Castle Review: Rise of the Machines

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Talk about big brother!

Castle took a break from the relationship drama and silly cases to focus on the murder of a man by a drone - pretty much exactly what you need to be freaked out - on "The Human Factor." Ready to break it all down?

The Case. The hour was spent looking for the person behind the drone that killed a man on the streets of New York. Who knew that at any given time that many drones are in the sky watching everything.?

The usual twists and turns took us down some creepy and shady roads before Kate’s amazing detective skills found the killer: the victim’s son. Just about the worst possible situation, really.

Carlos Bernard on Castle

Hello Feds and Handsome Men. After the Feds have pretty much taken over their case, Beckett has a run-in with a man named Jared Stack, played by Carlos Bernard. Although quite creepy, he turned out to be pretty awesome. Until he threw a wrench in the best ship on Monday nights,  Caskett. 

Stack works for the Attorney General’s office and tells Beckett of a job opening in DC. He thinks she would be perfect for it and although she would be, she can’t leave New York, her fellow detectives and the love of her life. Right?!?

How could she even think about it when she finally let loose and admitted to Rick that she loves him just one episode prior? 

Where is Everyone Else? Ryan and Espo received a small amount of screen time in this hour, but once again, no Lanie, Gates, Martha or Alexis. Not that they need to be in every episode with a major arc, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw them in every once in a while. These characters are adored and need a little more time. Hear that, Andrew Marlowe?

Side Notes: 

  • How awesome were Castle’s remote control toys?
  • Wasn’t it even more awesome when Beckett took control of them?
  • Awesome shout out to Men In Black
  • Once again, Beckett rocked some amazing lingerie...even if it was only for a split second. 

So sadly, the time has come again. Only one episode left of a pretty stellar Castle Season 5. What will happen in the finale? Will Beckett take the job in DC? Will Caskett come to an all too early end? Will Lanie finally show up again? Come on, TV Fanatics. Let’s hear your thoughts and predictions on “The Human Factor” and what is to come in the finale.

Sound off in the comments and check back for the official Castle Round Table

Until next week, Castle fans. And then a long summer of debating and impatiently waiting for our favorite detectives and writer to return to us in the fall.


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Thanks for the short review and promo; I thought this episode was great, especially how it combined funny scenes like Beckett hiding under the covers with a serious end scene. It was a nice lead-in for the finale. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the finale live because I work at DISH on Monday nights, but I'll see it on my DVR. I set my DISH Hopper to always record Castle and everything else on ABC during primetime, so I won't even have to set a timer for it.


Donna. Totally agree with your comments. Beckett has only expressed true love for Castle under near death situations. Beckett presents now as selfish and self-centered. Her recent treatment of Castle goes on without any apparent reason except that she really does not love him. The writers have changed the entire premise of season5 with some very poorly written recent episodes.


I'am not convinced that Kate really loves Castle,many people were waiting for her to say ily,but to finally say it,when facing death in minutes,could be how she feels,or the finality of dying and pondering all that he has done for her made her say something that she would not have said in a less stressful situation.But her actions after still(the order the eps. were suppose to run)were not of a person who loves someone-most i assume can see that castle really loves her in spite of the writers,after all his support and caring for her over the yrs.he deserves more-more than i think she can give-if the last ep.ends with kate taking the job,than she obviously doesn't love him,rather her career,very sad,very vain!


Kate goes to dc. Series wil last one more season and be gone. Don't waste time bringing in a new female. Fan have invested 5. Years to this show and won't like a replacement nomatterwho it is


I believe Caskett is history.Unless Castle wakes up and does what ever it takes to fight for Beckett's love it will end
And season 6 will be hard to watch


yeah it's so Cory and Topanga in Boy meets world! lol
They have certainly over reached, say over developed, their characters development of Rick in particular.
Anything deeply emotional with Beckett and you can be sure deceit and denial..
But Rick, in trying to make him funny they just made him lame.
Case in point Sky-net rave..Did anyone else cringe?
Don't really know whats going to happen in the finale and at this point don't really care.


Castle recent behavior has been so forced as to be ridiculous. Compare his recent actions with his performance in the Alexis kidnaping episodes. Do the writers think that the viewers have no memories of past episodes or storylines? So pathetic. What was so absurd in this episode was the put down of Castle and his use of guns. Viewers know that he has displayed competence in the use of firearms in plenty of other episodes. Recall when Castle shot the 3XK killer in ep5 this season and saved Beckett as just one example. It is disheartening to see how the writers are making him look so silly and immature at this point in the season. Beckett continues with her deceitful behavior as well which has really spoiled the season5 for me.


Actually I think him playing with all of the games is getting kind of old; I know he's immature but cripes! Also, I just watched some reruns from seasons 1 & 2 & it seemed to me like he was only joking around when he said things off the wall but he actually was instrumental in helping solve crimes. Now it seems like he's nothing more than a clown with no helpful input at all.




cstle beckett just seem to be forced no true feelings.

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