Castle Review: Life Changes and Sad Faces

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Castle Season 5 came to a close with “Watershed," a finale centered around opportunities and big life changes. Changes big enough to make your jaw drop. So let’s get to it...

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Caskett... Forever or No More? Beckett went ahead and interviewed for the amazing opportunity in DC, but felt the need to hide it from everyone. It may make sense to keep it a secret at work until you have a decision, but not from the man with whom you are in a relationship.

After Castle found out, he made an excellent point: She didn’t care enough to include him in the decision of interviewing for this job. That stings worse than anything else. But on the other hand, Beckett has to think of her career, especially when she isn't sure where her personal life is going.

Beckett nailed her interview and received a glowing recommendation from Gates. She met with her father, who asked her what she really wants and she admitted: the new job.

At the same time, Castle shared a touching scene with Mama Martha where she let her son know Beckett deserves this, but she needs to know where things are going. So what should Castle do next?

After being offered the job, Kate and Rick met on the swings, an important place in their relationship. Castle admitted that he wants more and they both deserve more. So, does that mean breakup? NOPE!! It means our very own Rick Castle down on one knee proposing marriage. I never thought I’d see the day!

Big kudos to the writers on pulling this off. Long time viewers had to know that this would come at some point... but at the swings? Seriously, how romantic. 

It didn't feel forced. This next step felt extremely natural, which is something the writers have been able to pull off all season. 

So, now what? We didn’t get to see an answer from Beckett and we know she wants the job. There’s no way she can leave NYC... it’s just not practical for the show. But will she stick around and end up resenting Castle? Looks like we have to wait until next season to find out. One thing is for sure, I’m definitely on team Mr. & Mrs. Caskett.

Side Notes. 

  • Gotta love the close friendship between Espo and Beckett. He’s always had her back and he was able to recognize something is up. How will he take it if Beckett decides to leave?
  • Alexis is heading to Costa Rica for six weeks for a school trip. I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to Castle not wanting to have his daughter out of the country again. Paris anyone?
  • Girl time!! Lanie and Beckett finally had some necessary BFF time. Can we make a deal that this happens more next season?
  • Daddy to be!! Ryan dropped the bomb on his best bud that him and the Mrs. are finally expecting a baby. Anyone else agree that Ryan will be one amazing father?

So, what did you think? Did the finale live up to the expectations of the season or did it fall flat? The hour was pretty slow until those last few minutes, right? Will Beckett go to DC or stay in NYC? Will she accept Castle’s proposal? So many questions and no answers for a few months! 

Hit up the comments and sound off on the hour. Did you love it or no? Will you be able to wait till September to find out Kate’s answer?


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"based on the immediate information at hand, is it an implausible theory? Anyway, it just helps to illustrate my point that we can never really know what a character is thinking when they do some things." This, Tonya, is exactly my point. This is the reason why I think it's so important to look at previous episodes and use that info as well. Let's take something Castle-case related. Let's say the girl who got killed in the season 5 finale was your best friend. You knew her really well. Now you find out she's dead. And apparently she's been spending her time as a hooker. The cops assume she was killed by one of her clients. Based on what you're saying, based on all the facts at hand, like the way she was dressed, sounds coming from her room at all hours of the night, and the fact that you can't really know what someone's thinking, what your friend was thinking at the time, that must mean she really was a hooker right?

Tonya b

She already pretended that she didn't hear him say that he loved her. Ooohh, then she had an idea. If she told him that her mom's murder caused her to build a wall around her heart and that she could never let a man into her heart until the wall came down, he could probably accept that for now. He wouldn't accept it forever so why not tell him that solving her mom's murder would bring the wall down. That way, he will work hard to help her solve the case and having his sights on the finish line will keep him interested. It's not a perfect plan but at least she gets to keep his close friendship for now.
Now clearly this is a silly theory. But based on the immediate information at hand, is it an implausible theory? Anyway, it just helps to illustrate my point that we can never really know what a character is thinking when they do some things.

