The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Because the Night"

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A new alliance was formed.

A dozen witches perished.

And Lexi got screwed on the roof by Damon... twice!

In this edition of The Vampire Diaries Round Table, staffers Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella, Miranda Wicker and Steve Marsi breakdown "Because the Night." Won't you pull up a virtual chair and join them?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The opening. Psycho Killer, indeed! (Shameless Plug Alert: Visit our Vampire Diaries music section for even more from the episode!)

Dan: More of a moment: For some reason I was absolutely giddy at the way Rebekah smashed that one dude's head against the wall when he just so much as attempted to make a play at her. She is viciously attractive like that.

Miranda: Not a favorite scene, but a favorite quote: Caroline: "Do you even know how to read a map?" Klaus: "Yes, and do you know who taught me? My good friend Magellan."Oh, Snarky Klaus. You're better than Christmas.

Steve: Anything with Klaus and Caroline. I love their chemistry, even if it's more hateful and bitter than romantic these days.

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

The teams have shifted. Who is now most likely to get the cure: Rebekah/Elena, Silas/Klaus or Damon/Stefan?
Matt: Wesley Snipes taught me to always bet on black. But a lesser known caveat to that advice? When it's not an option, think pink. I'm on Team Elena.

Dan: While I want the new dynamic duo of Elena/Rebekah to get to it, I'm on board with it being the Salvatore siblings. Why would you count them out?

Miranda: I'm going with Damon/Stefan. The brothers always come through when they work together, even if they have different ideas about how to make their plans work.

Steve: Silas and Klaus. While they'd be more entertaining as adversaries, clearly the most agile, gifted and powerful of supernatural creatures cannot be defeated when they screw over the rest of the league by teaming up. Just look at the Heat. 24 wins in a row! The joke is on us.

Did Lexi make a welcome return?
Matt: Not especially. The flashback offered little insight and really made Lexi look pretty bad, if you think about. All it took was one Damon line and stare for her to fall prey to his sexual advances? Granted, that would work on 99% of warm-blooded females. But I expected more from her.

Dan: Welcome? Sure. Memorable? Not really.

Miranda: At least we got an explanation as to why Damon killed her? I feel like she's become a Flashback Fairy and I find it incredibly unlikely that she would've fallen for Damon.

Steve: Not really. It felt like a gimmicky way to show more flashbacks and have Elena turn the tables on Damon, but that's it. Made for a fun episode, but not one of the season's best by a long shot.

Who would make the better boyfriend, Damon or Stefan?
Matt: Matt. He'd do all the work in the kitchen and he's gotta be close to owning his own Grill franchise by now, right?

Dan: The correct answer is always Damon. For as much as everyone thinks Stefan cares, Damon does just as much, and he does it while being hotter and funnier.

Miranda: It pains me to say thi...s but Stefan. Damon's a little too love-em-and-leave-em, I think. But it would certainly be hot for however long it lasted.

Steve: Depends what she's looking for. Both rippers, but one is reformed, the other unabashed. One is stable, the other unpredictable. One the epitome of love, dedication and emotional support, the other the embodiment of unbridled passion and lust. Who will she choose?! NOTE: This is basically the Vampire Diaries Season 1 synopsis.

Now that Silas is done with her, what role will Bonnie the Plot Device play next?
Matt: She'll join Rebekah and Elena in the search for Katherine. Not because she cares about the cure. Because she needs advice on how to do this whole plot device thing from somebody who knows.

Dan: Bonnie will play the role of the teenage witch who makes valiant attempts to be as annoying as possible so that the audience of the television show she is a character on has someone to despise. The Vampire Diaries wouldn't be the quality television program it is today without our need to sigh every time Bonnie comes on screen.

Miranda: She won't. Her dad will probably ship her off to Hogwarts and we won't see her for three episodes.

Steve: Wasting her life away in the Stoner Pit and doing the thing where her eyeballs turn 100 percent white just to freak out the other slackers and make them give her free cigarettes.

Do you like Elena's new hair?
Matt: Yes. I am with nearly 80% of TV Fanatics (as of this writing). The streaks suit her rebellious personality. And they are a bit less risque than last week when she actually went streaking, sort of, in front of Damon, Caroline and Stefan.

Dan: I'm not looking at her hair.

Miranda: I. Love. It. So much so that I pinned it as inspiration for my next hair appointment.

Steve: I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't like, "oh, I need to live Tweet about #elenashair and Pin the s--t out of this right now," but I found myself liking it a lot more than when other stars attempt the random color streaks.

