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HATED it from start to finish I've been waiting for the angst and other person arcs. Like they just can't let Caskett be happy?
Seemed like Kate liked making Rick a bit jealous and enjoyed rubbing it in a bit.
My world babe would be gone if she told me she kissed another guy, she only pushed him away after they kissed, reason being they were only together for a few days albeit professionally and already they kissed what would they be doing in a week or so>??
Rick doesn't take advantage of her and I don't see Rick kissing another lady after getting into a relationship with Kate. It's probably a wedding arc....


Okay - had to get that off my chest. Now to the episode:

Kate and Rick are both so insecure that it's awkward. Kate thought that Castle didn't trust her, when really, Castle was terrified that a woman as awesome as Kate would realize that Vaughn was an upgrade. He said it himself, Vaughn was the kind of man people like Castle aspire to be. Kate, on the other hand, was feeling taken for granted and feeling unremarkable. WHAT a mess. Just painful to watch.

Thank goodness for Ryan, Esposito and Lanie - they made this episode WAY less awkward. Ryan's quick exit when the kiss came to light made me laugh out loud.


This episode brings up so many things. First answer me this: Why is this relationship perceived as being so complicated? They love each other, work well together and know they want to be together ALWAYS. It should not be so difficult.


While this episode was a little fun, it irritated me for a few reasons.

I HATE when TV shows write women who can't speak their minds but expect people to know what they want. I understand that she's insecure, but still. At this point Kate Beckett hasn't even told Castle that she loves him - how is the man supposed to know that he has the green light to move forward? The first time he told her he loved her she hid from it for a year! How's the man supposed to make a move when he has NO CLUE that she's ready? He's been working on her pace this entire time.

It baffles me that Kate is still unsure of what Castle wants. Yes, Rick is a glorious man-child. But he waited YEARS to be with her. The day that he told her he loved her he almost took a bullet for her - the SECOND time he told her, he told her how remarkable she was. And she's unsure of where HE is? She can't even tell him she loves him!


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