NCIS Episode Preview: Tears For Tim

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Fans will finally get to meet McGee's father next week on NCIS, and from the looks of the promo that aired at the end of last night's episode, it could be an emotional experience for Tim.

The Admiral, played by Jamey Sheridan, makes his first appearance as a massive storm brings the NCIS team members aboard the USS Borealis, where everyone becomes a suspect.

It turns out Mother Nature wasn't the only culprit, and the tension builds when Tim discovers that his estranged father, U.S. Navy Adm. John McGee, was on board during the incident.

What do you think the incident was, and how will it tie into the season-ending arc coming up? Be sure to read our NCIS review from last night, then watch the promo for "Squall" ...

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I think either Tony or Ziva will be done with NCIS at the end of this season. The term fan wanking woks perfectly for a Mary Sue character. What other purpose does she serve?


a lot of people don't know these but there was talk of Stan Burley being the one to replace Michael Weathlery if he was the one that left at the end of season 2.


@ S According to all the dictionaries, wanking means to masturbate. So what exactly do you mean when you say "wanking Ziva"? What are you implying? I don't get it.


And I just hope that aren't bringing Stan Burley back so that we can be treated to some nauseating jealous Tony/flattered Ziva drivel. Do they ever tire of demeaning Tony and wanking Ziva?


What is over done is all of the team with Daddy issues. Tim should have his own completely different issue/problem. I don't care to meet Tims dad, he should have his own storyline with out childhood issues.


Sabotage. Another home grown terrorist? I hope not. That line of ep is so over done!

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 19 Quotes

Admiral McGee: My relationship with my son is none of your damned business.
Gibbs: You make him think he's nothing. You're the one with nothing.

McGee: Boss do you think I made the right decision with my father?
Gibbs: To be the bigger man? Maybe it's time he learned from you, McGee.