Castle Round Table: "The Human Factor"

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Could a lone drone commit murder? Rick Castle certainly thought so as his "Rise of the Machines" theory ran amok in "The Human Factor."

In this edition of the Castle Round Table, panelists Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Castle fans Mary Lou and Andy from The 12th Fan Forum as they debate whether "nothing" means nothing and why Beckett should consider the move to D.C.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Mary Lou: Beckett hiding under the covers, late at night, playing into Castle's "Rise of the Machines" theory made me laugh out loud. She totally got him and I loved hearing her laugh. It's great to see how comfortable and playful she is with Castle. And Castle with the bat, protecting her and eliminating the threat. Too funny!

Andy: I loved the scene with Kate playing the trick on Castle in the middle of the night with his "toys". It really shows how far Beckett has evolved in her relationship with Castle over the year.

Chandel: Probably Rick trying to rationalize the possibility they were encountering the rise of the machines. I hope he never grows up!

Christine: The North by Northwest scene with the drone firing on them. I love the little homages to Hitchcock with the added Castle twist. Between Castle grabbing Kate's back up gun off of her ankle, to his crowing over redeeming his manliness, it all had me smiling.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Why do you think Beckett didn't tell Castle she was offered the job?

Mary Lou: I think she didn't tell him because she's unsure of what move she will make and she didn't want to say anything until she had had time to think about it. That said, I wish she would have said something like, "Don't freak out, but Stack told me about a job opening in DC at the AG's Office. I'd like some time to think and then we can talk."

Andy: I'm thinking she didn't tell him because she really didn't have that much time to think about it. Once she does, she will open up to him.

Chandel: Because she isn't sure if it's something she wants. I don't think she wants to drag him into it. Plus I think she realizes that it's going to cause a big problem in their relationship.

Christine:  I think when she said it was "nothing" she meant it because on the surface it wasn't something she was looking for but now the questions will start rattling around in her head. Where do I want to be in five years? Will an opportunity like this ever come around again? When those questions won't go away it will no longer be "nothing."

Should Beckett consider making the move to D.C.?

Mary Lou: She should sit down and make a list of all the reasons why she should take the job and all the reasons why she shouldn't. She should consider very carefully what she will lose if she accepts the job and what she will gain if she stays. I don't think she's really thought too far into the future and the idea intrigues her.

Andy: I think there is a lot for her to think about. It comes down to what she wants moving forward with her career, is her job more important to her now or a relationship.

Chandel: No, that doesn't make any sense. I just want to know where her sudden desire to consider it is even coming from. It's all rather sudden to me.

Christine: She'd be a fool not to. It's a huge opportunity. Remember, she was a 19 year old grieving kid when she decided to become a cop. Her mother's murder was all encompassing. Now she's in her 30s and wondering what comes next…both in her career and with Castle. I'm not saying she should do it but if she doesn't want to have regrets she needs to take it seriously.

Lanie, Gates, Martha and Alexis were all missing from this episode. Who did you miss the most?

Mary Lou: I missed Lanie the most. She would have been as annoyed and frustrated as Beckett and her team were at all the physical evidence being confiscated. When Lanie's that way, we get some really good sassy attitude, comments and looks from her. 

Andy: I missed Lanie the most. Love her character and I hope we get to see a lot more of her next year. I'd like to see a Lanie centric episode.

Chandel: I probably miss Alexis most. I really enjoy her popping back in every once in a while even though she's off at college.

Christine: I miss Martha. Other than Kate, she's the one person Castle really confides in and I love their dynamic. I'm certainly hoping we get a conversation between Castle and Martha in the finale.

What's your prediction? How will Castle react to Beckett's job offer in "Watershed," the Castle season 5 finale?

Mary Lou: Initially, I think he'll be shocked, like "How could you even consider it?"  Then he'll be mad and hurt.  He'll have a heart to heart with Martha which always seems to add perspective. Then we'll get a conversation between Castle and Beckett where he risks his heart again and makes a commitment or he lets her go because he doesn't want to stand in the way of what she wants. 

Andy: Predictions? Wow, I'm never good at those. I think Castle will feel hurt and betrayed, but once he thinks about it, the old saying "if you love someone set them free" will come into play.

Chandel:  Clearly he's going to be hurt. This whole thing is kind of out of the blue, so I expect it to strike Castle as sudden as well. It will sure be interesting.

