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Never thought I'd say this, as Vampire Diaries was one of my favorite, can't miss shows....but this show has not only jumped the shark, they've jumped the dolphin, and a good sized whale to boot. This season is pathetic and it keeps getting worse. A human, feeling Elena was the heart and soul of that show. CAN'T stand her now. Couldn't care less about the Silas story line and poor Kat Graham....if I were her, I'd ask to be killed off with how inane the Bonnie story line is. I thought I'd hang with the show even after they killed off Jeremy, but after last night's travesty of an episode, I think I'm done. Not worth wasting any more of my time on.


Liked the development of the Caroline/Klaus relationship. This episode definitively added a new layer to them.
Liked Stefan and Damon trying to fix things (and fail completely). In the end, the brothers can at least count on each other.

Didn't like Elena and Rebekah being bitchy together. It was just too much for my taste.

Hated Bonnie. Sorry, but I can't stand her character and storyline. And the fact she doesn't remember anything AFTER the island doesn't redeem her from all the stupid choices she made before!

All in all I have to admit I'm loosing interest in this show. But I'll keep on watching for now and hope for the best.


Stand up clap for Elena and Rebekah! I love them now! Bitchy all the way! Hope they snap Stefan's neck too! Can't wait to see them BULLY Katherine next week xD. Leave Elena how she is, she's how a vampire should be!

Those two were the only enjoyable characters this week, oh and Silas for STABBING Klaus!!! I cheered and cheered and cheered and hope he succeeds in his plan because quite frankly I've BEEN done feeling for the rest of the idiots on this show! Stefan, Damon, Caroline, Klaus, they all need to DIAF


Yes, I liked the episode, but still hate Bonnie. And they say blondes are dumb!!! And Caroline, no matter how you cut it, you killed 12 people to save your friend, who by the way, has become an ass. No room to critize Klaus!!! He has just been around longer.


Terrible show, terrible writing, getting tired of the Silas storyline. Too many witches. Don't know what's going on but this show is getting worse each week. Stefan needs a new love interest, someone totally new to the show. Damon and Elena getting old. She needs to find something else to occupy her time other than two brothers. Damon needs to go back to his old ways.


Finally, dear reviewer, a few things:

So Silas wants the cure to destroy The Other Side and live forever.
Nope, Silas wants the cure to take it, kill himself and be with his love. He made the 36 sacrifices destroy the other side so he can't end up there when he dies (as Qetsiyah intended) and can, instead, reunite with his love.

Katherine wants the cure to kill Klaus.
Cures can't kill (I hope). She wants to cure Klaus, make him human and then kill him. Well, that's what everyone is assuming. I mean, no one has heard Katherine say this was her plan.

And Matt is pulling a double at The Grill.
He'd have to be. He just inherited a mansion.


OH! And the random drop-in on the conversation with Bonnie and ShanewhoisnowSilas? Seriously? Shouldn't the viewers finding out that Bonnie had learned he was Silas and not Shane have been, like, a bigger deal?? I'm so done with the whole expression/other side/sacrifice crap. I think it was just to give Bonnie/Kat Graham a story-line, because the search and fight for a cure would have been plenty interesting on its own.
Finally, I DID love every scene involving Caroline and Klaus. Joseph Morgan is just BRILLIANT every time he is on my screen and I am totally jumping on Team Klaroline these days!


As for Rebekah and Elena teaming up...meh. I like Bex but I am soooo over emotionless Elena. It was fun for, like, five minutes. I imagine the point is to let her do something outrageously horrible to someone she loves, then have her humanity return and she is all broken, lost and despairing Elena? And then what? Turn to Stefan or the sire bond returns and turn to Damon? Eh. It's going in a strange direction for me.....and I really had high hopes at the start of the season.


Weird episode. The flashbacks didn't say much about the decade. I get the point, kind of, that Lexie was there to turn on Damon's humanity because he was going off the rails....and it paralleled that Damon was trying to do the same thing with Elena (but, not really, because he was actually after the cure) But why was Damon's humanity off in the first place? And wasn't it kind of always off until he returned to Mystic Falls and met Elena? And, really, he was so annoyed with Lexie that he kept up a ruse for SIX MONTHS, slept with her, then tried to kill her? I mean, I get the point that the story was supposed to be a lesson to Elena about what NOT to do with your humanity off but....really? It seemed.....forced.


It was a good but awkward episode this week. There were some refreshing relationships, but I didn't quite like the cheap 70s storyline with Lexi. Killing her has been the worst TVD mistake ever and now we have to deal with the consequences. Her relationship with Damon in comparison with Elena's relationship to Damon is way too obvious, more than necessary really.
I did like the ending scene though: Silas is now officially in town after he kicked Klaus' ass. How great was that.

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