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Well, let’s talk about that tension.

Castle aired "The Squab and the Quail" this week, an episode that centered on the attempted murder of a billionaire of whom Castle is jealous and who has quite the interest in a certain beautiful detective.

ABC made the right decision by rearranging “The Squab and the Quail” with “Still,” the installment originally intended to air this week. “Still” features an explosive situation, and in light of the recent tragic events in Boston, ABC flip-flopped the episodes. So there is a slight chance that background pieces between our favorite writer/detective duo could be out of order. We'll find out next Monday.

Ryan and Castle Scene

Watch What You Eat. The weekly murder mystery involved billionaire Eric Vaughn. There was an attempt to both poison and shoot him. Good thing the gorgeous Kate Beckett was on the scene to protect him.

This brought out the jealous side in Castle and I can’t say that I blame him. First, he hit on Kate, then he tried to kiss her. Boy better back up! I don’t really care about his accent or his stunning smile, he is no Richard Castle and Beckett knows that.

Although...there was a slight hesitation from Beckett when Vaughn questioned her relationship, as well as during the kiss. Beckett tried to ask the serious question to her man at the end of the hour. Where is this going? Doesn’t look like she got the answer she wanted. 

Where is this relationship going? Things are serious. They spend the night with each other all the time. Is marriage in the cards for Caskett? Should it be?

Another theme that went throughout this installment was the idea that Castle takes advantage of Beckett. Does he? Sure, the man likes his video games, but I still wouldn't make such a classification. I mean, really, didn’t Beckett take advantage of his feelings for quite some time before they got together? Just saying. 

Side Notes:

  • So did we know that Beckett is the youngest female detective in NYPD history? That’s what I’m talking about girl!
  • It’s always nice to see TV Veteran Ioan Gruffudd on our screen, especially since Ringer has gone off the air.
  • This episode was the first in a while where we saw all of the cast! What a welcome change!
  • How much fun are the boys when they are together?

Overall, a fun episode to lead us into the last few of the season. There were some great Castle quotes - especially from Espo. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “The Squab and the Quail?"

Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later in the week.


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Don't know how this is going to play out,but its getting old.we know cstle has his faults,but the onus is on kate if its to work out.castle has already told twice he loves her,fully understand why he has not brought up the subject of marriage.Come on,not until the final ep on season 4 to finally say "i want you"still,she will not be direct about her true feelings for castle,seriously after 5years a grown person can't tell the person their true feelings?Either she has issues in relationships,or she does not love castle.Unless the writers tackle this subject head on its just a soap opera @iam out of here.the last ep on monday-weird,this tension,came out of no where,they seemed fine together.




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In short agree you never place a video game ahead of a hot woman,,!
Sleep with a Xbox next to you in the bed or Kate next to you??
mmm I wonder??
Not! lol


This was a fun episode, and I'm really glad they chose to air it rather than "Still", which is next week. Maybe it's like one of those mistakes one makes in art that makes the picture better overall. If Kate loves Rick - and it seems she does - it's unfair that she's held out so long to tell him in so many words. Ryan and Espo were lots of fun in this episode. LOVED them springing into action when the feathers floated out from under the door. But the timing was a little odd, since it's really then when he should've said "looks like someone else got here first." I think they might have a new hairdresser on the set. Kate looks blonder, Esposito's hair is longer, everyone just looks a little different.


@TJ - exactly. Castle's tried his best. It's her move - it's been her move for ages. Kate needs to open her damn mouth and talk to the man.


That being said, if it were me and she was wearing that calling me to the bedroom, that controller would be on the floor faster than she could finish her little dance. But for me, this is about Beckett not taking the next step and telling Castle she loves him, not about him ignoring the question. He wants to make her love him before he moves to the next step.


Sorry but I’ve got to come to the defense of my boy Castle on this one. The guy has been in two marriages that did not work out because of a lack of love between him and his ex wives. He has told Beckett that he loves her twice already and she has never said it to him. The guy has risked his life countless times, waited a year while Beckett figured stuff out and has been there through it all with her and it is clear that he is in love with her yet she hasn’t told him she loves him. Castle really wants this relationship to last so he does not want to rush into it with her to quickly like the other marriages. He wants to be sure she feels the same way about him and so far she has not let him know that. I completely see why he is not rushing into anything although I would not just ignore or skip around the question, I’d confront her with it. That being said, if it were me and she was wearing that calling me to the bedroom, that controller would be on the floor faster than she could finish her little dance. But for me, this is about Beckett not taking the next step and telling Castle she loves him, not about him ignoring the question. He wants to make her love him before he moves to the next step.


Interesting episode. In addition to the drama, have noticed that a lot of the episodes this season seem to involve environmental issues...did Al Gore visit the set or something? Anyways, after this guy, would be surprised if any other human roadblocks OTHER than the two involved appear. Now what would be interesting would be a finale where beckett is offered the precinct job that Gates now has. If beckett takes the job, can she really solve cases anymore with Castle? Will he still be interested? And, most importantly, when is that nikki heat movie coming out in this timeline?


I'm enjoying reading all the comments. I think Castle has always been somewhat childLIKE, but very rarely is he childISH and immature. Getting into a video game is not immature. He's lighthearted but he's never shied away from responsibility. The man was a single father who created a fortune through perseverance, who raised a very responsible daughter & "takes care" of his mother. His first relationship ended with Meredith cheating, and he tried with Gina twice. He's never been portrayed as anything but monogamous. Castle has never been anything but upfront and transparent with Kate. I think any woman that expects a man to read her mind or figure her out for EVERYTHING is in for a huge disappointment (and I say that as a grown woman). Kate is constantly keeping Rick guessing, constantly keeping him in the dark, always at arms length, always at her pace. While she has come a long way, I will not accept that the troubles in their relationship are Castle's fault. He's tried his best. Kate needs to open her damn mouth and talk to the guy.


enjoy every ones comments,i don't feel confident that the two will stay together.I'am not taking sides but we all know relationships are not easy,but there is a big red flag in their relationship and if they break up no reason to have season 6. amazed no has mentioned this.We all know relationships are a risk-but if you have been in a intimate phyical relationship and the other person revealed to you their deepest feelings-that they love you not once but more than once,it can be very awkward,uncomfortable for you,if you don;t feel the same. But know put yourself in the position of revealing your deepest feelings to that person "i love you" and they don't say it back,they don't feel the same-and you might have even said it again,that can be devastating to you,cause tension,anxiety in the relationship!If that imbalance continues it can't last.We know castle has told beckett twice that he loved her-kate has never told castle she loves him,sure she likes him ,has feelings for him but has to be hard on castle-thankfully he is a happy go lucky person,otherwise i believe it would have been over a long time ago.So either two things are in play,either kate still has issues do deal with in order to have a good relationship,or she does not love castle-which would be really sad,for he has been their for her emotionally,encouraging her for at least a couple of seasons. But it really comes down to kate,castle has already told her his feelings for her he can only take so much indecision,for the first time in the series history she must be direct to the point how she really feels about castle if the relationship is worth fighting for.

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