The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: You Can't Hate Me

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In a sneak peek from next week' Vampire Diaries, Klaus tells Caroline she can't hate him.

Pretty sure she can and does at the moment, Nik. But we do sort of see your point too.

After the crushing letter Caroline received from Tyler at the end of "Bring It On" (see our latest Vampire Diaries review), the Original vampire is persona non grata as far as she's concerned.

When he shows up unannounced, the greeting he receives isn't exactly warm. When he explains that Tyler was trying to kill him and he did what he had to do, Caroline is still unmoved.

So what's he even doing there anyway? It turns out that Stefan invited him over, because of a much bigger problem all of them have on their hands - one they need Klaus' help with.

What do you think Stefan has in mind? Watch the clip and comment below ...

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David and sabrina 2014

There's nothing but boring and random couples happening in the show and it looks like I'll only like Caroline and Bonnie throughout this season. If this trouble keeps going on in season 5,then this show will never get normal. ;P ;P ;P


I love Caroline but the writers are really screwing her character up. Don't give a crap about her and Klaus's "romance". In a world of good writing, this would have never happened!


Exactly! KC are always like this. No storyline progression, therefore I'm bored.


guys, KC are always like this. She's not going to get over all the history overnight and jump his bones just because we want her to. KC is still totally on. Besides they always fight in the webclips released, and then the rest of the episode is them actually not fighting. So its looking good :D


Love klaroline hope all ends well


Same shit, different day. Bummer, they had so much potential.


i suggest read KLAROLINE FANFICTION while waiting for the next episode :)


Yay go Caroline! Klaus deserves every bit of her hate. Now, if only she would stab him with a lamp like he did to her this scene would be perfect.


Caroline. Sweetie. You're making it really hard for me to keep loving you. Please, stop this.

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