Tonya b

Let me just illustrate with a ridiculous example: Let's pretend that Beckett did not love Castle as a boyfriend and that she just wanted to be friends. She thought he was a lot of fun to have around, he was helpful with cases, and he made her job more fun. She knew that if she told him that she just wanted to be friends that he would quickly lose interest and quit coming around. She didn't want this to happen so she dealt with Castle's advances as they presented. Then when she was shot, Castle blurted out that he loved her. Aye yi yi, what now? She decides to send him away and ignore him for 3 months, since that should cool him off. But she needs his help with her mom's case and she still wants his friendship.

Tonya b

And lastly, the character can't read the minds of everyone around them and know the reasons and the motivations behind all of their actions, they have to base their decisions on what others tell them, making assumptions that what they are told is the truth, and by observing the behavior of others. So my point here is that it is just unrealistic to say that Castle or Beckett should have done this or that, said what or whatnot, or thought such or such as. It is equally unrealistic to pretend that we know the reasons that the characters did certain things..

Tonya b

Then, after all the clues are gathered, comparisons to dialogue in other episodes completed, and personal bias is applied to their favorite character, they decide that they know why the character did what they did, said what they said, or acted how they acted. They have also decided what the character should have done, should have said, or should have acted. This just blows my mind because they so easily forgot that the character doesn't get to see the big picture, only what is in front of them. The character doesn't get to ponder dialogue from the past or list multiple possible choices of action and deeply investigate the consequences of each, they get the immediate moment in front of them to say or do something.

Tonya b

SK, I understand and respect your points of view but, I will once again respectfully suggest that we agree to disagree. I have read thousands and thousands of comments this summer and I find it curious that the vast majority of fans had a negative reaction towards the evil episode and an unfavorable reaction to THF and WS, at least the first time they watched them. But then a lot of people watched them again, over and over, nearly doing a frame by frame analysis to help reveal subtext, hidden clues, double meanings, disguised messages, and other such less than obvious things.


Before we all get too worked up about a potential COMPLICATED Season 6, Marlowe has also recently stated that Season 6 will be ROMANTIC! From my point of view, the romance had better be concentrated on Caskett, personally, I have no wish to see Esplanie explored any further, and I certainly have no wish to see anything in relation to Alexis and a new boyfriend. As far as I am concerned, if Alexis never appears in any episode again, it would be fine by me, she adds absolutely nothing to the story as far as I am concerned. This show is also about the Caskett romance, it's about time we saw some!! Going back to a recent post of mine, this show could move forward quickly, if they just had an episode with Caskett having the talk, surely, that time has arrived, for the good of the show.

Tonya b

SK, it bewilders me a bit how you can say "I think at their worst, they come very close to how actual humans behave at their worst," but then you don't think that the fans should expect serious apologies. When a person treats you with some of their worst behavior, how can we NOT demand an apology? Whenever Castle has EVER treated Beckett badly, he has ALWAYS apologized, profusely. But when Beckett treats Castle badly, we rarely see apologies. We often get convoluted explanations for her behavior but not apologies. That bothers me and I can't help it. Real life demands these apologies, but in TV land they slide by.


over 3,000 comments wow!


#6 The third one, Castle getting jealous, happens in 5x02, when Beckett gives her card to this guy, Chip in relation to the case and he ends up calling her a bunch of times to ask her out. Castle gets jealous immediately. Beckett got jealous before she and Castle got together, but when they're actually in a relationship, while her general fear that Castle will cheat on her is still there, she's pretty mellow about him going out with miss Swimsuit to throw off paparazzi. She's not happy about it, but there's still that level of trust. If you compare her state of mind, her anxiety level in 5x02 when Castle's on his "date" to Castle's when she's at the Fairwick hotel with Vaughn, the difference is huge. Castle's completely panicked and has no faith whatsoever that Becektt won't sleep with Vaughn. And it's because of his experience with Meredith. Also, thanks, glad you like my tumblr. :) I love reblogging. What don't you like about it? Also Goodnight, need sleep -.-

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