Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "A dAngerous gAme"

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On this week's Pretty Little Liars Round Table, those seated discuss "A dAngerous gAme," where we learned (we think) the face under the red hood, whether Toby was alive or dead and if Spencer had truly joined the A-Team.

Join yours truly and staff writers Leigh Raines, Teresa Lopez and Nick McHatton as we try to make sense out what appeared to be a confusing conclusion to Pretty Little Liars Season 3.


Toby is alive. What were the strengths and weaknesses of his story of joining Mona to protect Spencer?

Leigh: I knew Toby wasn't dead. I never believed it. Truth be told, I'm not sure I can trust Toby. Marlene King said he was a bad guy and on the A-Team, no hidden agenda, but I'm not really sure I know what to believe at this point. I think he loves Spencer.

Teresa: This wasn't much a surprise, but I guess it does help keep one of the show's favorite couples together. So that's something, I guess. But it just doesn't make sense for Toby to have been working with Mona to keep Spencer safe. Even way back in season one when they weren't even together? The whole thing is confusing, and it was such a shame to watch Spencer quickly accept his explanation and jump back into bed with him.

Nick: It feels within character for Toby, and it goes with the greater picture of redemption for him. Ever since we found out he was part of the A-Team, PLL has continually shown us all the ways he disliked the liars, but that just never coincided with the same character we met and learned about in seasons past because he's always been this protector. He did so with Emily, and now with Toby.

Carissa: They've been working together longer than he was with Spencer, so that's the biggest hole to his explanation. Additionally, Marlene King isn't a Pretty Little Liar herself, so suggesting he won't come back from the dark side should mean just that. I think he wanted to know who was under that hood as much as everyone else, and was willing to use anyone to find out who it was. Everybody knows Spencer has the brain in town, so why not use it?

Should Spencer trust Toby?

Leigh: I don't think you can trust anyone on this show. However, I do believe that Toby loves Spencer. Call me stupid, call me romantic, but that's what I believe.

Teresa: According to Marlene King, no. In my opinion, I really don't think she should. The A-team has done some pretty awful things, and you can't trust somebody that would attack your friends...even if he says he's doing it for you.

Nick: Toby's certainly earned it at this point, hasn't he? Infiltrating the team that is causing Spencer the greatest amount of harm isn't something done lightly. Long live Spoby, bitches.

Carissa: No. She only trusted him because she slept with him. Every girl wants to believe the men she gives herself to would never betray her. Spence has never been so overcome with emotion like she was with Toby. She's in a completely different space when she's with him and her brain comes in second to her heart. But I have a feeling they're going to redeem him and go back on their word that he's a bad guy, so I'm probably wrong.

What did you think of the trap the girls set for Spencer?

Leigh: Pretty smart. The girls know each other damn well at this point. They know what would have grabbed Spencer's attention. The girls did good.

Teresa: That trap was the first time the girls actually did something smart. It makes it that much more frustrating when they do something stupid. Now, I know they actually have brains!

Nick: Usually Spencer is the one with a brain, so I rather enjoyed seeing the other ladies step up their game. Hopefully it will continue.

Carissa: It was a good one, and I loved that it probably came from Hanna, who everybody thinks is ditzy. She saw that photo and started putting everything together. I'm so proud of how far her character has grown. She has the best boyfriend and now she's growing a bigger brain!

Red coat is either Ali or Courtney (currently unknown to us). Thoughts?

Leigh: The writers could definitely be exploring the A from the books. Who else could've saved Ali? We never got any resolution with Cece Drake. I don't know that Cece could be important enough. I think that Red Coat could be someone completely unexplored.

Teresa: Who? What? I don't even know anymore.

Nick: I'm glad we're beginning to see the gaps fill in for the people/person responsible for giving the liars so much grief. Whether it's Ali or Courtney, I really don't mind.

Carissa: I am really hoping they're going to dig into the whole twin thing this summer. Everybody has seen Ali's dead body all over town. Someone who looks just like her is DEAD. That's a given. It would allow Ali (or Courtney) to be on the show as a FT Liar, really spice things up, stop just rehashing the same mystery over and over and rock the Rosewood world!

What was your biggest surprise and biggest letdown of the finale?

Leigh: My surprise was the whole Spencer and Toby interaction. Even though I figured he was alive and we found out he was "pretty eyes" it was still a wow. Troian Bellasario brought her A game this season, no pun intended. She's been amazing. Biggest letdown was that nobody has seen Red Coat. She's this omnipresent figure and on a far fetched show, her presence has been an even further stretch.

Teresa: Actually, I wasn't really surprised by anything, except maybe how easily Aria forgave Spencer for kidnapping Malcolm and basically ruining her relationship. The biggest letdown was...everything else. The episode was just confusing and over-the-top.

Nick: How little Mona actually knows. It certainly brought her down a peg, and I really like the idea of her needing to fight with the liars, rather than against them, because it opens up so many new doors for information. Plus, I really love Mona, she's a riot to watch.

