Pretty Little Liars Review: The Weak Link

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Last week's Pretty Little Liars episode ventured a little too far into crazy territory, and I'm glad to say that things have evened off with this week's installment.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much going on besides more details on Spencer's mental breakdown. And after weeks of watching Spencer slowing crumble to pieces, I'm getting really bored watching her take the forefront in all these episodes.

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" finally reached a point of oversaturation with the Spencer storyline. I'm all Spencered out - and it made it really hard to like this episode.

Missy Franklin on Pretty Little Liars

I was very glad that they didn't give Spencer amnesia. When the episode started, it seemed like a real possibility and what could be worse than that old soap opera cliche .... except maybe a show that refuses to give answers. But the writers steered clear of that ridiculous idea and instead Spencer was just trying to avoid being herself.

There was a lot of "blah, blah, blah" about Spencer's "real" problems and how she really has become the weak link in this group. She accepts that no one can really rely on her anymore because she's changed. Basically, most of the scenes involving Spencer (and there were a lot of them) were just trying to set up a longer stay for the Liar. From the looks of next week's promo, she might not get out after 72 hours.

But just how long will she be in Radley? If these season finale pics are any indication it won't be more than two episodes, but how much time will she actually be locked up?

Fortunately, we did get some information from the helpful orderly Eddie Lamb. It seems like Toby might have gotten his security badge (with the E. Lamb name) from Eddie. Eddie mentions there were having issues with the badges and with the visitor passes. All signs point to someone on the staff. Is it Wren? Or could it be Dr. Sullivan?

Wren seems like the easy answer based on his opportunistic interest in both Hanna and Spencer, but Sullivan could also be a serious suspect. Sullivan was an important part of the midseason finale back in Season 2. Was Mona (or someone on the A team) still blackmailing her while staying at Radley? Or is she still being pressured by the A team?

Plus, Eddie might not be just another helpful friend. Most of the people on this show are never 100% honest. Especially not Mona. However, I thought she was probably telling the truth about Ali's pregnancy scare. I really wish Spencer would play along so we could find out what else is in those diaries. But that would be too convenient. And there's no telling what Mona would want in exchange. 

The other girls were relegated to smaller slots of screen time, but that doesn't mean nothing happened to them. Except for Emily. Oh, wait! She got to meet Missy Franklin. Good for her, but what does it really have to do with the show?

In more exciting news, Wilden is back! Guess that means the body in the woods isn't his. Unfortunately, we won't know who it is until the police can find it. A has really created a lot confusion over this body, which could have been avoided if Spencer had taken off that freaking helmet. 

Wilden's return seems to spell trouble for Ashley and Hanna, but all he wants is his car back. Too bad Hanna drove it into the lake! With any luck, he'll just be glad to be rid of it. But I'm guessing that's not going to be the case. And with A blackmailing Hanna, it's only a matter of time before the car and the video resurface.

There was also a little movement on the Ezria front. Aria seems so deadset on helping Ezra get a job that she doesn't seem to realize she's driving a wedge between them. Her father hopes that getting him a job at Hollis will separate them slowly over time as he becomes more committed to his family. But there are not jobs at Hollis.

Ezra's attempt to substitute teach means their relationship will have to be hidden again. Well, it didn't have to mean that, but Aria decided that it would be best if the principal didn't know they were still dating. How much longer do you give them as a couple?


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Missy Franklin's appearance was so pointless and her acting was really annoying. I don't like Spencer's storyline. This show needs to step it up because the past few episodes weren't that great.


Spencer Hastings' codependency is finally showing. It is pretty disgusting. She should be more upset that Toby is on A team and not crying and withdrawing from the world over a guy so unfortunately. If this self-pity continues, I will stop watching this show since the season is two episodes to ending.


Spencer is not the weakest link at all she have always been the strongest out of all of them it seem like spencer the one that always being picked on emily and hanna also nothing really have happened to aria compared to what A have done to the other three.


spencer is no way the weakist link, and not crazy,she's really smart and is most likely up to finding out alot of info.i think aria is the weakist.why she's's never targeted is weird. i'm starting to get bored with the whole "A" thing. i love the characters, that's mainly why i watch, but it's getting quite boring and repetitous.wasn't that Toby's tatoos on the person laying there in the woods?


I was glad to see Spencer talking and for the most part seeming normal. I hope Eddie isn't a bad guy because he seemed genuinely sweet to Spencer and she needs that now since her friends can't visit and I don't trust Dr. Sullivan. Unlike Aria I don't think Spencer is the weak link. I know she had a mental breakdown but A has been really hard on her lately. She was due that since she has always been the strong one out the group. Nor did I see Emily as a weak link. Emily has fight in her. I too didn't see the point of have Missy Franklin on. Even Emily looked crazy during the whole scene with them. She had a look like why am I talking to her now look. I don't like this whole Hanna and her mom and Wilden story line. Hanna was so stupid for pushing that car into the lake. Aria and Ezra are so dead. They need to just let these two go. I'm sure some fans still enjoy them but I can't anymore. Their scenes together just look so forced.


Seriously the finale is two weeks from now and all we get are episodes that are basically spinning circles and introducing honestly irritating plot lines(yes i'm looking at you Hanna!) And speaking of Hanna where the hell did Caleb disappear?? how is it that characters just appear and disappear on this show with not even a single mention about them?? Caleb, Paige, Lucas, Noel and seriously was the Halloween episode the last we will ever see Jenna???
Yes i agree Cray - Cray Spencer is a delight to watch but I'm a little confused as to how she is so damn sure that she saw Toby's body without even seeing the face or even checking if that person was dead.. since when did she start taking MonA at her word????


I'm loving mentally unstable Spencer, including her wavy hair. I think Spencer should stay in Radley a little longer and do some undercover work. I'm so over Ezra and Aria, and feel like we're beating a dead horse now.


anyone wanna bet cece is in the trunk of wildens car


I know this is tv but seriously how does a former patient at the nut house come and go dont you need to be on a list and family? Not buying Melissa's fake concern either since Im thinking it was her that locked spencer in the sauna.
I still cant figure out why these girls are so targeted when Ali was the one making the trouble before she died. Still on the fence about spencer being crazy. Think she is up to something. Hoping someone soon takes down mona.


A few things: The mention of Toby's mother being an inmate at Radley, by E. Lamb--there wasn't really a confirmation of it being OUR Toby, but it's out there, now--food for thought. Wilden wanting his car back. I get the feeling that there is something in that car that he doesn't want found--likely something more than the video of him threatening Ashley, then Ashley running him over, then Ashley and Hanna returning to the scene. What else is he hiding in that car? Ezra and Aria. I say this every week. Kill this relationship, already. She is no part of his new life and, even if he says he wants her in his life, he isn't going to be able to help himself pulling away. His orbit is now around his son (punny!), and with the son comes the ex. She needs to go back to being a teenage girl and date a teenage boy. Missy Franklin--maybe she's a fan and they had to fit her in, somewhere? LOL Toby isn't dead. Not yet, anyway. They do find a body next week, apparently...Paige? Shawna? Hmm...

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