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David and sabrina 2014

It seems like the flashbacks bringing up to the present seem to cause more crazier events than ever. Who knows how the mysterious team formups will go but the show won't go normal anytime soon. ;P


Favorite Scene: Klaus and Caroline drawing triangles. Sooo much tension in that one! The looks, the lights, and the unexpected flirtiness of Caroline combined with the oops-nothing's-happening face she had when Stefan came in. Runner up would be the last scene between them. He was kinda nasty but she was always nasty to him so it evened them out a little. I don't even care anymore about the rest of the episode, just Klaus and Caroline :) Better Boyfriend: It's always gonna be Stefan. Sounds familiar huh?


1. I always love Klaroline scenes.
2. I'm TEAM SALVATORE...the brothers are their best when they have a common goal and not pining/fighting over Elena.
3. Wasn't my fave Lexie cameo.
4. STEFAN for sure because as much as I love the bad boy in Damon, I think it eventually gets old & you can only take Damon's unpredictability for so long. I'll take the love, dedication and emotional support of Stefan for the long term.
5. I hate what the writers have done with Bonnie's character, all they do is use her then drop her. No character development what so ever.
6. Not really fussed about Elena's new hair, I think its just to differentiate her from Katherine now that she a wanna-be bad ass vampire.


this show isn't the Delena diaries the destruction of their relationship is what is killing the show


-B!tchy Klaus. He basically told Caroline to eff off and find someone who cares since it clearly can't be him. Her face crumbled. It was kind of awesome.
-I gotta say, I'm loving Bex and Evilena. They're wicked awesome together now. I love my Salvator bros especially when they join forces, but I don't want Elena to be "cured "
-No. I lost respect for her and found her annoying. It was also an unnecessary point to tie in with the current happenings of the episode. Like Caroline, they've sucked the awesome out of her.
-Damon. Essentially all Damon needs is unconditional love.He's been broken since before he became a vampire. You give him that and he's yours.
-No role. It always frustrates me how horribly they write the sole minority on this show.
-Love it.


Blah, blah, blah, blah.....Delena diaries is the most boring, sickening, barf-worthy, predictable, steaming pile of shit(words taken from "Nothing fails ....) with a hefty scoop of dried-up blood on top. The only thing they do together is suck blood and just plain suck!!! By the way, almost every man on TVD have dreamy eyes!!!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
- I would have to pick the one where Rebecca pushed the random asian guy on the floor she said "Excuse you" lol.. that was freaking hilarious. The teams have shifted. Who is now most likely to get the cure: Rebekah/Elena, Silas/Klaus or Damon/Stefan?
-I think as of now Rebecca/Elena got the upper hand. Did Lexi make a welcome return?
-It was the most boring scenes on the entire episode except maybe the last scene where Damon awesomely played Lexi. Who would make the better boyfriend, Damon or Stefan?
-DAMON, I like bad boys who knows how to have fun but somehow become soft to the woman he loves plus I can look into those beautiful eyes forever Now that Silas is done with her, what role will Bonnie the Plot Device play next?
- Bonnie needs to fix what she had done. They should give Bonnie an epic story to stop Silas from destroying the other side. Do you like Elena's new hair?
- It was definitely and upgrade from her usual boring flat iron straight hair. The red streaks doesn't even look as tacky as it should be.

Spindae 2o

Let's go!
1.Fav scene!
The last one between Caroline and Klaus! How vulnerable she was! And how hard he let her down! Uhhhh that HURT! Nasty one! It finished the circle. Caro was a bitch towards Klaus, and he didn't deserve it overall. Tyler tried to kill HIM, and U don't go after a stronger guy! U must pay the prize!!!
I don't know. But I'm much more certain that if a main cast will take it DAMON is number 1 candidate!
Not my favorite Lexie cameo! But she was 6 months with Damon and he is a cute guy! Who wouldn't fall for that!?
4.Better BF!?
It's depends on what U like! And I like Girls so someone else has to answer that.
Give her a nice storyline! Something Season2 like. She is overpowered and overForggoten ! Bad combination. I want her being just a girl again. Like all of them are.
6.New Style!?
Who doesn't like that girl!? She looks awesome always. A really pretty girl. and we from the Balkan are pretty people! Nothing NEW! ;)


how are they both rippers ? That's stefans thing. Damon just uses sex and lies and killsonce in a while when he has no humanity while Stefan rips peoples heads off and can't control himself.


How is it the Delena Dairies?! They haven't even had the chance to be together properly.
First of we got thrown the god damn mother fucking sire bond bullshit and now Elena has no humanity!
Delena isn't killing S4. Lack of proper Delena is. Along with the cure (can someone please just empty that shit down the sink) and the Silas stuff (so confused, worst built up villain ever and to make it worse you paired his story line with Bonnie who....*zzzzzzz*) On a more positive note-
Loving Elena n Rebekah!
Stefan and Damon need to work together right now.
Damon was smoking hot in the 70s!
Klaus was brutal to Caroline! And while I'm normally a big fan of her, she's been super judgey lately, so BURN!

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