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Castle Season Finale: First Look!

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With Castle set to air an a potentially explosive episode tonight, ABC has released the official description of the upcoming Season 5 finale.

Titled "Watershed," it will feature an interview with a high-profile federal law enforcement agency, one that prompts Beckett to reconsider her future both professionally and personally. Uh-oh.

Based on the first photo posted below, should Castle be worried?

Elsewhere, the body of a young woman will be discovered floating inside the water tank of a skid row flop house, the first of many odd circumstances surrounding her demise.

Click through pictures from the season finale now:

Castle Season 5 Finale Photo
  • Castle on a Swing
  • Castle Finale Scene
  • Beckett on the Street
  • Rick Castle Conversation
  • Full Castle Team
  • Kate Beckett is Beautiful
  • Tamala Jones on Castle
  • Beckett, All Alone

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Out of the blue she is offered a job in DC.She goes for the interview.The next day gates tells her she is on the short list. That afternoon she gets the job.I think brackin is behind this. In DC she would be out of NY and too busy to work her mothers case.He cant kill her so he gets rid of her.


He proposes to her. She knows he is doing it to keep her in ny. Her reply is no. These two are a couple between the sheets only. Couples talk to each other,they share there feelings there wants and needs. Kate says it about her he says its about him. They are noway a couple. Keeping secrets will kill a relationship for sure.Maybe thats what Marlowe is doing putting these two out of there misery.


Ican see Kate going for the interview butdo you really see the writers haveing her takeing the job so she goes no more Rick,Ryan,Espo,Lonie and Gates no more Castle show it would be a new show Beckette FBI on way what about her father Oh forgot Alexis and Martha. no just Andrew and the writer rattling the what we will see is Kate and Rick sitting on the swings and talking there relationship over and where its going any guy who would die with his women would Marry her in a heart beat but is that what she wants? How about a ring and get married down the road a piece!! But she does not take the Job no way!! And is she over her Mother's murder? we will see!!


Another use of the swing set scene for dramatic effect. Recall Season4, ep.1 'Rise'(Kate talks around any recall of ILY from Castle) as well as Season4,ep.23 'Always'(Kate near death realizes that she wants Castle). It worries me a little what Marlowe will do this time in finale.


I agree Vince, I think the new job purposal will just trigger castle that Beckett can leave when she wants and he needs to have her a reason to stay with the group.


I believe the DC job offer is put into episode to add intrigue to the relationship, but knowing these writers, I could be wrong. The success of the show hinges on the four core characters interacting together in the workplace. IMHO. Recall from Season3, Ep.22 ‘To Love and Die in L.A.’. On the plane ride back to New York, Kate reads from a letter from her first training officer, Michael Royce, “Trust me, putting the job ahead of your heart is a mistake�. It is hard to imagine how the writers can avoid much longer a Castle proposal to Kate after he risked his own life to save her in such a dramatic way.


OK let me get this straight. Still was going to be before the quail. How do you go to risking your live to save the woman you care about then go to where is our relationship is heading to. I don't understand. I know her getting a different job offer is a big decision but there is no dought they love each other and will work on this big decision. I think castle will let her choose what she wants but he will let her know he loves her very much. That will not change.


All this angst about the season finale drives me crazy! I have a method that works great for me - but it takes some discipline. If I know there is going to be a cliff-hanger I DVR the last show, and don't watch it until just before the next seasons premier. That way I don't have months of "what if's" running through my head. Then I get a 2 hour season premier and am happy!


Carbono Agree. SK has always been positive on the various media forums about the relationship. She mentions mini bumps, but they become closer.


@ Kelly Don't worry about that Michael character; I think he's the same guy from the NCIS postings & he constantly complains & makes up stories that he's "heard" on other sites.