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The vampire diaries
Salvatores Confer
Stefan and Damon confer in this Vampire Diaries scene. It is from the special episode "The Originals."

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Love The Vampire Diaries is a great TV show. Elena and Damon make a great couple. Not Elena and Stefan they don't make a great couple. Love it so much Im going to get it on DVD all the Seasons. So I can stare at Damon all day and night.


Love Damon he is so cute and hot


Its going to be interesting. Maybe,Elaine will run wild with the ghost. And,creatate havlock herself. Maybe,she kill someone and get to have sex.

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Skip Bolen/The CW
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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Stefan: Katherine??
Katherine: The one and only... sort of.

Klaus: What an entirely unwelcome surprise.
Elijah: And what an entirely unsurprising welcome.

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