Revolution Review: "The Stand"

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After a four-month break, Revolution returned to NBC tonight, more electrifying than ever. 

"The Stand" posed more questions, featured more conflict, presented more power, included more weapons, and, overall, delivered more drama than ever before.

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However, for all the firepower that are now in the hands of the rebels and the militia, the price of power is still paid in the same way: death. In a moment of joy and complete sadness that transaction was completed on the spring premiere. Danny was able to take down Monroe’s helicopter with the amplifier on board, but as the other chopper went down from its sudden loss of power, so did Danny as the bullets went flying through him.

It was uplifting to finally see the family back together after watching so many detours in the first half of the season. The emotional whiplash as I went from elation to yelling at my screen as Danny was gunned down... nothing could have possibly prepared me for it. While I’ve had fault with some of Revolution Season 1, at its core the show has always been a family drama. So to see Danny killed gutted me.

In hindsight, Danny’s death - while completely devastating to watch - is necessary for Charlie and Rachel. Something needed to be done to remove the barriers between them. Charlie is still holding resentment at Rachel for never coming back to them and she’s lost almost all of her family now. The comfort she gives Rachel as they are mourning Danny is the beginning step in healing their relationship.

But Rachel still holds a lot of answers and she’s been unwilling to give them up. Every time there’s a chance of learning a little more about Revolution’s past, Rachel’s past, or how the blackout came to be ,she ends up dodging the question. It’s even alluded to that Rachel’s faked her own death.

Then there’s Rachel cutting a hole in Danny’s corpse to remove a tracking device. Danny’s been through enough as it is - and he can’t even find some peace in death.

Jason, meanwhile, is finally standing up to Tom. He makes the distinction between fighting and butchering. Jason, for as much grief as he’s gotten in some Revolution reviews in the past, finally drew his line in the sand and stood by it. Contrast this with Tom, who is mostly redrawing the line wherever he can as a matter of survival, and Jason ends up being far more like the man Tom used to be than he is now.

If Jason is to join the rebels, then they have the potential to really do some damage against Miles’ sudden need for a Manifest Destiny battle for the Monroe Republic. Which could be the perfect counterweight to Flynn’s decision to contact the Monroe Republic.

Other thoughts:

  • The place Grace is being held at is named “The Tower.”
  • Since Flynn drove to Monroe, I would guess that The Tower and Militia aren’t very far apart.
  • Miles and Rachel still have some kind of chemistry between them that is not being explained.
  • Locking themselves in the walk in refrigerator as everything is blowing up around them is very Indiana Jones.

Grade Revolution's midseason premiere! Did it pass or fail?


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it was intresting watching dannys death, boomf first bullet hit him i thought ok one bullet pretty good chance he'll survive (75%), boomf second bullet, crap given the caliber of those bullets i dont know if he will survive (50%), boomf thrid bullet, ahh crap i seriously doubt hes going to survive dont see how the writers could explain that away (25%), boomf fourth bullet, damn hes gone theres no way hes recovering from that (0%). i was really looking forward to watching miles train him, ohh well.


Gotta agree with what someone else said, thats not a tracking device. And just the fact they bothered to show that hospital scene about an experimental procedure, I'd expect it has something to do with that. I dropped a few tears when Danny went down but not so much for him, more that it made the whole first part of the season futile. They went through so much to save him and they did, then BAM, in an instant he's gone.


@WatchesTooMuch I was thinking the same thing about the Charlie/Rachel conversation after Danny died. At some point Rachel said something along the lines of, "I was his mother," and I really expected Charlie to point out that she(Charlie) was more of a mother to Danny than Rachel ever was. I liked that Charlie told Rachel there was nothing she could have done to stop Danny from fighting, but wish Charlie had gone on to explain the reason she knew that to be true: Danny wouldn't stay out of the fight when Charlie asked, why would he do it for a "mother" he barely knew?? Was I the only one screaming at the tv for someone to pick up the rocket launcher (or whatever that thing was) after Miles got knocked down?? I understand they were concerned about him but he's one person. Someone needed to take out those helicopters or they were all going to be dead!


@tememe: Rachel is Miles' sister-in-law. They may have had a thing going before she met his brother. I doubt they had a fling after she left her husband and kids to do whatever it was she was supposed to be doing; she was with Miles then because they were working together ... on whatever.


MY PREDICTION FOR THIS SHOW - the thing that Rachel took out from danny is the one thing that can turn all the lights back on. they put it in danny because that was the only way to keep it from being destroyed when the light went off. - I think Rachel and Miles were dating when he was the leader of the Militia. but he left. what do you think?


I almost didn't watch this episode after the lackluster mid-season finale... but I am so glad that I did. The show really turned things around with this episode. If they can find a good pace, this could be the flagship show that NBC intended it to be. BTW, like another reviewer, I really did want to cry about Danny's death. However, because I wasn't emotionally connected to his character, my eyes didn't even water.The writers really did the right thing in killing him. Now,we have another plot device and the moment itself was breathtaking.


Good episode all-around and nothing like some of the filler episodes we saw right before the hiatus. This show has endless potential: imagine if the writers develop a storyline where the power comes back back on - permanently. That would certainly be a new twist on the show's post-apocalypse theme that is so common in movies (and occasionaly on TV) these days. What I would like to see in the short term is some sort of victory for the rebels other than what we saw last night with the stand against the helicopters. It would be cool to see them gain some kind of advantage for a change. In any case, I am really looking forward to the rest of the season. This is a dramatic, fun, original show.


"Revolution returned to NBC tonight, more electrifying than ever." Was that meant as a pun? "at its core the show has always been a family drama." Why does "family drama" have to mean "dumb as rocks"? "Charlie is still holding resentment at Rachel for never coming back to them and she’s lost almost all of her family now. The comfort she gives Rachel as they are mourning Danny is the beginning step in healing their relationship." What I saw was Charlie trying to think of a good reason not to punch Rachel out as she blathered on about watching over her kids and not putting them in danger. Charlie has no reason to forgive her -- given what she knows at this point -- for her disappearance, and Charlie and Danny's participation in the fight wasn't her call. "Then there’s Rachel cutting a hole in Danny’s corpse to remove a tracking device." Whatever it was, it was NOT a tracking device. It obviously came from the experimental procedure mentioned at the outset, and it just as obviously doesn't require an "amplifier" to work.


Danny boy your time on screen was short but you are a rock when it comes to plot devices. First season getting Danny back plot focal point,this season keeping the gang together to avenge his death. His heroism and death was touching. I thought the reviewer was a bit hyper critical but perhaps our expectations of this show are different. It does appear the writers dont have the chops to pen a great show. So far its a good show with potential to be great. The writers let plot lines unravel a bit faster than the glacial like speed of a soap opera plot line. If they do not speed that up then great aint happening. Its appears they need more guts and more ideas to fix this. However they do have a complicated backstory and if they the find right rhythm to reveal its multiple secrets along with an engaging development of its complex relationships they just might click upon a winning combination. I find Charlie very likeable and do not have a problem with her acting. Charlie is a good person trying to do the right thing in a crazy world turned upside down. In this show, I much prefer her nurturing ways to her being an emotionally charged high maintenace badass chick that makes everyone uptight. Yes her emotive range to could some stretching out but I intend to see what she and the writers have in mind before judging to harshly her acting chops.

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Those choppers, we're not fighting. We're butchering.


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