Castle Review: Rise of the Machines

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Talk about big brother!

Castle took a break from the relationship drama and silly cases to focus on the murder of a man by a drone - pretty much exactly what you need to be freaked out - on "The Human Factor." Ready to break it all down?

The Case. The hour was spent looking for the person behind the drone that killed a man on the streets of New York. Who knew that at any given time that many drones are in the sky watching everything.?

The usual twists and turns took us down some creepy and shady roads before Kate’s amazing detective skills found the killer: the victim’s son. Just about the worst possible situation, really.

Carlos Bernard on Castle

Hello Feds and Handsome Men. After the Feds have pretty much taken over their case, Beckett has a run-in with a man named Jared Stack, played by Carlos Bernard. Although quite creepy, he turned out to be pretty awesome. Until he threw a wrench in the best ship on Monday nights,  Caskett. 

Stack works for the Attorney General’s office and tells Beckett of a job opening in DC. He thinks she would be perfect for it and although she would be, she can’t leave New York, her fellow detectives and the love of her life. Right?!?

How could she even think about it when she finally let loose and admitted to Rick that she loves him just one episode prior? 

Where is Everyone Else? Ryan and Espo received a small amount of screen time in this hour, but once again, no Lanie, Gates, Martha or Alexis. Not that they need to be in every episode with a major arc, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw them in every once in a while. These characters are adored and need a little more time. Hear that, Andrew Marlowe?

Side Notes: 

  • How awesome were Castle’s remote control toys?
  • Wasn’t it even more awesome when Beckett took control of them?
  • Awesome shout out to Men In Black
  • Once again, Beckett rocked some amazing lingerie...even if it was only for a split second. 

So sadly, the time has come again. Only one episode left of a pretty stellar Castle Season 5. What will happen in the finale? Will Beckett take the job in DC? Will Caskett come to an all too early end? Will Lanie finally show up again? Come on, TV Fanatics. Let’s hear your thoughts and predictions on “The Human Factor” and what is to come in the finale.

Sound off in the comments and check back for the official Castle Round Table

Until next week, Castle fans. And then a long summer of debating and impatiently waiting for our favorite detectives and writer to return to us in the fall.


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I think Kate realizes what a great Man Rick is, and what a great couple they are together - the takeover of his toys, making a great 'rise of the machines' joke is something few couples could do; and the way she casually walked into the room rocking that great lingerie?!? WOW. She knows exactly what she is doing, and she is having fun doing it. she ain't going anywhere; but that doesn't mean she won't take the interview, and maybe create a liaison post or inter-agency team between NYPD and the DOJ


If I recall rightly, there was one scene where they were discussing the possibility of a government attacking citizens with drones and somebody remarked "I just can't believe our government would do that!" (or words to that effect). Makes me think that a fun and interesting continuation of the story line might be if Kate takes the DC job and Castle joins her there, where they become a duo surreptitiously rooting out evil in high government places. And maybe the writers could turn Castle into less of a lovable, clownish goof, and more of a well-rounded, tough, insightful (but still lovable) counterpoint to Beckett's no-nonsense cop persona. (I wonder what Nathan Filion thinks of how his character has developed?)


I agree with much of what was written above. I thought the ending was insulting; I think the writers are getting bored. I watched the repeat of when Alexis gets kidnapped and it was done so well with the intro of Castle's dad. I hope they do some follow up with that. In that show Castle took more responsibility for being a dad and an adult; Beckett was right to stay and be a cop. Ridiculous to think that their relationship would break up if she moves; really Castle can easily go and shouldn't he be supporting her job advancement; seems like maybe he is getting a bit bored with following Beckett around, playing computer games, toys etc- is he writing anymore? Doesn't Beckett get tired of him always being around? Getting more input from Martha, Jim Beckett and Alexis is good; what about Beckett's therapist with some feedback. Beckett and Castle's relationship is a bit boring to watch; last week was fun- a trip down memory lane- but also felt like a filler for the writers. I hope Beckett takes the job; thought that the FBI agent was boring- too bad it wssn't someone more interesting; maybe even more of a mentor. Yes the only reason Beckett didnt' tell Castle was so we would watch it next week- they are adults and if Castle starts whining... hey if he had an opportunity to go somewhere to do research on a book- he would go and Beckett would tell him to!


I wholeheartedly agree with Tricia, below. I felt they dumbed down Castle, and the stories have gotten weaker, without the supporting cast. I was disappointed they cheapened the budget, expecting to draw the ratings on less. Yes, perhaps Stana is holding out for a bigger contract, or they are creating a new story arc into more adventures. Castle might not be bound to his penthouse, but could help her on the road.
Much the way I had thought that last season when KB turned in her badge and quit, Castle would ask her to become a PI.
I am disappointed that they haven't included Jim Beckett at all, or more of Martha or Alexis. I still watch, but without the excitement they had from the previous 4 yrs.
I did think it funny that they included Castles' first book in the half off bin, and he reacted with "really?"...
Maybe its time for a new makeover, and a bigger budget. THey threw serious $ and everything into trying to make "Missing" with Ashley Judd a hit by filming overseas, and it got cancelled. Meanwhile they stripped so much from Castle... why? Are they giving up going against Hawaii50?


Are we really suppose to believe that the couple will breakup after waiting four seasons for them to finally get together? What does bother me about this season is the ongoing doubts Beckett seems to have about her love for Castle. Has she been playing him all this time? So sad if true. She lacks common decency. To throw away a relationship so quickly for a new career opportunity is so disheartening after all Castle has done to keep her safe. Beckett lying about the kiss in the 'Squab/Quail'' ep and now Beckett keeping the job offer secret from him. Castle deserves better treatment than this from someone who claims to love him.


As of this morning, I have not heard one way or another if Castle has been picked up for another season. Maybe Kate going off into the sunset is how the show will end.


I was not as in to this episode as I usually am. Was kind of a let down. I think that they both need to learn to talk to each other the only way to make it work. I would like for them to finally discuss 'them' in the finale. I too think that JIM BECKETT will be the one that gives her the insight that she needs to know that he will stand by her decision but that she needs to know for sure that throwing her relationship away is really really worth it. Also both Martha and Alexis are always ones that like to give their two cents maybe a little interaction between them and Kate. Some bonding so to speak for them all. Would be nice to watch. Just hope that they don't end up breaking up. It is their one year anniversary coming up hope that means for some celebrating for them instead of heartache. I would like for them to take that next step. Maybe both of them finally laying their hearts on the line. I could go on and on and on about what could happen I just hope that the finale is one on that is unforgetable in a good way. Come on ask her to move in!!! Isn't she there a lot anyway. Come on Castle get on with it!! Where is that man of Seasons Past????


Come on if they bust up then the only way the show stays on is he helps NYPD on their new cases. I know that doesn't sound right because the only reason was Beckett. But he likes being a cop and why couldn't he write about the boys. I mean they don't talk about his writing or books anymore except when he is late on them. Let her go and see how the show goes on without her. Maybe her replacement might be something he could write about who knows it can open up alot of possibities.


D.C. is just a train ride away. It not like its around the world. If this job is good for her, I hope she takes it. They can work it out or they were not meant to be together. They are both wedded to their careers first anyway. Castle has more flexibility. Its the work.


hey folks
I figured out who killed Tanner about half way through.
once again I wish castle would stop with the ongoing stupid comments. it's irritating. everyone else in the episode was fine. castle turns it into a bad sit-com. Nathan Filion can do better than that. some might be thinking, then don't watch it. trouble is I like all the characters except castle.
a dilemma.

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