The Mentalist Review: Unforgivable Things

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"There Will Be Blood" brought back one of my favorite Red John minions. I expected to be thrilled, but that's not exactly how it worked out.

Lorelei Martins returned to beat the heck out of Julia Howard and I was surprised Julia's neighbors hadn't heard her screams and called the police. 

When the CBI team later watched Lorelei torture and kill Julia via nanny cam, Jane looked as though he might be ill. Was he feeling guilty for letting her go or simply worried about what Lisbon's reaction would be? 

Jane Confesses to Lisbon

When Jane met Lorelei and let her go, I knew he was in trouble. He told Lisbon he trusted Lorelei and Lisbon appeared horrified with the revelation. Lisbon's used to Jane snooping but that he went behind her back to find the second address and then didn't call her after speaking to Lorelei, that got her wheels turning.

Knowing that Jane slept with Lorelei - coupled with the fact that he admitted he trusts her after witnessing her commit murder - it may have eroded the trust Lisbon shares with Jane.

When Jane told Lisbon he only tells her about 30% of what he does, I wondered how much of the 70% Lisbon really wanted to know. But the one thing Patrick Jane has never lied about is that he will do whatever it takes to find Red John. That he was using Lorelei Martins to do it shouldn't have been a shock.

Jane's motives were clear but will Lisbon come to a point where she'll have to choose between Jane's mission and her job?  

Agent Kirkland's return made my skin crawl. His relationship with Bertram sent up lots of red flags. We know Kirkland is in Red John's pocket. Was his chumminess with Bertram a sign that Bertram's in Red John's pocket? That Bertram is Red John? Or simply another red herring?

In the end, Jane gave Lorelei what she'd wanted: confirmation that Red John murdered her sister. Unfortunately, she didn't hold up her end of the deal. Not only wouldn't she share Red John's identity, she shot the one other person who could. That was just cruel.

And what the heck was up with Homeland Security taking over the case and custody of a comatose Jason? Didn't we go through this already with the FBI and Lorelei? And why did Lisbon seem so calm about it?

Lorelei wanted Red John all to herself and she got that. Finding her body with a red smiley face above it wasn't a surprise to Jane or the audience.  However, hearing Jane mutter, "She had it coming" was frighteningly cold. 

Lorelei was one of Red John's more interesting minions and I was disappointed her run ended this way. More so because she seemed to have lost her intelligence and her innate sense of survival in her thirst for vengeance.

Now we're left to ponder if she managed to move the Red John story line forward in any significant way besides the knowledge that Jane had at one time shaken hands with Red John. What's your take?  Are we any closer to finding out the identity of the dreaded Red John?


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no I dont think so Huisclothes, I mean it would be odd to wrap it up in 42 minutes while they've been stretching it for 120 episodes or so.. but we don't know what the last epi will hold so hard to say just now


Hi there too! I'm doing really good, having fun, and also learning a lot of new words. Thanks for asking! My favourite is still "hiney" from Entwife! :-)
How's life in good old Europe? Won that Euromillion yet?


HC, what do you mean what are my favourites?
btw most words come from your posts lol so the idea now would be to actually USE these words. ok here's a little text with a few words:
Jane can be pesky and endearing at the same time, Lisbon knows it too well. She's been feeling creaky from the lack of sleep because of all the torment he'd caused her. She wanted to blab about it to someone, confide in someone about her feelings for Jne but had to keep it inside. She felt Jane was aleniated everyone around him to protect himself from being hurt. Jane probably thought pouring his heart out would wreak havoc in Lisbon's life. right I'm running out of inspiration but those were a few words.


here's something worrisome. almost every year, since the start of the series, simon has had a movie project lined up for the downtime before the next season. don't hear about any project. does that mean there's no rush? if sean barlow is coming up in the finale, it can't possibly be that he clicks his heels together and patrick solves the red john thing 42 minutes later, could it? they have to be teeing up the next season. could they possibly leave us in the lurch and just go black without resolving things?


@mimi wow, that's a lot of stuff. what your favorites?


As of 14:16 PDST no announcement has been made as to the fate of any CBS show not already renewed or cancelled. We wait.


thanks to the mentalist and this board I'm up to 3 pages full of new vocab..


lol HC you got me all excited! you're right KM I thought it was a done deal but you know better. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed, and legs.. hi bonaduz! how r u doing my dear Swiss friend?


@km & mimi re: official confirmation. with typical mob mentality, i read the phrase in km's post and assumed it was a done deal. sorry. will douse my flaming torch.


what what? where?? where? so it's official???

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Lisbon: That makes me an accomplice as well.
Jane: Only if you look at it like a very persnickety lawyer.

Lisbon: I have to learn that trick.
Kirkland: Which?
Lisbon: How you speak without actually saying anything.