Californication Review: Decadence Incarnate

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On Californication this week, Atticus took a break from doing cocaine off his mirror this week to actually look at himself in it.

Just when Hank had found his creative mojo again and Charlie was on the path to career reincarnation, their meal ticket decided to hang up his leather pants and work on his sobriety on "The Abby." 

Unable to bring down the walls of Castle Abstinence on their first attempt, Hank and Faith needed some bigger guns - and few can pop off more colorfully than Richard Bates. I think I would have gone to class a lot more consistently in college if he had been one of my professors.

His message to live first, write later, was very apropos given Becca's choice to go abroad. His passion for teaching was evident, but all Hank had to do was dangle the adventure of smuggling drugs into rehab in front of his nose and he was out the door like Indiana Jones. 

Searching for Atticus

With Atticus back up to "speed," Hank's professional life was back afloat, but with the departure of Becca, things with Karen are headed into the unknown. Has Becca been the glue that has held them together all these years? Becca was a divisive force between them as as much as she served to unify them with her sharp insights into their romantic dysfunction.

I loved when she dispelled any hope Hank may have been holding onto of a a fairytale ending for him and her mom. Becca has never sugarcoated her feelings about either caregiver, which is why her comment about them both being equally messed up and incredible was so touching yet poignant. 

Becca's advice to Hank was to not stand still, but to keep moving. Becca most often was the one thing that kept Hank grounded. With her gone and Karen pretty aloof, I could see him going on a pilgrimage of his own. I hope he decides to bring Faith along. He of all people needs to get out of L.A. for some time.

So, no, I don't see us celebrating a reunion of Hank and Karen anytime soon, but let's hear it for the Runkles! What a crazy scenario that was, to see the two of them caught in the clutches of crazy Ophelia. Marcy lost her voice for a few episodes on Californication Season 6, but her tongue was sharp as ever this week with quotes like the one where she told her captor what being a feminist was really about. Charlie doesn't have the bankroll Stu does, but his heart could choke a hippo and it never really ever stopped beating for his little Cokey Smurf. 

Becca's leaving definitely did feel like the end of something. Karen appeared ready to pull even further away from Hank, which I think might be best for now. Faith is really starting to cement herself into Hank's life as much as any female character has been able to do so recently. I'm not saying Karen should run off into the arms of Nero or Atticus though. She needs some distance and I think Hank owes it to himself also to see how he feels about Faith without Karen always around. 


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Such a terrible show, what started out as an original idea quickly morphed into cliched Hollywood drivel...on repeat, over & over & over again


At the end of the episode, when Karen suggested that Becca was the only thing keeping her and Hank together, the obvious thing would have been for Hank to deny that and follow her up the walk to the door and sweet-talk her. Pretty much what he always has done...he has never missed an opportunity to remind Karen that she is his one-and-only and that he'll give up everything else for her right then & there. But this time, he didn't...he walked away. I really think this is the most significant turning point in this entire series. It is the first time Hank has not pursued Karen...the first five seasons were the same dynamic...Hank chases Karen, gets super-close and then something happens to thwart him. But this season hasn't been about that...the only chasing has been occasional, subtle instances of Karen doing to the chasing...and Hank hasn't reciprocated, partly because he has Faith, the first girl who has been at all comparable to Karen for Hank. To me, this is a fundamental shift...looking ahead to the season finale, it's hard to tell what's going to happen. At this point in every previous season, Hank had almost won Karen back, only to be thwarted in the last episode. But now that there's more distance than ever, and Hank's not pursuing at all, will they actually end up together on Sunday? Or is this truly the end?


I think Faith is the first female character whose ever been on this show, that has given Karen a genuine run for her money, and you can see it reflected in Karen's totally hostile reactions to Faith. Usually she looks at the other women like they are a passing phase, which they totally are, but with Faith she is very insecure. Not that I still wouldn't turn lesbian for Karen, she is amaaaazing! But Faith has also got something special. It's so nice to see a season of this where Hank is just not rooting everything that moves, and starting to redevelop as a genuine person with some morals and family love, he was becoming more and more despicable in the previous seasons since his arrest. Runcle is awesome, but I really like Stu and Marcy, thought it was a bit weird. I like Runkle with the deceased Rockstar's widow. So enjoying all the rockers this season, bringing it back to the awesomness of the Ashby Season!!!

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Use every chance you get children. Do not deny yourself, follow every instinct. Then sit down and write about it, but do not get up until you expose yourself.


Hank: We need to sneak some drugs into rehab.
Bates: That sounds fun. How can I help?