Castle Round Table: "Watershed"

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The Castle season finale was a "Watershed" moment that could change Rick Castle and Kate Beckett's future.

Here, Castle Round Table panelists of Jim Garner, Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Lisa from The 12th Fan Boards to discuss whether Castle should have proposed and what Kate's answer should be next season.


What was your favorite scene from the finale?

Jim: I loved the look on Espo's face when Kate and Rick both said "it's in the basement" at the same time. Classic!

Chandel: Despite the fact it was a bad idea, I think my favorite scene was Castle proposing, if only because of the look on Kate's face.

Lisa: There were so many great scenes; the argument, the discussions with friends and family, and (of course) the emotional conclusion. But I really loved the interrogation scene at the end because it was, to me, Beckett's final realization about everything that she would be leaving behind. In that one brilliant moment, Kate came to the conclusion that her heart was in New York, with Castle and her friends and family at the NYPD, and ultimately no job, no matter how perfect, could ever be enough to take her away from that.

Christine: I loved the scene where Castle finds the boarding pass. He transitioned from curiosity, to apprehension, to hurt and anger perfectly and he had every right to be angry. Little by little, Kate's small omission became a huge secret and it really blindsided Castle. As much as I wanted them to talk more, at that moment they only would have fought. I thought the scene played out pretty realistically for any couple at that kind of a crossroad.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Who gave the best advice: Martha, Jim or Lanie?

Jim: Martha gave Rick the best advice for him, Jim told Kate what she needed to hear.

Chandel: I think Jim. He always seems to know exactly what to say to Kate.

Lisa: I thought Martha and Jim made some really great points but ultimately gave them each some bad advise, pushing them to make this decision on their own and for their own reasons rather than together with their future in mind. I thought Lanie gave the best advise overall, calmly and carefully pushing Kate to do the right thing and speak to Castle from her heart.

Christine: Martha. She didn't take sides but tried to make Rick see things from Kate's side as well as analyze his own behavior and she did it without judging either one of them.

Should Beckett take the job?

Jim: Yes! I want to see the show takes a chance and broadens its available cases. Also, Rick's consulted with the government before, so I'm betting he could get himself invited on to cases.

Chandel:  I don't know. I think she would be great at it, but it doesn't really make sense for the show as a whole.

Lisa: No, and I really do believe that she did turn the offer down. There were hints through the entire episode that despite how perfect the job was for her professionally, it really wasn't what she wanted from a personal standpoint. In the end, I think she was heading off to tell Castle that she had turned the offer down and had chosen him and their chance to have a future together.

Christine: Only if she's resigned to having no personal life. Her boss would be someone who sneered at having to make small talk about his boss's family. It's certainly a huge opportunity professionally but taking it would mean giving up most other aspects of her life. That sounds sad to me.

Should Castle have proposed?

Jim: Only took me one year to purpose to my wife and by my math they've been together about the same length if you don't count the three years of dancing around it. I think it was the only thing he could do to show Kate how serious he was about their future.

Chandel:  I don't think so. I think he's doing the grand-gesture thing which skips over the substance of the problems they are having as a couple and forcing Kate to fill-in-the-blanks about how he feels. If they never stop and actually verbalize their feelings now, there's no way they are going to during their marriage. That screams trouble.

Lisa: Absolutely not. I know why he did it and his speech was perfect, proving exactly how committed he really was to their relationship, but the timing of that proposal just wasn't right.  Their time will come but it's not here quite yet.

Christine: No, but I understand why he did. Although I loved what he said, I hated that it was so sad and serious. A proposal should be joyful and I hope we get another one in the future.

Rank this among the Castle season finales.

Jim: Numner-one. Even though I hate, hate, HATE, this type of cliffhanger with every ounce of my being. Even if she had given an answer, there is NO WAY we would not all be back in the fall. It's a needless trope at this point.

Chandel: I think this finale was not quite as heart stopping as some of the others we've seen, but I really love all of the finales from season two on. It's hard to place it in a ranking order.

Lisa: Wow, that's actually really difficult to do. I've loved all of the finales for their own reasons and it's hard to compare them. From an emotional standpoint, I think this was the best yet. But it's hard to ignore the impact that "Always" had or the power that "Knockout" had too.

Christine: At the top is "Always" from Castle Season 4. So far nothing compares to that. Then "Knockout" from Season 3 for the drama and I never saw that bullet coming.  After that? This one. I sort of guessed the ending and although I'm okay with it if it moves the relationship forward, I prefer more joy and less angst. From there? "A Death in the Family" from the first season. I remember watching it not knowing if the show would get picked up for another season! And finally "A Deadly Game" from Season 2. I threw pillows at my TV it made me so mad. I don't think I've done that with any show since.

Will Beckett say yes or no?

Jim: Excellent question. I really hope she says yes. Would love to see her adjusting to being Agent Castle or Detective Castle.

Chandel: I think she'll probably say no. They really aren't at that stage in their relationship. Like I mentioned before, they really need to get better at communicating first.

Lisa: I think she'll turn down the proposal "for now."  Ultimately, Kate just needed to know that their relationship was heading in that direction but she didn't need the ring just yet and the timing simply isn't right for them. So I think she'll turn down the proposal but promise to say yes the next time he asks, hopefully in the midst of a much happier moment for both of them.

Christine: I'm with Lisa on this one. I don't think she'll say no necessarily but she'll say not yet. These two have so much to talk about. They've barely nicked the surface and I sincerely hope we get to hear at least some of those important conversations moving forward.

