Castle Review: Rise of the Machines

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Talk about big brother!

Castle took a break from the relationship drama and silly cases to focus on the murder of a man by a drone - pretty much exactly what you need to be freaked out - on "The Human Factor." Ready to break it all down?

The Case. The hour was spent looking for the person behind the drone that killed a man on the streets of New York. Who knew that at any given time that many drones are in the sky watching everything.?

The usual twists and turns took us down some creepy and shady roads before Kate’s amazing detective skills found the killer: the victim’s son. Just about the worst possible situation, really.

Carlos Bernard on Castle

Hello Feds and Handsome Men. After the Feds have pretty much taken over their case, Beckett has a run-in with a man named Jared Stack, played by Carlos Bernard. Although quite creepy, he turned out to be pretty awesome. Until he threw a wrench in the best ship on Monday nights,  Caskett. 

Stack works for the Attorney General’s office and tells Beckett of a job opening in DC. He thinks she would be perfect for it and although she would be, she can’t leave New York, her fellow detectives and the love of her life. Right?!?

How could she even think about it when she finally let loose and admitted to Rick that she loves him just one episode prior? 

Where is Everyone Else? Ryan and Espo received a small amount of screen time in this hour, but once again, no Lanie, Gates, Martha or Alexis. Not that they need to be in every episode with a major arc, but it wouldn’t hurt to throw them in every once in a while. These characters are adored and need a little more time. Hear that, Andrew Marlowe?

Side Notes: 

  • How awesome were Castle’s remote control toys?
  • Wasn’t it even more awesome when Beckett took control of them?
  • Awesome shout out to Men In Black
  • Once again, Beckett rocked some amazing lingerie...even if it was only for a split second. 

So sadly, the time has come again. Only one episode left of a pretty stellar Castle Season 5. What will happen in the finale? Will Beckett take the job in DC? Will Caskett come to an all too early end? Will Lanie finally show up again? Come on, TV Fanatics. Let’s hear your thoughts and predictions on “The Human Factor” and what is to come in the finale.

Sound off in the comments and check back for the official Castle Round Table

Until next week, Castle fans. And then a long summer of debating and impatiently waiting for our favorite detectives and writer to return to us in the fall.


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Josie leeds

Interesting undercurrent here...and *I* thought I might be the only one pissed at the writers dumbing Castle down. Actually, I spend a lot of time pissed at writers--when they get bored, they get stupid and when they get stupid they destroy good shows. I guess this is the best they can do for a cliffhanger--wonder how many of the cast have signed new contracts? Pfui!!


I thought this was the weakest episode of the whole season, not used to being disappointed by these writers - esp. given some of the stellar shows we've enjoyed this year. I guess everyone has an off day, huh? The whole cliffhanger is actually not one. I really doubt they're going to rewrite the whole location and fire half the cast to accomodate a move to DC. Not a believable threat to the show or the relationship. Castle came off as childish, rather than the more charming child-like. Ick. (By the way, they've established in past episodes that Castle knows his way around guns - that was something that actually impressed Kate in season 1! Why the sudden idiocy?!) Why keep the job offer a secret? I thought they were grown-ups; grown-ups discuss things like career changes and then decide what is best. Why slip in the political bias, i.e., the slam on fracking?! I don't want to turn this into a politcal discussion but there has never been one solitary piece of scientific evidence that has EVER shown that fracking harms the water supply or the environment. For god's sake wind turbines cause more environmental distress because of the hundreds of birds killed by spinning blades! As I said, disappointed all around . . . .


they must put some drama or it would get boring of course they will not break up because they are so right together,this episode wasnt as good as still but it was ok,also why do the same people keep putting castle down if you dont like dont watch simple.


Really tired of Castle being portrayed as an immature, conspiracy theorist wacko. True, his character is like a little boy in a candy store with his toys but when the chips are down, he comes through. Last night, his constant idiotic theories started to wear on my and I come close to changing the channel. If the relationship falls apart, then let it fall apart permanently and let each one go their own way in personal relationships. Continue to work together but get rid of the emotional entanglements and find some good stories to offer to the fans of the show. If they are going to stay together, then get on with it and let them take the next step. Felt like screaming at the end.


Beckett not telling Castle about the job offer was a mistake. She obviously has doubts about the relationship and as good as she is at her job, she is not content with it. If Beckett decides to go to D.C. In the finale, it's the cliffhanger for next season. I can't see why Castle can't move to D.C. with Beckett if she takes the job. He's a writer, where he can live anywhere to do that, and he's rich! He has a luxury apartment in NYC and a house in the Hamptons. Don't see why he can't get a home in D.C. unless Beckett doesn't want him to go. That could be the wrinkle. Also, the show would go into a different direction with the supporting cast pretty much left in NYC. Should be an interesting finale.


Great episode, the best for awhile imo. The case was intriguing, Castle's immaturity was for once contextual rather than random childishness, the acting was great, especially Kate in the interrogation room, her reluctance to share with Castle about the job offer shows she still has doubts, understandably so imo, and we are forced as well, to consider where she will be professionally in five years and also where Caskett will be. Shit just got real and for that I thank you Andrew Marlowe. Looking forward to the finale. A part of me wants to see her go to DC. As for Gates, Lanie, Alexis and Martha, well I only miss Martha these days tbh.


1. The case was irritating - mostly because of how it portrayed Castle to be a bit of a bumbling idiot. I usually enjoy his far-fetched ideas, but this time he just went on and on. I also hate continuity issues. We've known Castle is an excellent shot since season 1's "target practice" and season 3's opener. How is he suddenly a joke with a gun? 2. Beckett and her secrecy are getting on my last nerve. For the love of hair extensions, geez, tell Castle what's on your mind!! 3. I feel Beckett's going to take the job - and Castle's going to follow her. That's the only way this show will continue to make sense. Beckett takes the job, and Castle moves to DC with her and has new inspiration and stories to tell about Nikki Heat (I know, we all forget he's a writer because they barely mention his books anymore...)


Please don't tell me that after all this time to get them together that she is considering leaving. First on Bones, Booth then decides not getting married after Bones asking. Please, don't these couples ever discuss anything together. I would never consider not discussing some of these storylines with my soul mate.


Love the shows but really dislike the dumbing down of Castle lately, he is a successful writer, rich, good pseudo detective, etc., so what's with being a jerk these last episodes? Also have decided there must be an actors pool between The Mentalist, Castle and Bones as well as a writers storyline pool.


Well I figured this would happen. I can't see how all year we are doing fine then we get a life threating show in still then all at once we have a chance of a split. I understand Beckett wants more in a job but why didn't she say anything to castle when he asked what was said in her private meeting. I think Beckett doesn't know what she wants and castle will pay for it. Now how do we have a show. Castle stays and works with the guys. that sounds better than with all of this other drama.

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