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We were treated to another super fun episode of Doctor Who in "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS" and got to see, no surprise here, the center of the TARDIS. 

It seems like Clara's arrival the TARDIS itself has become much more of a character than a vessel. Yes, I know it's always had a life of its own and been responsible for a great many things, but we've learned an awful lot about it in fairly short period of time.

I had no idea it held a book on board entitled "The History of the Time War" that referenced The Doctor's name. It would seem others would have found it by now. More on that below.

Trying to Save the TARDIS

The salvage brothers were kind of a pointless device to give someone for The Doctor to run around with so he didn't have to talk to himself, but other than that, I really enjoyed with the premise. To think of marauders coming on board to steal parts of the TARDIS is almost ludicrous.

It was also pretty cool that the ship was even willing to turn against The Doctor to protect itself if he wasn't able to contain the guys himself. For as much as he does to protect the TARDIS, the TARDIS has to look out for itself first. I can understand and respect that.

I knew the monsters were going to turn out to be someone or something that was known to Clara, had no idea one of them was Clara. Honestly, that was a pretty cool twist.

Was I the only one who expected her to reach out to herself and try to make some sort of connection? Clara is so inquisitive and wants to help everyone and everything - it shocked me The Doctor was able to keep her from helping herself.

The Eye of Harmony, an exploding star in the act of becoming a black hole - just your basic bit of time lord engineering - was just one of the many other groovy things on the TARDIS that I didn't know about. The seemingly never ending swimming pool, the rocket; it made sense that The Doctor thought bringing Clara to the TARDIS would keep her safe.

Even in the face of so many dangers, the TARDIS has everything. When she realized she was the crispy creature chasing herself, and asked what he meant about bringing there to save her but she died again, I thought - oh no - we're getting into the she's going to start dying a lot part. They've just kept it from us until now.

Thankfully, I was wrong! But, it was enough to tip the scales of The Doctor's noggin in the direction of finding out just who the hell Clara was. He asked her flat out, told her about their previous encounters and her deaths. She wasn't overly frightened like a normal girl would have been, but instead kind of intrigued.

That's when she admitted she knew his name from reading the book, and when I knew that his relief at her not knowing anything about what he was saying was a ruse. She will be somebody special and his expectation that she would know, that anyone would know but him, was just crazy. Whoever she is, she's known only to Doctor Who. The reveal will be amazing. 

There has been so much in this short second half of Doctor Who Season 7 that I know the finale is going to be killer and full of mind blowing information. I'm excited to see how they incorporate more than one Doctor and companion, whether it will be through a time rift or parallel universes, but I don't care. 

Who wouldn't want to be The Doctor's companion? Even if it meant dying and coming back to life every few decades, it just seems worth it for all the fun and adventure.

What did you think about the adventure inside the TARDIS and The Doctor's continued quest to discover who Clara really is? It's your turn - hit the comments!


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I was thrilled with Clara in her first two episodes (Asylum of the Daleks, The Snowmen), but have liked her less and less with each subsequent episode. If it's true that Matt Smith is departs at the end of this season, I hope he takes Clara with him. BTW, WTF does "Lancashire SASS" mean?


Overall, I was impressed with "Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS". It presented a lot of answers to questions we've had for AGES and it presented new, brilliant ones. I liked the horror, suspense, and humour mixed up in it. As a whole, I think it was one of the best modern episodes. It's only a matter of TIME until we find out who Clara truly is.


I am pretty sure the show implies that she dies every episode we just dont see it. He said she dies at the end of the great the great intelligence, i personly don't remember her dieing in that ep. And at the end of this one Clara is wearing a completly different out fit then the rest of the episode, and she does not remember the drs name because she is a new Clara. Each ep we are seeing a brand new Clara whom ends up dead at the end of the ep.


Bloody Americans have no taste whatsoever.


i absoluteley adore the love the doctor has for each companion. when he said to the salvage brothers that the salvage of a lifetime was to them, the tardis, to him it was clara. ugghh. amazing.
sentimental doctor much. the toy tardis kid amy made. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW THE DOCTOR'S NAME!


This episode was good but didn't quite live up to the potential of its title. The monsters being the dead versions of everyone was a really surprising twist. Not looking forward to the anniversary special though. It will be awesome to have David Tennant back, but I've had more than enough of Rose to last this lifetime. I dread seeing that character more than I look forward to seeing the 10th Doctor.


For me, the appeal of Doctor Who has always been the relationship and reveals resulting from the companions. The banter between this Doctor and this Clara has been deliberately light but the "who is she?" always comes back to us as he shuts the door with a scowl, or frowns when he hears she is ordinary. The running around the corridors was better this time than in "The Doctor's Wife" because we saw a lot more, but the running away from the lame-looking "monsters" was so boringly slow I had to laugh because it reminded me of the Pertwee and Baker days before great production sets and special effects became a given. I think "Hide" was written better, but again, a lame looking "monster" was only a minor detractor in that episode. So, seeing more of the Tardis in this was great - definitely makes us wonder more about "so that's who". Interesting how the Doctor outwardly didn't trust River until she revealed herself at the end of "A Good Man Goes to War", while with Clara, it is only to others he has been frowning and perplexed as he has been trying to find that mystery. Is "You are the only mystery worth solving" answer by him referring to why the Earth people mean so much to him, or why Clara intrigues him? Clara's question was "we" meaning Earth, but you've got to love it when the writing raises more questions. Great companion, great Doctor, another fun episode that delivered more than it didn't.


I just thought that the Eye of Harmony was too big. It was supposed to just be a copy. I could handle a conduit, and I can handle an impossibly large TARDIS, but a TARDIS that can hold a red supergiant? Something that itself is several trillion Earths large? 470 million Suns?


Awww the Doctor is in love.Its actually really cute how much he adores Clara.I love this new side of him its quite appealing.This episode was great and I look forward to more of the doctor and clara.


I am truly appealed by this season! It has been awful every episode just seems to get lousier no real good plot lines. The back story with Clara is interesting but that's it nothing else so far this season, I don't know what they did to the writers but this season and even last season have been God Awful! I sure hope the Dr Who with interesting episodes and good stories come back soon but the preview for next one looks just as mundane and predictable as the past few! Thank God British seasons are short I don't think I can stand much more of predictable lousy episodes its like all exploring of the darker elements has been pushed aside for the cheese adventure of the week! God I hope they fix that for next season I've given up all hope for this one! Even the submarine episode was shitty but the best one so far and the guns were not even close to what Russians would have had!

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