The Vampire Diaries Review: Bites in The Big Apple

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Hey, Damon, do you like The Big Apple?

Well, Elena and Rebekah just totally broke your neck and foiled your plan to track down Katherine and force feed the cure to your quasi girlfriend.

How do you like them Big Apples?!?

1970s Damon

"Because the Night" took Damon, Elena and Rebekah to New York City and if Frank Sinatra was correct, then the rest of world is in serious trouble. These two most definitely made it there. Can they make it... wherever the heck Katherine is located?

It was a fun twist to see this blonde bombshell and this newly pink-streaked siren team up for a change. We've grown so accustomed to Elena doing something with Stefan and defying Damon. Or hanging out with Damon and irritating Stefan.

Or just always being mixed up in some way with the brothers - getting in between them, deciding between them, prompting peace between them - that it's refreshing to have her basically show them both the back of her hand. Girlfriend now has herself her very own girlfriend and the two of them have a plan:

Find Katherine. Get the cure. Feed it to Rebekah. Be done with this game.

Elena told Damon to face the facts last week: he likes her better this way. But while that may not be the case - he still wants to make her human, after all - I like her better this way, at least temporarily. The character has so often been hated on by fans for being the typical damsel in constant distress. But no one can make that assertion right now, can they?

(As for that pink hair, vote on it now, TVD Fanatics.)

The action in modern day New York was far more intriguing than the flashbacks, even if they did involve everyone's favorite fixer, Lexi. Not a great deal of insight was offered by this visit to 1977. Damon turned his humanity off for a bit. Lexi tried to save him. They drank a lot. He fooled her into having sex with him on a rooftop and then left her to burn a little.

Eh, whatever. What woman out there would not trade some scars for rooftop sex with Damon Salvatore?!?

As for the action in modern day Mystic Falls, it was more of a mess than anything else.

We were simply dropped into a rather important conversation between Shane and Bonnie, in which she casually mentioned that he was really Silas in Shane's body. So okay. That secret was revealed. And yet even after all she's witnessed, after all the ways in which Shane deceived her, Bonnie got really angry at her dad and simply agreed to help with the Expression Triangle?!?

Come on, Bon Bon. There was talk later on about how Bonnie was "brainwashed" by Silas, but she only went over the witchy deep end after she was tied up and the cleansing process failed so miserably. She appeared to be very much in control of her decision-making before that.

And finally we come to Klaus and Caroline. Or "terrible" Klaus and "killer" Caroline, I should say. Some pointed words were expressed between these two, as the show is doing a solid job of evolving their relationship. What once seemed like a random pairing makes more and more sense as the weeks go on and as Caroline perhaps learns that one can't simply be defined by one's actions. Circumstances are always a factor. She learned that the hard way tonight.

Other thoughts:

  • One is FEWER than 12, Klaus. Fewer. Not less than. You may win the geometry game, but check yourself because your grammar wrecks yourself.
  • So Silas wants the cure to destroy The Other Side and live forever. Stefan and Damon wants the cure to feed it to Elena. Rebekah wants the cure to start a family. Katherine wants the cure to kill Klaus. And Matt is pulling a double at The Grill.
  • Right? Just want to make sure everyone's motivations and plans are clear.
  • We've posted the PROMO for next week's "American Gothic."
  • And we've posted PHOTOS from that episode as well.

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I actually liked the Episode. It was kind of fun. I think they had trouble making the flashbacks look authentic because late-seventies NYC style is similar to 2013. Anyway, I may have a different perspective on the show in general because I just picked it up and have watched all episodes (Seasons 1 until now) over the last several weeks. It pretty much all flowed nicely together until they introduced the "Sire Bond". I would have like to enjoy their "true love" for a little longer before blowing it up. Given that I am a Damon/Elena fan, that kind of ruined the things a bit. And now that she has turned off her humanity (thus breaking the bond), she is not very likable - which is the point I am sure. Stephan didn't want her as a vampire, Damon didn't care either way, but now that she has turned her humanity off, he doesn't really want her, either. There have been some great episodes this season and some not so great. I don't love the direction they took, but if you know the books at all, Elena does become a vampire and then becomes human again - we shall see what happens.

David and sabrina 2014

If Elena and Rebekah are spoiling Damon's plans to finding the cure while searching for Katherine,then there shouldn't be a sire bond. If there's no sire bond,then Delena moments wouldn't even exist but since they're all lovey dovey and don't seem to care about other people they care about,then it doesn't feel like the story of vampire diaries isn't being said anymore now that Stelena no longer exists. Now it's all about Delena,boring and annoying Stebekah,and this show will probably never get better again. ;P ;P ;P


@M And that's under the assumption that curing the originator of the bloodline doesn't cure the entire bloodline along with it, in which case Katherine could probably kill Klaus without a problem, but she'd be a normal human again, and Katherine revels in being a undead bloodsucker.


Honestly it was a boring episode... I was very happy to see Lexie, but really, she slept with Damon too !!!!
Caroline , I wanted to CHOKE U !!!! Kill Bonnie already for cryin out loud ! But Klaus telling her in the end made me laugh ! She kinda deserved it !
Now Bonnie doesn't even remember, how convenient !!! Now we'll have to see her go through Jer's death and helping Silas.
Elena and Rebekah, yeah why not.
AND THAT IS IT ! I was happy to be in NYC but please TVD give me something, ANYTHING to go on !


@Really Bored Now
My sentiments EXACTLY. Thanks.


@snake I never said the cure kills someone - I know it makes you human. BUT being human allows you to die, eventually it will happen SO my whole point in my argument is that everyone is assuming that Katherine wants to kill Klaus (by giving him the cure, turning him human AND THEN killing him) but we learned last season that killing an Original kills their entire bloodline as well (doesn't matter if the Orignals turn human it will still kill their bloodline because this was Ester's plan to rid the entire world of vampires). So the reason I wrote this was to point out that Matt Richenthal's thought on Katherine wanting to kill Klaus was wrong - she would die as well. So she must have another reason for stealing the cure.


In all this, I just enjoyed the Klaus-Caroline exchange in the woods, "you look like you need some comfort..."...such a tease!!!! the rest: BORIIIIIIING!!!!!
Bon Bon...hilarious!!!I like it.


Enjoy the episode for the most part but the suspension of disbelif is getting out of hand. 12 convenient witches being sacrificed in 3 minute segment... Are you fucking serious and the Flash backs were handled very poorly. Damon getting a crappy copout for his excuse of killing lexi. 8/10. I have faith in the writers., so i hope the final episodes are powerful. Ps. THE ORIGINALS cant wait. And if season five has more convulsed plot devices like this season.. Ill be super piss... Jeremy was a walking PLOT device for Elena. Didnt digg that. And no more special little ingredients like stones, swords maps witches and triangles... Really dumb


Holy crap !! funniest thing I've read all day via @Really bored now " but this
show has not only jumped the shark, they've
jumped the dolphin, and a good sized whale to


Enjoying this season...loving Elena as a vampire. Love elena and damon even if she is foiling his plans. Loved season one, felt it went downhill from there but it has dramatically improved this season. Love the Klaus Caroline interaction even if she is being far too selfrighteous considering her own actions. Bonnie whoa!

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