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Well, let’s talk about that tension.

Castle aired "The Squab and the Quail" this week, an episode that centered on the attempted murder of a billionaire of whom Castle is jealous and who has quite the interest in a certain beautiful detective.

ABC made the right decision by rearranging “The Squab and the Quail” with “Still,” the installment originally intended to air this week. “Still” features an explosive situation, and in light of the recent tragic events in Boston, ABC flip-flopped the episodes. So there is a slight chance that background pieces between our favorite writer/detective duo could be out of order. We'll find out next Monday.

Ryan and Castle Scene

Watch What You Eat. The weekly murder mystery involved billionaire Eric Vaughn. There was an attempt to both poison and shoot him. Good thing the gorgeous Kate Beckett was on the scene to protect him.

This brought out the jealous side in Castle and I can’t say that I blame him. First, he hit on Kate, then he tried to kiss her. Boy better back up! I don’t really care about his accent or his stunning smile, he is no Richard Castle and Beckett knows that.

Although...there was a slight hesitation from Beckett when Vaughn questioned her relationship, as well as during the kiss. Beckett tried to ask the serious question to her man at the end of the hour. Where is this going? Doesn’t look like she got the answer she wanted. 

Where is this relationship going? Things are serious. They spend the night with each other all the time. Is marriage in the cards for Caskett? Should it be?

Another theme that went throughout this installment was the idea that Castle takes advantage of Beckett. Does he? Sure, the man likes his video games, but I still wouldn't make such a classification. I mean, really, didn’t Beckett take advantage of his feelings for quite some time before they got together? Just saying. 

Side Notes:

  • So did we know that Beckett is the youngest female detective in NYPD history? That’s what I’m talking about girl!
  • It’s always nice to see TV Veteran Ioan Gruffudd on our screen, especially since Ringer has gone off the air.
  • This episode was the first in a while where we saw all of the cast! What a welcome change!
  • How much fun are the boys when they are together?

Overall, a fun episode to lead us into the last few of the season. There were some great Castle quotes - especially from Espo. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “The Squab and the Quail?"

Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later in the week.


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Don't like where this is headed. Are we to see the inevitable break-up next season and watch the painful episodes when the awkward moments are too much to take? Is this when Kate decides she wants more than what she believes Castle can offer her? Will she come to the conclusion that Castle is as emotionally evolved as he will ever be and it is not enough to sustain a permanent relationship? I am convinced the writers are headed in this direction and if they are, I for one will stop watching the show. Castle and Beckett work well together and the writers should pursue a theme that keeps them together and eventually ends in marriage.


I was left with the feeling that something was wrong when the ep ended. She just stood there. He was trying to do something nice for her. Rick has been in love with her for quite awhile. He told her how he felt about her after she'd been, laying on the ground. She told him she didn't remember being shot and the aftermath. He finds out a year later she remembered. Despite being hurt, he went back to working with her. When she almost dies, she goes to him, knowing it's him she wants. He could have just pushed her away then. Castle isn't serious all the time. I like that about him. He has fun. He's smart. Going after Alexis in Paris to rescue her took courage. He didn't tell Beckett he was going there. He has a tender heart. He hurts easily. He cares about her. They are good for each other. It's only natural to know where things are headed. He may be unsure of her. She's been with other guys before. They were love relationships. She may be feeling unsure there. This is new ground. He should address that and let her get comfortable. Then maybe she will have her answer. He may have thought about proposing. He understood about her not being ready to spend Christmas with him. May be that's on his mind.


You are correct,Rotwang10. Just because two people sleep in the same bed, does Not mean that sex on demand is justified. Beckett has always been the show runner in the bedroom, and maybe she needs to be more sensitive to Castle's moods. There is a difference between mutual desire and stud service.


I think Castle better put a ring on her finger real soon. He has been married several times before and that might make him go a little slow on that point but make Beckett a little leery that he isn't for good.Surely everyone knows by now they are a couple so move to the next step!


Last nights show was very unexpected. Castle needs to talk to Beckett and ask her if they got married what would it mean to their working together. My opinion is be together and don't let work get in the way. I am sure after wedding they can still be the best at solving cases as they have in the past. If they break-up I think the dueo will never be the same and the show as we know it will be over. My thoughts is it can't happen after all they have worked for.


This episode's writing was not as good as usual. Castle was made to look almost silly. Caskett's relationship was depicted as shallow. How did their relationship change so abruptly in such a short time? It was good to see the whole cast in the episode. I enjoy Ryan and Espo and their funny lines. Lany is great.


LOVE THIS SHOW---------------------------------


While Castle made some mistakes here, this episode set Beckett up as the worst girlfriend possible. No your patner is not always on the same schedule you are for romance, so pick your timing better. Healthy relationships aren't all hormones all the time. But that pales in comparison to her time with Vaughn, she did everything wrong. No, you do not drink on the job, you do not answer personal questions and when he comes in for a kiss, you don't gently push him back, you slap him into the middle of next week. And, you're not sure if it's serious, sure he justed waited for you while you worked your issues (not his), took you back when you threw his feelings back in his face (the I love you scene in Always) and was willing to take a bullet for you. So who's the one that isn't serious, maybe the one who calls her new crush Eric but here supposed boyfriend Castle.


I would really like to forget this episode. I don't like seeing all of this tension between Castle and Beckett. But I'm sure everything will work out between them. To be honest this whole jealousy and oh you're not paying enough attention to me came out of no where.


Kate does well with castle when no one questions their relationship. As soon as someone does. She starts having doubts. This happens every time. Sometimes I think she feels she doesn't deserve to be with him or happy. Hopefully there won't be a breakup at the end of this season. But I'm not holding my breath

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