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Spencer works on the A team, getting the girls to show up for a fake welcome back party where they will be confronted by the girl in the red coat. But, she also uses Mona's lair to track down Toby, and he tells he was only working for the A-team to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Spencer schemes to get Hanna to figure out that she was the one who kidnapped Malcolm and took him to the puppet show. Once the girls confront her, she tells them that they are going to set a trap of their own for Mona and Red Coat. Plans go awry (of course) and the girls and Mona are trapped in a burning house while Spencer tracks Red Coat through the woods. Red Coat saves Mona, Hanna, Emily and Aria by pulling them out of the fire, leaving both Mona and Hanna swearing that Allison was the girl in the red coat. When the girls return home, they find Wilden's car, pulled up from the lake. In watching the video of Ashley hitting Wilden, they see Shana and Jenna helping Wilden. They also make a shocking discovery in the trunk, which isn't revealed to the audience.

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In the last 5 min they are seen agreeing alison is still alive and is the lady in red and A; they drive home and come across the cop car pulled out of the lake with the web cam running which; so unbelievable better late then never ! ! they watch it which confirms jenna and shawna are deeply involded; i think they see blood leaking from the car trunk and open the trunk up and i'll guess they see a dead Jenna and shawna; the cell phones go crazy as they get a text from A trying to con them saying she owns them now because she rescued them all from the burning house; but wouldn t think they owe her a thing . The girls are owed and hopefully the are figuring how to destroy alison in season 4 fingers crossed it starts up soon . . later . .


We missed the last 5 minutes...what happens??


I really liked this episode

Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 24 Quotes

Aria: Spencer went in there at rock bottom and she came out like a shiny new penny.
Hanna: Are you thinking shock treatment?

She wanted to break me so she could put me back together like her own Humpty-Dumpty.