The Good Wife Review: What's Your Price?

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How far are lawyers willing to go to win a case? Limits were pushed by both sides on "Runnin' with the Devil." Or were they? Sometimes, ignorance really is bliss.

Both sides in the Lemond Bishop case seemed to have entered unethical grounds during the evidentiary phase. Bishop is without a doubt a criminal, but does that excuse using false testimony to try and convict him for murder? And what was Lester's job if not witness tampering?

As Bishop said, the hilarity of the situation came down to: "Can you believe it? They might convict me for the one thing I didn't do."

Wallace Shawn on The Good Wife

Law cases alone would make The Good Wife or any legal show rather boring. What this show is able to do is bring in lawyers with unique, yet realistic personalities to spice things up. Here, it was Bishop's personal lawyer, Lester, perfectly cast and played by The Princess Bride's Wallace Shawn. He acted so innocent and at times befuddled, only to be cleverly using some type of code to get the witnesses to change their testimony. At least, I think that's what happened. 

Part of the Lester's brilliance was that it wasn't ever clear what he was doing. Was he threatening the witnesses? Bribing them? Or just making casual conversation with them? Lester's discretion allowed Alicia and Cary to keep their hands clean from whatever it was he was pulling. In the end, Lester used some sort of pressure to get Bishop's sister, Judy, to recant her false testimony.

Bishop may be a criminal, but he is a loving father and seeing him go down for something he didn't do would have been a shame. Is the case over now? Probably. Though, Liz doesn't seem like a quitter, so Bishop and Alicia may have targets on their backs now. Unless she pulled some scams of her own.

We know that she pressured Dexter to testify against Bishop with fake DNA evidence. If she would do that, what's to say she wasn't faking her claim of a black SUV following her or someone talking to her son. If the judge thought the threats could be tied directly to Bishop, it could have been enough to force the case to trial. I was bit surprised that Alicia didn't follow up for her own piece of mind. Though, by not asking and not knowing, she was protecting herself.

Liz asked Alicia, "Did you sell your soul?" Good question. Has Alicia built up such a strong wall around her that impropriety doesn't bother her any more? She never would have worked with Lester under these conditions a couple years ago. Has she become too hardened? She's been on a long journey both personally and professionally which has made her stronger, but at what cost.

While Alicia and Cary were dealing with the Bishop case, Diane and Will were facing an identity crisis for the firm. What do they want the firm to be now that they have financial success after their bankruptcy? Unfortunately, they don't seem to have learned anything from their financial ruin. Just when they looked to make a real move forward by coming up with a mission statement, they gave it up because it was too difficult.

They want to be bigger and better, only it's not easy to become both. Kalinda may not have told them about Cary, but she did give them an insight into their clients' thoughts about the firm. They miss the intimacy of Lockhart & Gardner, but neither of the named partners were listening. They are blinded by their ambition. A few words of encouragement from Will and a shot of liquor to celebrate and she was willing to put aside her desire for patience.

After hoping the firm would successfully exit bankruptcy, I'm on the fence now about their future. Their turnaround has made them arrogant and blinded by ambition for bigger and better without consideration of the cost. Could Cary leave the firm and take clients with him? That would be a turn of events, I'd love to see! And, what would Kalinda do? Stay with Lockhart & Gardner? Or, go with Cary?

Despite Kalinda's hesitancy at getting a new investigator, Robyn, the two of them worked well together. Robyn may have a flighty or flaky demeanor, but she's a smart one. I don't think she will be a threat to Kalinda for a while, but at some point she could be. Though, with Kalinda you never know, Robyn could be a potential love interest.

Changes are happening at Lockhart & Gardner, though not in a positive direction. Their decision to make Alicia partner and exclude the others was the first of many terrible moves, but that's the fun of the show. 

Did Alicia cross the line? Or, was she in the clear? Do you like that addition of Robyn to the firm? Would you like to see Cary leave the firm and face off against Lockhart & Gardner again?


