The Vampire Diaries Spoiler Pics: The New Elena

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Elena Gilbert may have ditched her humanity. But not her flare for fashion!

While The Vampire Diaries Season 4 returns on March 14 with "Bring It On," The CW has released new photos from the subsequent Thursday installment, "Because the Night."

And they depict a confident, dazzling new Elena, one with pink streaks in her hair and a mischievous smile on her face. Click through the images now and look forward to an episode that will also flash viewers back to Damon (and Lexi!) in 1970s New York...

Elena's New Hair
Colored Hair
The New Elena Gilbert
Elena Gilbert Transformation

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They killed Jeremy for THIS??????! UGHHHHHH


@Mo, I'm with you on that statement. Elena is not a badass, she's not more of anything except more annoying. Come on....who does that? Vampire or not, they just don't act so damn out of control like teenagers on drugs rebelling against their parents. She need somebody to seriously check her ass. It might take her running into Katherine, cuz that bitch is what you call badass. She whipped Stefan & Damon with her hands practically tied behind her back. No amount of Alaric training can come close to whipping her.


she looks really pretty with curly hair


I'm SO OVER Elena, she's beyond boring even as a vampire...time to focus on other female characters Bonnie, Caroline, Rebekah...


They probably know that as soon as The Originals air, this show is done for.


She looks cute, unfortunately, a couple curls, some pink streaks and a smile doesnt change anything (other than to make her look like a 14 year old Avril Lavigne fan and mary-sue). Elena could still be as boring as hell and her wardrobe hasnt changed much if you look past the superfical additions. And even if she isnt boring, giving her a personality that even requires her to be "badass" now is just too late. Its unbelievable and uncharactistic and a plothole!
Turning into a vampire is surposed to enhance your existing personality, not give you a completely new one! If Elena is going to show signs of becoming a badass, and the death of Jeremy and all her loved ones brought this on then, then she should have been showing signs of this since S2, not get weaker until suddenly, poof! Check out new Elena. Its bad writing. I will give her a chance, but the logic behind this is ridiculous.
It feels like the writers are desperately trying to make us like her, probably because they know that as soon as The Originals air, this show is done for.


Shakira, its not katherine because katherine's hair has ALOT of very tight curls unless she straightens it to look like elena. elena's hair in the photo here, is definitely not katherine's hair.


How do we know this is Elena and not Katherine though??


Honestly thank god! I've been on the I hate fucking elena gilbert bandwagon for some time but was only because she was boring with the personality of a log and the intelligence of a molerat! Seeing her like this makes me want to cheer, she's finally starting to change! I really, really, REALLY hope the Suckatore brothers don't fuck that up!

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