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-Lorelei is caught on a nanny cam torturing and killing Julia Howard, a woman who managed a women's shelter.


-Lisbon is concerned when Jane sees Lorelei but doesn't turn her in. He wants her to lead him to Red John.


-Lorelei tries to abduct Jason Lenin, a board member from the shelter. The CBI team realizes that there have been five woman who were kept off the official log at the shelter over the years. One of them was Miranda, Lorelei's sister.


-Jane finds Lorelei while she's torturing Jason. He admits he's working for Red John. That he brought Miranda to him and he killed her. 


-Jane agrees to let Lorelei go if she tells him who Red John is. She refuses. She wants to go after him herself. She shoots Jason and runs.


-Patrick tries to save Lenin. Lorelei gets away. Agent Kirkland shows up with Homeland Security and take over the case, taking custody of Jason.


-Two weeks later, Jason is in a medically induced coma and Lorelei is found dead with a Red John smiley face above her. 

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Id say Lisbon is Red John


Did I miss something? O.o , which episode was that when Patrick Jane ran away with Lorillei and told her that Red John killed her sister?


What I really noticed was Lisbon's reaction when Jane confessed to helping Lorelei. Especially at the point when Jane said he had no feelings for Lorelei. Lisbon called him on it & her voice & especially her eyes with the unshed tears. Prior to that she had been upset with him but at that exchange you could tell she was really hurting. Fantastic acting!


Guys ... Pj said she had it coming with no emotion at all ... I think that they planned it so that cops were off Lorelei's back. T hat was his major lead his back to the drawing board without he would have showed sum type of emotion if she was really dead ...let's wait and see but I don't tnk she is dead I know what they showed but there will be some explanation for this ....


@Entwife: What made the whole ending shocking was exactly that, she was signed on for five episodes this season and this was episode 3. Something's not adding up unless the show is planning on doing what they did with Jane back in the second episode earlier in the year with his daughter as a ghost. Maybe keep Lorelei's voice or something. We'll see her again in some way, really though I'm not sure what to think. We obviously got alot out of Lorelei, we knew more about her than any RJ associate and yet there was so much more here we could have gotten from her? So many stones unturned, and I wasn't satisfied with the ending of her and Jane with her saying basically "yeah I guess I'm changing the plan, nice knowing you" and then Jane later on saying "she had it coming". That's really my only major complaint about the episode but overall wow the show made it seem like Lorelei wouldnt just be another RJ casuality and in a way she wasn't but that was surprising.


@bw&r Me, neither. It'll take me at least two more viewings before all the dust from the whirlwind settles.


What was the tie-breaking question?


This episode answered a lot of questions. But a big one it left is . . . I thought Chriqui was signed for 3 more episodes? What I noticed: Lisbon was deeply hurt about Jane withholding from her yet again and looked to be fighting back tears for most of one confrontation with him. Now we know Patrick's feelings for Lorelei--none, except maybe pity. The one kiss he had with her, his face was like a death mask. His statement to Lisbon, She had it coming, cleared that whole thing up with Lisbon. One step away from Red John and he lost it. So. We're still hunting.


Enough of dragging out the Red John thing. Better ending is Lorilei killing Red John and moving on to a new villian.


Won't be forgetting this episode any time soon

The Mentalist Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Lisbon: That makes me an accomplice as well.
Jane: Only if you look at it like a very persnickety lawyer.

Lisbon: I have to learn that trick.
Kirkland: Which?
Lisbon: How you speak without actually saying anything.