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I always feel as if I'm watching a different show than those who seem to be down on Alicia. Sunday's episode was solid and continues to show the fall-out from "Red Team-Blue Team". Lockhart/Gardner, in many ways, is just like a family. Now that they are out of danger and have decided to expand, there is going to be tension amongst the members of the family. And Alicia is trying to understand her position in the family. So is Cary (the unhappy black sheep). And Kalinda (who seems to be suffering from middle child syndrome).
And for those who think Alicia has sold her soul to the devil because she continues to work on the Lemond Bishop case, seldom is the law black/white; it's mostly shades of grey.


Lucy, Suzy, Cindy by Tonebenders


Well, I think it is time to rename the show. Alicia just hit an all time low. I am so disappointed in her downfall. She has become so cold and seemingly above it all. WOW, there is very little good in her anymore. Alicia has this snooty typical rich attorney attitude, that she can't be bothered with the little people anymore. It makes me sad because her differences were what made us like her.


@Pattypan "Kalinda and Cary DID way back when but it was more of an assault by Kalinda on Cary than a love making session." Not sure who you are thinking of, but this was not with Cary. Sounds like a scene Kalinda had with Blake in Season 2. Or maybe you are thinking of an alternate version of a Cary/Kalinda scene last year that never aired but reviewers saw and wrote about online. In the episodes of TGW that have aired, Cary and Kalinda have kissed a couple of times, but it has never really gone past that.


I am so happy to see Lemond back. I really liked the actor who plays him. I also read that he will be in the Following too and he is playing the good guys this time. I look forward to it. Cary's fans should be happy this 2 weeks, we are finally seeing more of him. I doubt the writers will make him leave and start his own firm.I always wonder why Michael J Fox's Canning did not tempt him, he would be tempted unlike Alicia. I think Cary is very unhappy with his bosses. The new investigator is great. I am not sure still if she would be willing to play the Robin to Kalinda. I got a feeling she might have much tricks of her own. I liked the character Robyn Burdine (Jess Weixler) and the actress playing her though I have not seen her before. I think she have good chemistry with Kalinda and this also means we will get to see more of Kalinda interaction with her. I hope they keep this new addition longer. Great episode, only thing is we do not get to see Eli this week. Next week trailer looks great, I love Matthew Perry playing the bad guy. I seriously think he should go into a drama show of his own. He is good on Go On too but he should do drama after doing comedy for so long. I also realized this trailers so be for the next few episode because I swear I saw Alicia talking about her relationship in last week's trailer but none of it was on this episode.


An absolutely terrific episode. The show is getting better each week this season. It flew by with a great story and great acting. Cary & Kalinda have tremendous chemistry. Really liked the bar scene because it was so natural and well acted. It was obvious the next day at work that they had hooked up. Very well done and entertaining. I don't think Cary will end up leaving, at least not this season. Well done TGW!


I think the show is going off the rails. All of a sudden Diane has become hard and unlikable. She's always been tough but not had the hard demeanor she is now exhibiting. And Will is such a jerk. And it's ridiculous that two major partners sit around trying to write a Mission Statement. That's what consultants are for! The Prosecutor in this episode was unethical and nasty. The writers have to leave us someone to like on the show. They are destroying the credibility and likability of everyone.


Oh, there is no doubt that Cary & Kalinda left that bar together....their encounter in the hallway of LG the next day was the "tell."
The look on Alicia's face in the courtroom as Lemond Bishop was doing his victory dance revealed she is not comfortable with what just happened...and the realization of what being a defense lawyer for a drug lord really entails. Yes, she has sold her soul....


Does anyone know the song that played at the end of this episode? Along the Lines of "Cindi, Cindi, where have you gone?"? Many thanks


Kalinda and Cary DID way back when but it was more of an assault by Kalinda on Cary than a love making session. I think she is resigned to being besties with Felicia, who she finally accepts as terminally straight. Felicia is becoming less and less approachable as she morphs into a world class lawyer I wouldn't think to invite to my next "Girls Night Out". Brrrr.

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