Carissa: I hadn't thought about it until Nick's comment, but just how little Mona knew was a bit of a letdown. I mean, why were she and Toby lighting candles in front of a zillion pictures of Ali if they didn't even know it was her? Didn't that find that odd? After her little speech to Spencer at Radley about knowing things Spencer doesn't even know to ask, I would have expected more than just a screech that she wanted to see who was in the red coat. The finale was a bit of a mess, really. It seemed like they were pulling drawers open and grabbing at pages and just putting them together to make a script. Where is Ali-whoever getting money to be flying small planes? Here's hoping summer brings some more answers!

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all good answers except for the Teresa moron who's just beyond negative and clueless about every character and plot point why you have that idiot reviewing the show when you three ACTUAL intelligent people who actually know what theyre talking about and actually like the show is beyond ridiculous sort it out and get rid of the illiterate idiot


Remember when Dr. Sullivan was kidnapped? And she was meeting with "pretty eyes" in the diner (according to the waitress)? So was it Toby all along? But Dr. Sullivan said it was Mona who threatened to harm her son. Is Dr. Sullivan in on the whole thing? Gosh, so confused.


I'm pretty confused. Mona said she was working alone until red coat so does that mean that Toby didn't join until this season or has he been a part of the A Team the whole time. And the first time that Mona asked Spencer to join the A team though, she did make it sound like it included more than one person. I'm very confused by this aspect.
And are Melissa and Jenna working in a separate group? Maybe the B group? If they aren't part of the A team how would they have a copy of that invitation?
I also don't understand how Aria isn't more angry at Spencer for kidnapping Malcolm. Wait, now that she knows it was Spencer, does this mean that she can get back together with Ezra? That would keep me watching.
It also looks like they are going to set Toby up to make it seem like he started the fire. Why not, he already did time for another.


I really like this show but lately im so confused! Some things that really needed to be addressed (or if they have and ive missed them because my brain has been thoroughly scrambled by this show, please fill me in): 1. Who tried to throw Aria off the train? Mona and who!!!???
2. Who killed Garrett?
3. Who is the fake Toby body?
4. Is Toby bad or good or is that still meant to be a mystery?
5. Jason????
6. What is Melissa's freaking deal?
7. NAT club does/wants what exactly?
8. What did Mona have on Lucas and why did Toby try to run him over? I swear this show just does random shit and then never explains it, instead just moves on and creates another 20 mysteries and cliff hangers.


i think the reveal that toby was 'pretty eyes' tells us that despite what he says to spencer he's on the a team for real and it has nothing to do with protecting her. i agree that he wanted to know who red coat was and he was willing to use spencer to find out. plus toby being so close to the girls must have been a great source of info for the a team and with them believing him now he can be that again.
as much as i always loved toby both on his own and with spencer i loved the fact that they made him the betrayer and i know im in the minority here but i really hope he is evil and the writers are going to stick with what they said, not that i trust anything they say anymore


1. Toby
Totally saw that coming. This show always and I do mean always, try and make you mislead you. I'm over it. When Spencer never saw a face, I knew then and there that it was't him. BTW whose body was that? And why did he have tatoos just like Toby? 2. Should Spencer Trust Toby
No. He was "protecting" all of this time. How? Because Spencer suffered a lot under A's wraft this season and it's not like Toby tipped her off about anything. So how was he protecting her again? 3. The Girls Trap
Applause for the girls but using thier brains once. But they don't get brownie points in my book for doing one good thing when they have a 5 page list of dumb things. I'm still not over how Garret told Spencer, "I have something to tell you" and she sat there and said, "Let me go get my friends" Then when he ends up dead. . . . . .we still don't know what Garret was trying to tell her. 4. Red Coat
Is probably Courtney. As much as the producers say they aren't following the books (like Mona being A) they are. 5. Biggest Surprise/Letdown
The surprise? That I sat there the entire hour to watch. Thank you Jesus for dvr's! Letdown? The entire episode. We haven't really learned anything and all we have is more questions on top of the unanswered questions that we still have. How fair is it that new girl Shauna is all of a sudden on the A-team? What? Jenna appears from nowhere and Melissa...your sister? We still don't know who killed her husband Ian, or how they moved his body from the church to that barn.

Spindae 2o

-hmmm! I'm glad he isn't dead! But he should've stayed evil. This protecting Spencer speech not working for me. He would give them inside. The writers just gave us what Fans wanted to be.
2.Never trust an "A"!
-That is what the Liars should've learned till now. I don't trust this story at all. Either Toby has his own agenda or Red Coat is messing much more with him than we knew.
3.Trap for Spencer!
It was my fav scene from the episode. They pulled it of. I was sitting on the edge of my sofa and just waiting to see who it is. And Hanna looks sweet in RED!
4.Ali or Courtney!?
I hope an Alison addicted idiot who got surgery to look like her. I really disliked they made it Ali/Courtney. What she like thinks the girl killed Ali and hunts them for it!? But let's see what S4 bring us in 3 months! ;)
5.Surprise and Letdown!?
Surprise: Jenna and Shawna! Nice one! Was one of the with Ali also!? Honestly now they are prime suspects for killing Ali. And Mona being a cry baby was nice. Letdown:No Jason Info. No real Red Coat! And to rushed stories!

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