Colin Hanks Lands Key Role in NCIS Season 10 Finale Arc

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Colin Hanks will guest star on NCIS next month, and his role sounds like a crucial one.

The 35-year-old actor will appear in NCIS Season 10's final two episodes, May 7 and May 14, as Department of Defense Investigator Richard Parsons, and when he first appears, look out.

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Executive producer Gary Glasberg describes Parsons as “Ken Starr, J. Edgar Hoover and an angry pitbull wrapped into one" and says Hanks will help “make it a truly memorable finale.”

The show returns April 23 with "Berlin," the first of four new episodes to finish off the season. As we saw last night (see our NCIS review of "Chasing Ghosts"), we can expect fireworks.

What role do you think Hanks' character will play in the season-ending drama?

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Muse Watson could be featured in a flashback. Gibbs, Vance and Franks all were in on something together if I recall from earlier episodes. We will probably get some insight into some secret project/report that the three of them were aware of and Gibbs and Vance will recall this via flashbacks. The show used flashbacks to tell us the back story of Vance and Eli David and I think this will be something like that. I don't think Franks' appearance will take place in the present.




there is a picture of Tony in a jail unformed maybe tony get arrested


Hmm maybe he finds out what McGee did for Ziva on the computer and arrests him at the end of the season?


Sorry, MUSE Watson.


Ok, I don't get this, but Must Watson will be returning for the finale.


I agree with other comments he looks a lot McGee so I think He should play McGee brother.


24 episodes this season? Cool!


Cool i liked him in that movie orange county that shit was funny.
Good choice by NCIS can't wait to see it!


Tom was a child bride (er groom. Colin looks more like his dad every year.

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