The Vampire Diaries Season Finale Synopsis: Caps, Gowns and Ghosts!

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Attention, Vampire Diaries fans: get ready for some caps, a few gowns... and many ghosts!

The CW has released the official description for the May 16 Season 4 finale and the synopsis makes it rather clear: Bonnie is about to destroy The Other Side.

Salvatores Confer

How else to explain the appearance of the undead, as outlined below? Consider yourself SPOILER WARNED and read on now for a rundown of the concluding episode:

On Graduation Day, Mystic Falls is overrun with ghosts intent on settling old scores. Damon’s life is in danger after a ghostly encounter, while Matt and Rebekah join forces to battle a ghost determined to find the cure. Finally, Stefan discovers a horrifying clue to the mystery surrounding Silas.

For more on what's to come, read our exclusive interview with Claire Holt!

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I don't get how people are Delena Fans. As a character, I LOVE Damon! His dry humour, his seduction and his dying love and passion for Elena. The layers in Damon's character is amazing and without him, TVD would not have been the same. But, I honestly don't think Elena ever "loved" Damon as much as she loved Stefan. The chemistry between Stefan and Elena is amazing as they are both so similar with their diary writing and passion. I love Stefan too! He is that classic romantic guy with the dark past and many dreams. Elena was WAY better in season 1 and 2, season 4 shouwed how annoying she could be as a character. I think that Delena is one sided love while Stelena isn't. Though, I think both brothers deserve better than Elena. I like the Stefan/Caroline dynamic. They complement each other. I think Plec should visit the relationship between the Salvatore brothers. They are adorable together! Overall, I think Stefan and Damon should just move on! get a new girl!


Love the originals! Yeah for the new show! But what is up with this season? After waiting sooooo long for Damon to finally have a little happiness they totally dismissed the fans need for some Delana time. And this whole "turned off Elana" bit is just too much. Show is sliding downhill...rapidly! Sometimes you can try too hard to make something more than its suppose to be. Lets just get back to the basics and stop killing everybody off.


My personal fav season was 3. Delena was amazing and I am not even ashamed to say that I have start watching TVD only and only coz of Damon/Ian and Delena. I only watch TVD for them. The minute Damon is out, I am out. I dont give a damn about other characters and all. So, as far as this finale concerns, I will be fine until Damon is fine. Damon takes the cure fine. I think Elena will finally choose Damon now. Season 4 was not that bad, I hated first few episodes and then after mid finale few. But lately, after 414, I am loving TVD. I dont whine about NH Elena and this and that. I am okay with the show.


Wow! I have really enjoyed this season. I am a huge Delena fan but have actually enjoyed the relief from all the triangle stuff during the last several episodes. I cried for Damon so often last season and really came to despise the Elena charter for her callus abuse of him. Granted I always found the martyr annoying. Evil Elena is annoying to but in a much better way...IDK. But again WOW for the Orginals show. I screamed expletives at the tv when they said Haley was pregnant by Klaus. I really hated the whole Klaus/Haley sex. Ok Klaroline all the way!!!! But now she how can Elijah and Klaus simply buy this line of goods? Haley is known for her honesty, not! When I found out she was going to be on the new show I was really hoping that she would be a descendant of Klaus' real father. Gross too but not as bad as Klaus' baby Momma! Elijah was a total bad a-- though! It's nice to see more of his skills.

David and sabrina 2014

Sounds like the season finale will leave everybody in shock and terror especially with the takeover of ghosts and they're wanting to go after the cure as well. Who knows who will end up with the cure but who knows if the show will get better again. ;P =O


TVD's has lost its greatness. Every episode in season 4 has been terrible and from what I just read for the finale. Season 4 will be known as the "jump the shark" for TVD"s. The show is predictable and boring. Let me guess Elena will choose to be alone and Kevin's fave Damon will get the cure. WTFFFFFFFFF has happened to this show. I agree will so many people who have said season 1 and 2 were TVD's best. Before the Delena bullies start I'm just a normal non shipping fan who used to love this show and now I don't. I used to want the week to go by fast waiting for Thursday's and my fave show. Not anymore. The show has been renewed for season 5 but I doubt they'll be a season 6. Such a disappointment.

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