Christine: It's going to play into all of his insecurities.  He'll be hurt that Kate's even considering it but I think he'll understand it too. He's always been her biggest cheerleader. But with two failed marriages behind him,  he may fear it's the beginning of the end. I expect plenty of angst but hopefully some open and honest conversation about what they both want from one another going forward. I've got my fingers crossed they leave us in a hopeful place going into the long summer hiatus.

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Great discussion and promo; I thought this episode was great, especially how it combined funny scenes like Beckett hiding under the covers with a serious end scene. It was a great lead-in for the finale. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the finale live because I work at DISH on Monday nights, but I'll see it on my DVR. I set my DISH Hopper to always record Castle and everything else on ABC during primetime, so I won't even have to set a timer for it.


In the Finale,looks like Beckett will be asking her dad for advice about her job offer. Lets hope Dad tells her to follow her heart. She told Castle this:"things have never been easy between you and me". I believe she will go to DC for the job interview and this will put a strain on their relationship. Its time for Castle to step up to the plate and make a commitment to Beckett or this will be a long lonley summer for them and us!


Pete. Excellent comments. The fan base for sure is not happy with the recent exaggerated portrayal of Castle by the writers as silly and immature. So unrealistic to think that viewers don't see it. If it continues in season6, long time fans will simply stop watching.


Cut to the case,the reason most watch is the relationship between the two,yet the writing has been absurd at best!They love kate,always show her attractive,smart,stong,but you will never see the writers portray her as foolish,yet castles made to look foolish couple times a ep.,when we know he is a talented actor-enough!I believe the whole issue between the 2,is immaturity,yet the perception the writers want to portray is castle lacking in maturity,even kate has said in the past that he was-fact castle as a single father,raised a daughter by himself @ to us parents,parenting is a great honor,what it does is teach sacrifice,that its mature to put my dreams @goals aside for another person-Kate has never had to sacrifice for anyone in her life,her considering this job strongly in light of a possible marriage shows that her goals,dreams are all about her,this is her M.O.,why would we expect her to behave any different than the path she's walked her whole life,to move to another city and throw a potential marriage for a career move says alot about how kate views love!After all castle has done for kate,he deserves more-yet i don't think she can sacrifice for castle.


Fossie. Good point about Kyra wanting her space, but my comments were based on how she reacted outwardly towards Castle when they reconnected on her wedding day. It was obvious that they had been in love in the past. He acknowledged that she was the one that got away. The scene on the roof where they shared a kiss. It presented to me that Castle was able to express his feelings more easily with her. He was more open with Kyra about their past relationship rather than what is happening now with Beckett.


I miss Lanie, I agree that she should be in it more, I agree with Andy that we need a Lanie centric episode, we got one for Espo and Ryan.. Lanie needs one too. I think that it's Beckett, not Castle that's afraid of really committing to this relationship..after all, he stayed by her side all the while she was pushing Demming and Josh in his face. I'm hoping for a good Martha/Castle conversation in the finale, and hope that the Caskett talk on the swings is not a sad one.


Why wouldn't Rick consider going to D.C. with Kate? He can write anywhere; and keep in touch with Alexis and Martha.


Count me in with Vince and Elliott. Over the last few episodes the writers have really made Beckett into a very self centered and down right cruel. The little things we see Castle do are to show he cares, like the coffee art. With Beckett, it’s pranking and making fun of Castle and questioning their relationship with a stranger. Sorry Teri, Beckett is the one coasting, not Castle. And with the finale sneak peek, she proves it to a T.


Vince, Did you forget that Kyra left Rick to find herself, never contacted him but somehow expected him to follow her? Let's face it. Castle's had lousy luck with relationships. I don't think Beckett is wrong to consider this job and I can understand wanting to wrap her head around it before she starts the discussion with him but they definitely need to talk. They've both been too timid to discuss their future, not sure where the other one stands. Personally, I think this has been one of the best seasons of the show and I have to believe the writers are using this angst to move the relationship forward, not dismantle it. We'll all know for sure on Monday.


I think Martha may be pivotal in the Finale. She will ask Richard if Beckett knows the status of their relationship and he will realize he has not told her everything he needs to to have her see he is all in. Castle has been content all season to float with the boat and take things slow. Beckett needs to hear committment from Him before she considers the job if offered.

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