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but now there is no turning back and Kate would have to do a LOT of redeeming at least for me to be viewed as positive as she once was. When did she turn this selfish ?


Castle is walking a very slippery slope here. They are really alienating a lot of the fanbase with totally out of character writing that just makes no sense. To go from a guy willing to die for her to questioning where the realtionship is going 1.2 episodes later is laughable.
Kates behaviour the last 3 episodes was so cold and selfish that it has done a lot of damage to how she is viewed by fans. You dont want your lead actress beeing received as self centered and heartless now do you ?
But this is the route the writers chose to "create" some drama, First its totally out of character to the whole season and makes no sense and second if you build up something epic in 5 seasons only to destroy it over nothing all it does is belittle the previous seasons.
The last 3 episodes were the worst written in Castle history and the sad thing is that it doesnt even matter to me if Kate says yes or no. The damage has already been done to the series. They didnt have to go down this road but now there is no turning back and Kate would have to do a LOT of redeeming at least for me to be viewed as positive as she once was. When did she turn this selfish ?


Tonya, thank you for answering my questions. I really appreciate your feedback. But believe it or not Christine has been gracious to answer some of my questions before! Happy summer


Karkar, I believe that Beckett was named after Katherine Houghton Hepburn. Hep was a strong and independent woman in her day and so the Becketts named their daughter Katherine Houghton after Ms. Hepburn. IP stands for Internet Protocol. To put it as basic as possible, IP addresses are to computers as your home mailing address is to your house. It identifies each computer on the internet with a unique address, allowing your computer to be located on the vast grid called the Internet Protocol. This is how you can locate and chat online with a friend who lives 3000 miles away. I hope that helps. I'm not Christine, but I doubt she plans to answer you.


Since we have to wait till Sept. for Castle, I have some questions for Christine Orlando: How did Beckett get the middle name "Houghton"?
2 episodes: Fast and Furriest and Watershed had a computer tech that kept talking about IP sights and IP addresses. What does IP mean? I just love TV Fanatic. Im not into tweeting or bloging, hope you kep this sight just as it is. Also will you still be talking about Castle this summer or do we have to wait till Sept?


I agree with Terry that what the writers have done in these last 3 episodes, dragging the Castle character down into the immature little boy who will let Beckett stomp on him, and making Beckett look the part of mean, cold, selfish, bitch who only cares about herself and her own future, will irreversibly damage the future of the show if they don't even things out, A LOT. I agree that Beckett must eat major crow if this story line is to be believable at all. We need to see some emotion, i.e. maybe some crying, rather than the stone faced woman she has become. She needs to beg for forgiveness for all of her lying and promise Castle that she will stop lying to him. I think the story will stink if she just accepts his proposal and they go on from there.


I thought it was a very good season ending but not the best and I think there were better episodes this season. What kills me is that two episodes ago Castle is staying with her when she is standing on a bomb and he hangs with her to end and she is still not convinced they have a future. What more can the guy do? I know it was a bonus episode but come on writers you can only play on her insecurity for so long. It wasn't the best timing for a proposal but at least she finally knows he is in for the long haul.


Cathy Martin, couldn’t agree more. I thought they did a really good job this year with the characters up through Still. They did show the usual issues you’d see with a new couple getting together. Questions about the past, adjusting to new routines and traditions, the usual ups and downs, but each time they resolved the matter and became closer until finally you have Still where Castle shows his ultimate commitment to her, they declare their love for one another and then Beckett joyously announces that they’re just beginning. These other three episodes should have come before Still as deaths of the week, or maybe a two parter for sweeps, and then we end on Still. It is still a cliffhanger, but a gentle and joyous one. They are ready to move to the next level, but how will they? Are they ready for marriage, or maybe just living together to finish getting used to the day to day? Do we discuss the C word? Lots of important but loving questions to answer, not this ending of two damaged people unhappily staring at each other. So instead of Family Happiness, we get something that feels more like Anna Karenina.


Firstly, the name of this show is CASTLE not BECKETT The writers are losing focus on the story. If you recall,it is with Espo Ryan and Castle's helping Beckett to solve most of her cases. I hope Castle $ s marriage proposal will give Kate a wakeup call and stop continuing saying "It's about me" which shout out " I don't give a damn about you"
I hope the new season will give us better stories and stay focused or this will be the series finalle.


This finale was not my favorite at all. The season started with such a high fresh off of "Always". From "After the Storm" to "Murder He Wrote" and especially the moment when she gave him his own drawer for Valentine's Day-all were so well done. Then we get "The Squab and the Quail". What was that? Especially knowing that it was slated to air after "Still". Seriously, he was willing to stay there and die with her. Who could question that commitment or the direction of the relationship? "The Fast and the Furriest" could have been funny, but it just served to make Castle look clownish. The same is true for the last episodes. Even Espo was often annoyed with Castle. Why does the man who tortured another man for information (Target) and the man who told Beckett that she "blew his mind" in "The Lives of Others" have to revert to an immature, selfish man child? All seemed to be going so well, then it seems like someone decided to "amp up" the drama. Let's get back to solving interesting murder cases, let the couple have their "ups and downs" and allow the humor and witty banter to move the relationship forward. Just as an aside, I hope that when September comes, she grabs him up off his feet and gives him a kiss to rival the one in "Always" and then says Yes, but not now. That way he can ask her in many ways and in many situations until she is ready to say yes and mean it. It could be their little inside joke. "Will you marry me now?"

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