Supernatural Review: The Charlie Identity

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Portraying the perky and quirky computer whiz with a knack for role playing, comic conventions and sisterly love for the Winchester brothers, Felicia Day's Charlie has certainly made her mark on Supernatural.

So it was really no surprise that Day nailed it again with "Pac-Man Fever."

Charlie and Sam

Charlie always has such a charming and upbeat personality in pretty much any situation. Whether it was creating her own dress shopping montage (I enjoyed Dean's "No's") or trying to play an FBI agent (notice the Aliens reference?), she's continued to prove herself as a positive addition rather than a bland minor character.

Certainly Day brings Charlie to life, but writer Robbie Thompson, who has written all of Charlie's episodes, has continued to expand upon the character.

We finally learned why Charlie has been on the run so long, in addition to the fact that she's been trying to care for her mother in the hospital.

It was nice to see something she was fighting for, even if the whole point was that it was time to let her mother go. A really touching scene with Charlie reading "The Hobbit" one last time was a good way to close the episode out.

Truly, combing over this episode, there was so much done right.

It was good to see that even though this was primarily a filler episode, Sam was struggling with the after effects of completing the second trial. Not only did he have some major bed head, but his shooting skills were off (kind of reminded me of James Bond trying to get back in the game in Skyfall).

Additionally, Charlie perfectly hitting the target was a funny contrast.

It also felt fitting that Dean was able to help Charlie let go at the same time she was able to give the brothers some advice on their success as hunters. Sam will get through it all and Dean will be there to help him.

I even loved the mentioning of Chuck and wonder if we'll ever see him again. It was a great callback to the novels that he had been writing about the brothers.

That said, I feel like if anything he'd probably get the same type of mentioning that Garth continually gets despite the fact it feels like forever since we've actually seen him. And yet, even through it all, I still felt somewhat underwhelmed.

Allowing the brothers to get involved with a new type of djinn was fun, but the dream sequence that was a video game felt only okay.

Sure, Dean and Charlie looked like bad asses taking out the killer vampires (loved some of the camera work during it), but it felt rather short.

I was even prepared for some Inception-like rules (you die in the dream, you wake up) and assumed that was how Charlie would escape her loop. Yet, she just decided to stop killing the bad guys and they disappeared? She mentally decided to quit the video game in her mind and let her mom go?

Wasn't that too easy? And where was Pac-Man?

I guess I was expecting a little more from the whole video game aspect.

I'm glad Dean was able to give his brother a hug at the end (he hands those out a lot now, doesn't he?), telling Sam to stay home got a little tiresome. I know Dean won't quit on protecting his brother, but I thought they had gotten on the same page about it all.

This was a decent episode and Charlie is always a welcome character, but I wasn't blown away or overly hyped up by what took place. I think with it so close to the end, I'm really ready to buckle up and drive the Impala towards the final trial. I'm definitely hoping it all comes to a classic and exciting Supernatural finale.


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I thought last night's episode was one of their best! And it was great seeing Felicia again as well. I'm sorry, Sean McKenna, that you felt something lacking in it. The brothers are going through tough times now and Dean is really having a hard time with Sam. Nice to get more background on Charlie. She and Dean seem to share a lot in common. I love the 'brother hugs' and this one was great because it was unexpected. Sam thought he was going to yelled out by his brother but all Dean wanted was to hold him. I felt that was a great scene. Wonderful references to movies and Chuck. Can't wait to see what they give us next!


OK episode for a filler this was better than the last few. For the most part the whole season as been a filler. This at least had Dean doing what he does best and that is what made it good. I have missed Dean telling people what they need to hear, wearing costumes and acting like he's smart. I really didn't like Charlie all that much but in this she was okay. I like Sam but I don't like Sam this season at all. I still agree that most of this season has been bad due to a dumb storyline, disposal characters and no darkness and drama between the brothers (it all faded to light after purgatory and Benny) and the other characters. Again bad writing is to blame. I don't think it will get any better, well maybe next season.


I am really glad I started watching this show again. I am really getting into it again. Missed it for a few years so don't know everything going but that is ok. I love on shows when they use old cars. Loved the Charlie's car what was it a Pacer? Loved Dean and Charlie shopping for clothes for her. Also liked when Dean called Charlie Boo Reily.


Was not grabbed by this episode. It was a bit flat. All of them were underused and it just had 'filler' written all over it. We needed to move the 'trials and hangovers' on a bit so that even if Sam wasn't being too active, we could see that the changes that Cas hinted at were still happening. All in all, I guess it needed some drama.


Screw you @AJ, if you don't like the show don't watch it.!


Pretty good ep. Next week looks like Naomi has caught Castiel and beaten the crap out of him,,,again. Poor Castiel.


There's so many movie reference in this ep. Its like the typical movie Easter egg hunt. But I was wondering Sam not shooting right & I was like...where did I've seen that one before. Then you mentioned Skyfall. LOL! Most of the time I just want to hug everybody...especially Dean. Yep, mostly Dean. Coz he's playing the protective older brother again and things are just falling apart. And he is trying so hard. Sniff... And kudos for the makeup team for a making a hottie like Jared look like he didn't eat for a week. It makes Sam being sick so believable and I want to hug him all the time (or play airplane with his spoon)


I Thompson or whoever needs to be fired. This show should have ended 2 years ago. Did all the good writer move to that show Grimm? Because now that show is good and Supernatural is bad.I like Felicia Day I really do but this is wrong on so many levels.
I will watch the cliffhanger because we all know it's going to end that way then afterwords I'm DONE!! That is the series ending for me Cas or not.


Dean used Dream Root to join Charlie in her dream. When he did the same with Bobby, didn't he have to convince him that what was happening wasn't real in order to bring the horror to an end? He essentially did the same with Charrlie by forcing her to stop fighting--the vampire creatures simply disappeared. I thought this ep was fantastic, by the way, and I wasn't expecting to lke it much. I'm not a big Charle fan, but I loved her interaction with the brothers in this episode. Love, Robin


I really liked this episode. I don't always watch supernatural but I watched this episode because Charlie was in it and the other 2 episodes she has been in were pretty good episodes and she's just a great character because always happy and in a good mood. I'm liking that we're getting some backs story on her and we found out why she's been on the run. Her having to let go of her mom was kind of sad. When she met up with the guys at the beginning and thanked them for saying the world and said sorry to Sam for having no luck with the ladies was funny. Charlie hitting the shooting target right away was funny. I was hoping the video game dream thing would of been longer but it was cool. My favorite quote had to be.
Charlie: " come with me if you want to live
Charlie: " I've always wanted to say that"
The ending with Charlie and dean hugging and saying she loved him was sweet.

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