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  • A girl is found murdered in a water tower. Turns out she was hacking a law firms system to investigate the death of her friend. The lawyer who was helping her turned up dead as well. A client had accidentally killed the victim’s friend and used his brother to kill those who knew anything.
  • Beckett flies to DC to interview for the job. The interview goes well and Gates gives her a high recommendation.
  • Castle finds out she went to DC where she admits she interviewed. He is upset she didn’t include him and thinks she is leaving him.
  • Beckett admits to her dad she wants the job and is later offered it. Before she can tell Castle, he gets down on one knee and proposes. We’re left waiting for her answer.
  • Ryan tells Espo that him and Jenny are pregnant. 
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I just reviewed Watershed for the 15th-20th time, trying to interpret the facial expressions of the characters. Katic just did the worst job of acting in the proposal scene that could be done. There is no way that she displays anything. No worry, no joy, no happiness, no surprise....nothing. Fans often wonder why Stana can't seem to really hit it in acting. Well folks, it is because she can't act.


I am really get bored of seeing Castle as “Becket”.Stana Katic wanted to be castle by her unproper,exaggarating,unnatural,BAD(for all who really know how to act),I’m doing this for doing this movements,acts and looks(unbeliavable),higher voice than others to get attention and be remembered more by audiences in the end.then she succed to get it,scenario became her toy.every replic based on her castle is just at the back.She can do like castle scenario,unbeliavable…That player made herself got the leading role by her exaggarating playing.absurd.castle became her poppy.the other dedective serials made the leading character name deserve that position not on castle because of the scenario.becket shows herself each dialog each second.her voice,her face,her I am trying to do role movements mymics.disgusting.I am not talking as a fun because I am not just someone who really knows to criticize tvproductions because of my education.this actress even badly effects the performance of the other good ones.kate becket will be named as one of the bad playing evidents of the world.unfortunatelly stana katicis not even an actress to be on a pitty for good actors and actresses on the show because it was good on theory but not on practic.


No, I wasn't really surprised. However, I did think the proposal would be the opening episode for next season 6. Still I am quite, no very pleased. I would love to see next season 6- begin before Kate gives her answer.. with a memory montage in her head that shows how committed Castle has been to her these last 5 years. And then give her answer! It may have Castle worried for a minute, but lets hope he has Kate for the rest of his life. Kate - Castle all in for life... the question is you Kate?

Great Season 5, its going to be a long hot summer without Castle...Boohoooooooooooo


cont. one can imagine the response from viewers if castle in a"serious" relationship hid a job interview form kate @than lied to her about it twice,think she would be pissed?Yea,@the lying makes it worse,yet we know castle,he would have apoligized to kate,probally many times over,but not ole kate,common decency doen't apply to her-just amazing!I really don't think kate loves him,the looks she gives him,the little unspoken things that people do when they love a person,when you watch closely,kate really hasn't done much of that for some time,castle really deserves better,he is mature,even though its hidden,he did raise alexis by himself,says alot.Do not know if there will be a next year,but i won't watch anymore,can't stomach the phony writer(s).


I was not expecting castle to propose . I gasped and my mouth dropped open,I thought for sure they were going to break up . I Hope she says yes because that's what she really wanted in the last few episodes she kept hoping he would ask her to marry him or at least talk about their relationship . All I can say is IT'S ABOUT TIME HOORAY ! SAY YES KATE.


I may be in the minority,but continue to be amazed the chauvinist way the writer portrays kate,totally partial to her,i'am convinced she can do literally anything pertaining to herself,even lie to castle @as long as it benefits her!As the season went along,more@more of her narcissist comes out,calling this relationship a "song@dance",after all castle has done for her,willing to die along side her,how can any decent person lie to that person and not offer a apology?Well to a self-absorbed person,must not be hard!Her father said she never stayed in relationships long-that should be comforting to castle!How can others not see this?kate has never sacrificed for any man in her life,its not that she doesn't have a job,but career is more important than love,plus there only 6 months into the relationship.cont.


She can't leave how would that work she can't take the team with her and without the team the show is dramatically altered I think it would do a lot of damage


I hope the writers remember to be consistent.

Is she moving away from the values Castle exposed in the very first episode and if so WHY.
She is much better as a detective with Castle helping her.

Being in OZ I am well behind in the episodes but two things

1) a great hurrah to the original caskett shipper Roy Montgomery. Why didn't the writers elaborate on this at all or wil it come up later.

He knew both of them well and at every instance tried to get them together very very subtlely.

2)After Castle saves her life brilliantly ( notice how he wonderfully distracted her despite her knowing he was doing this. SHE says Esposito must tell them who was first to the attracted to the other) how in heaven's name could she think of leaving!

Oh and Beckett only became hot when she had the long wavy hair. Did that occur first in the episode of their first kiss?


I think the job is just too good and Castle won't get off the dime and give her a solid answer as if e

Engagement or marriage is in the cards and she really wants to be just the best! I think she is gone at least for a while . Maybe the summer while season6 is coming around and she might come back. Just my thoughts well see next week!

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