Castle Review: Life Changes and Sad Faces

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Castle Season 5 came to a close with “Watershed," a finale centered around opportunities and big life changes. Changes big enough to make your jaw drop. So let’s get to it...

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Caskett... Forever or No More? Beckett went ahead and interviewed for the amazing opportunity in DC, but felt the need to hide it from everyone. It may make sense to keep it a secret at work until you have a decision, but not from the man with whom you are in a relationship.

After Castle found out, he made an excellent point: She didn’t care enough to include him in the decision of interviewing for this job. That stings worse than anything else. But on the other hand, Beckett has to think of her career, especially when she isn't sure where her personal life is going.

Beckett nailed her interview and received a glowing recommendation from Gates. She met with her father, who asked her what she really wants and she admitted: the new job.

At the same time, Castle shared a touching scene with Mama Martha where she let her son know Beckett deserves this, but she needs to know where things are going. So what should Castle do next?

After being offered the job, Kate and Rick met on the swings, an important place in their relationship. Castle admitted that he wants more and they both deserve more. So, does that mean breakup? NOPE!! It means our very own Rick Castle down on one knee proposing marriage. I never thought I’d see the day!

Big kudos to the writers on pulling this off. Long time viewers had to know that this would come at some point... but at the swings? Seriously, how romantic. 

It didn't feel forced. This next step felt extremely natural, which is something the writers have been able to pull off all season. 

So, now what? We didn’t get to see an answer from Beckett and we know she wants the job. There’s no way she can leave NYC... it’s just not practical for the show. But will she stick around and end up resenting Castle? Looks like we have to wait until next season to find out. One thing is for sure, I’m definitely on team Mr. & Mrs. Caskett.

Side Notes. 

  • Gotta love the close friendship between Espo and Beckett. He’s always had her back and he was able to recognize something is up. How will he take it if Beckett decides to leave?
  • Alexis is heading to Costa Rica for six weeks for a school trip. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to Castle not wanting to have his daughter out of the country again. Paris anyone?
  • Girl time!! Lanie and Beckett finally had some necessary BFF time. Can we make a deal that this happens more next season?
  • Daddy to be!! Ryan dropped the bomb on his best bud that him and the Mrs. are finally expecting a baby. Anyone else agree that Ryan will be one amazing father?

So, what did you think? Did the finale live up to the expectations of the season or did it fall flat? The hour was pretty slow until those last few minutes, right? Will Beckett go to DC or stay in NYC? Will she accept Castle’s proposal? So many questions and no answers for a few months! 

Hit up the comments and sound off on the hour. Did you love it or no? Will you be able to wait till September to find out Kate’s answer?


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Tonya b

Ugh, I'm so bummed. I just watched Always on TNT and I find myself liking that episode less and less. The fight that they have at her apartment just irritates me. When Beckett yells at Castle, "And how could you do this?" Castle responds by saying, "Because I love you...But you know that already don't you? You've known for about a year now." Then Beckett gets more pissy and says, "I can't believe you're bringing that up now, especially when you just told me that you betrayed me." Castle tries to explain, "Kate, listen to me." But she interrupts him with, "Listen to you? Why should I listen to you? Why should I ever trust anything that you have to say?" Basically, the whole fight can be reworded for Beckett like this, "Castle, I can't believe that you want to bring up the fact that I lied to you for a year when I'm mad at you for lying to me for a year." It doesn't matter that she lied to protect herself, but he lied to protect her!!


I have NEVER EVER heard of a situation where the minor partner in terms of income determines where they will move to. most normal couples discuss the pros and cons. Usually it is the major income earner who 'wins' out for understandable reasons!

Tonya b

Nottrampis, you know exactly what I want from you! Never.... me.....kitten! Ha ha he he. Meow. Wi, wi, wi, meow.


As regards Castle just remember he now deliberately writes much less books now than he did before Beckett. He does get a lot of 'psychic' income by being Beckett's unpaid partner. I do not think that this fact has been appreciated enough. You do not have to go anywhere to find out whether something will work or not. They both know and have said the DC job will kill the relationship.
If the job is so good then why couldn't Beckett tell us why it was so good and why didn't anyone ask her why it was so good?

Tonya b

I think that it is high time for Beckett to come forward and offer to make a sacrifice for Castle. In reality, this job is NOT her dream job and it would NOT be something great for her, so there is no reason why she can't realistically make this sacrifice for him now and never turn it back on him someday. People seem to want Castle to make ALL of the sacrifices for the relationship once again, while Beckett goes off into the sunset to 'have it all.' But alas, even the incredible Mr. Castle would eventually drown in Beckett's wake! He had better jump out of that wake with his feet firmly planted on his slalom ski and whip himself around to pass that boat filled with baggage!!!!


Okay settle down kitten. People ,both men and women , do very strange things when they are in love. Castle in my eyes is over the moon with Beckett and continues to see the Beckett of the future i.e without any fears and anxieties.

Tonya b

Another thought about the whole job deal. People are saying that Kate should at least try the job so that she doesn't resent Castle and blame him for holding her back. Well I think that this is baloney. Castle has made sacrifice after sacrifice for her over the entire 5 years that they have been partners. And lets admit it, if Castle wasn't so enthralled with Beckett, he would have accepted the book deal to write about 007. But he turned it down to be with her (but he pretended like it was because of the money.) I bet that no one can name a single time when Beckett asked Castle for his help or absolutely anything else when he did not give it to her freely and willingly. He has ALWAYS been there for her, 'for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, in front of a gun or standing on a bomb, till death do they part.' Now give me an example where Beckett made even half of that kind of sacrifice, other than his birthday.

Tonya b

Yaayyy! I just finished watching Undead Again on TNT. Thank goodness that I still really enjoy this episode. It did remind me of another point too. The one thing that has always consistently made Kate come running to Castle is when she feels like she is losing him or he actually walks out on her. He is amazingly forgiving to her and she has to heap several tons of shit on him before he finally gets pissed enough to walk out, but when he finally does, she suddenly gets all nice and sweet to him and draws him back to her. It happens EVERY time.


time for confessions. I did a Beckett/Josh thing in the 80s. I was taking out a lass but wanted to take out someone else. I was always in denial about it like My Kate and all my friends could see this despite my protests to the contrary. however unlike My Kate I never did take her out. She was with some-one else and like castle I thought it improper to say anything even when I realised my true feelings. Unrequited love in your 20's!! That's life. It didn't matter some-one better came along later. MUch Much later! Now I have an appointment with Dr Worf!!


My great problem is that Bad Beckett has emerged and there must be a way of getting rid of her and regaining MY Kate. Lets face it. How could she with a straight face say yes. She wants a job she did no preparation for, which would mean as both of them said, would kill the relationship. If Beckett had her Watershed moment in the precinct as I first hypothesized the problem is solved. BUT going to Dc means NO Watershed moment. It means Beckett could still do a runner if married because of her irrational fears and that would be even worse than at present

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