The Good Wife

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The good wife
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- Lemond Bishop is on trial for a murder he didn't commit. Alicia and Cary are forced to work with a new lawyer, Lester, at their client's demand. After talking to witnesses, they all recant their initial statements after Lester asks them unorthodox questions. Alicia can't pinpoint any specific wrongdoing though.


- The case becomes personal when Alicia goes against a former law school rival, Liz.


- Will and Diane face off over expanding the firm's offices by taking back the two floors they gave up during bankruptcy. They want to grow and become the biggest firm around. Meanwhile, they risk losing their clients to smaller firms from this action.


- The firm hires a new investigator to work with Kalinda. 

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"Lucy, Suzy, Cindy" by the Tonebenders is the cool song bookending last night's episode.


I can't find that song either and I did some time consuming searching. I don't understand why there isn't a list of songs played after each episode of all programming. I spend a lot of time searching for music. So does anyone know this song/artist? "Cindy, Cindy, where have you gone? You put on your lipstick to tell me good-bye."


Song that played repeatedly through episode? "Cindy, Cindy, where have you gone? You put on your lipstick to tell me good-bye." I can't get a hit on any search and Soundhound doesn't know it either...