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I loved the episode, especially the part where Jimmy talked to Ducky about learning more and the look Vance and Ziva had at the end was great, I enjoyed it




Tony has to go with Ziva because he owes her for killing her boyfriend Michael.
It seems as though there is tacit approval of this op from higher up...hence the previous director and Vance talking. And of course Gibbs will approve...didn't he kill the guy who killed his wife and child?


where did you read that about tiva? I can't find it


I can sum up last night's episode and the upcoming arc with just one word…



@AnneM ... no problem:)

I enjoy McGee's character too.

I don't see Ziva ever asking McGee to go on a covert mission with her. McGee has stated several times that he's not comfortable with killing. And Ziva gets that. It's just not in his nature.

That's why I love the show. McGee, Ziva and Tony all balance each other out and bring something of value to the table.


It has been said on another thread about the possibility of NCIS team (Vance, Gibbs, Tony McGee) on trial and Ziva losing her citizenship for the cliffhanger. That would be interesting. Vance as well as Gibbs gave the okay to find Bodner and do away with him. I beleive Ziva and McGee had the okay from Vance and that is where they got the money for the equipment, so the breaking of the law really starts with Vance, not Ziva and McGee.

BTW I love Tom Morrow. He was the best NCIS director. Rarely seen and heard, but was a boss with integrity.


@AnneM - it's something like just under 1000 characters counting spaces. If you don't want to write your thoughts first in, like, MS Word and copy into leave a comment, if you are in doubt on how much you're writing, you can select your whole comment and CTRL-C to copy it and then submit comment and if it doesn't all appear can CTRL-V paste it into comment box and delete the part that already appeared. And pretty much everybody who comments does read all the comments and care -- but McGee's not so controversial so no one may argue with you about him.


Because he's the Director of NCIS and also as Gibbs showed him in "Shiva" he has children to think of, he can't go "rogue" and avenge his wife's death. He knows Ziva and the team can assist since in a round about way one of their own was killed.

The nod to the team reminded me of "Rule 51" where he talks to Gibbs about the scene in "Casablanca" and all Gibbs had to do was nod if he needed help.

As others have said, Ziva went to McGee for his tech expertise and Tony said the same thing to Abby to help him track where Ziva was by pinging her cell phone. (McGee did this for him in "Shiva")


Crap. @Diana sorry . . . wasn't stealing or ignoring your idea . . . was writing while you posted.

Double-crap: I wish there was a way of knowing when you run out of characters.

Triple crap: (I'm feeling self-pity and ignored - none of you will probably care about what I have to say anyhow, because I'm a big McGee fan and it seems like the only characters valued here are Tony and Ziva, in particular, Tony & Ziva together, that is, TIVA.

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