Castle Season Finale: First Look!

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With Castle set to air an a potentially explosive episode tonight, ABC has released the official description of the upcoming Season 5 finale.

Titled "Watershed," it will feature an interview with a high-profile federal law enforcement agency, one that prompts Beckett to reconsider her future both professionally and personally. Uh-oh.

Based on the first photo posted below, should Castle be worried?

Elsewhere, the body of a young woman will be discovered floating inside the water tank of a skid row flop house, the first of many odd circumstances surrounding her demise.

Click through pictures from the season finale now:

Castle Season 5 Finale Photo
Castle on a Swing
Castle Finale Scene
Beckett on the Street
Rick Castle Conversation
Full Castle Team
Kate Beckett is Beautiful
Tamala Jones on Castle
Beckett, All Alone

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over at EW he felt pressed to do it by ABC and the fact that the rating have not been as high as season before


Michael, Where did you read tha? I've read plenty of interviews with show runner/creator Andrew Marlowe and he has a pretty clear vision for the show. It has always included Kate and Rick being a couple and I've never heard him waver about that. Being that the show's ratings are at an all time high, I doubt he'd change his mind now. I'm sure we're in for an emotional finale but I trust that it's not a full out breakup.


Noooo! Keep them together!!!!!


you know what watershed moment means ..
forget the marriage arc methinks and would you mods please stop censoring everything I say it's downright annoying.


Oh, here we go!you know what watershed moment means.. right
forget the marriage arc.
Gah is right


The show running did say he though hooking them up was a mistake so maybe these is when they break up


The swings! They're back on the swings. Gah!

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