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, it's your turn. Hit the comments! 

NOTE: Glee is off until April 11. Check out the promo for its return now:


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Nor do we know what goes on in Chris Brown's personal life but it's okay to say those things about him?


Amazing episode! I loved all the numbers. It's about time they did Radiohead!


Marley looked stunning in the spice girls dress! I mean wow! & Jake's moves were awesomeee!

Leigh r

@Rachel - maybe you didn't watch the episode but that line about "Riri" was said by Jake. Next time you jump down someone's throat and assume they know nothing about domestic violence remember that I am a complete stranger and you know absolutely nothing about my life.


Hmmm...well, first of all Glee is a "musical show," never destined to be the single girls guide to living in NYC or really much of anything other than high school and the celebration of "difference." On that level Glee succeeds very well and I sincerely hope that it is helping youngster realize we are all different and equally deserving of a place on this planet and most definitely in High School! However this season Glee has not always been up to par with its musical choices, choreography and the production of its numbers...until last night! I don't know if it was because ALL of those songs were one of my guilty pleasures, or it all just worked as well as I thought? At any rate, I thought it was one of the more successful shows in every way and I particularly enjoyed the arrangements, choreography (how much fun was it watching Jake dance to "It's my Prerogative)? and the production vales of every scene. I say well done and the producers should be proud for finding their footing as well as a subject that really worked for the all too important musical aspect of the show-without it, I'm out, but I was definitely a Gleek for every number and every cast member last night. In the famous words of the late Donna Summer, "More, more, more!


I'm glad Jake pointed out that they do songs by artists who aren't great role models, like Kesha, all the time. I was a little underwhelmed by Mamma Mia. It's a favorite of mine but their performance seemed to focus more on the costumes and it wasn't as upbeat and fun as it should have been in my opinion. I was a bit disapointed. I read an interview where Lea Michele said something about the new kids getting to just runa round the stage and I agree. There doesn't seem to be much choreography lately, just a lot of running around the stage. For some songs that works, others not so much.


I love Glee and have loved it from the beginning...But one thing that has bothered me about the whole Brody being exposed as a hooker storyline is the health issue/aspect...I would have had someone address the fact that he jeopardized her health by being a sleep with somoene and you end up sleeping with everyone they slept with.and here this guy is bringing "strangers" into their sex lives....and how that could affect someone...Just putting the thoughts out there....


"In addition, what kind of role model is "Bad Gal Riri" when she just ended up getting back together with the guy who beat the crap out of her?" Wow. I'm pretty offended by this. You have no idea what happens in Rihanna's personal life or the tribulations of being in a domestic violenc fueled relationship. Leigh Raines, I will no longer be reading your reviews.


I work nights, but for the second week in a row I left a few minutes earlier than necessary. Last week it was Becky in that wig. (The things they've done to that poor girl) This week it was when Blaine asked Sam if...
Please tell me he didn't say yes. In those 12 minutes though:
Becca (Kitty) has become like Jane (Sue) speaking her lines too quickly for fear they'll be edited. Sue's are useless. Kitty's define her character.
Where does Sam live? When he returned to Lima it seems he was living with Rachel, but Blaine said his dad, (still in Kentucky presumably) was having trouble. If blaine had stayed at Dalton he would have learned why hunger and obesity are both US problems. Kurt looks better in macaroni and Sam may have a job now. I'm confused about Wham. I liked that song but never knew who sang it, but their other hit (Last Christmas) was clearly sung by a woman. Was that joe on the keyboard? Did he reveal any secrets? Did Unique?


Having watched all the Glee episodes there are, I don't think the "Finchell" relationship would be so bad. To be honest, Finn has never been hotter till her beat up Brody. It was like a G.I. joe vs a Ken doll. Besides, Santana could make it big. Next season will definitely have new faces since Tina, Artie, Blaine, and a few others are graduating.

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