Elementary Review: The Plot Twist!

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"Risk Management" contained one of the a plot twist that I DID NOT see coming. At. All.

In my short review of this episode, I'm going to attempt to contain my excitement, shock and fangirlishness. Hats off to the writers, though. I mean, they know what they're doing.

Is It Moriarty?

First off, WHAT THE HECK! I am so floored right now that I cannot grasp what I just saw. Let me give you a quick recap: Moriarty directs Holmes and Watson to an old home where they walk through, room by room, and follow the music and find a woman painting.

Who was this mysterious woman? IRENE ADLER!

I did NOT expect the twist of Irene being alive and in New York. Now I have all of these questions and theories about the life and alleged death of Irene. This is how you do plot twists and make good TV. I'm so impressed right now.

I try not to speculate too much with the shows that I watch because I enjoy being floored when things like this happen. I like being wide eyed, mouth open, gasping at the reveals. It's so much fun to be completely invested in a great series.

Another thing that needs to be added, once again: Johnny Lee Miller killed it in this episode. I felt the struggle that Sherlock faced when having to solve this case in order to find out more about Irene. The last scene where he is quivering, so overwhelmed with sadness and shock? Wow.

I didn't care so much for the case because I was ready to get to the last 10 minutes for some sort of reveal that I knew had to be coming.

To top things off, Joan was a badass; from calling Gregson out about being worried about her because she was a woman to telling Sherlock off being they entered the mysterious house.

Joan is really stepping up to the plate and is becoming one of the strongest woman on TV. That remains one of my favorite aspects of this drama. I really look forward to seeing how she reacts now that Irene is going to be back in the picture.

Overall, I obviously loved this episode and everything it had to offer, especially the reveals. Next week is the two-hour season finale and honestly, I know I'm not ready for it, but I cannot wait.


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I wasn't completely surprised that Irene was alive. I never watched Sherlock but the moment JLM face changed when the music became louder I kept saying she's alive. Since I have watched Sherlock, but some have... has 'Elementary' been very different or not. And do you believe that Moriarty will not waver far from the one in Sherlock? That said, do you believe we have met Moriarty?


The case didn't interest me much. The ending was glorious. Having a British actress play an American Irene will be either really good or really poor.


Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu both deserve Emmy nominations. The final ten minutes last week were a perfect nomination reel for Jonny; such intensity bubbling on the surface barely restrained, yet perfectly portrayed.
This week was just as good, And the Writers also deserve the nominations for giving these two spectacular characters the material to perform.


Wow! That was great. I also loved how strong Joan was tonight. Did anyone else notice that she was literally holding Sherlock up when he saw Irene? She is a perfect friend for him. I can't wait to see more of Irene's story & how her presence will affect Sherlock & Joan.


Lucy Liu portrayal of Watson is brilliant. She is so quiet and reserved and smarter than most of the characters on the show. I like the fact that she's a ball buster without having to be a total bad ass. I love Women characters who class it up. Sherlock's appeal doesn't revolve on his good looks and smoldering intent. Jonny Lee Miller plays him as the quirky, damaged & vulnerable character that we can actually empathize with. (BTW, I love BBC's Sherlock, but its apples to Elementary's oranges) There are so many TV shows that might be worthy of my time, but I don't have a lot of extra time to devote to TV and I'm glad I chose this show to follow!


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well, yes, she's alive.... same in Sherlock. Remember?


This is the most entertaining and surprising show on TV. This one of fewI watch on TV without DVRing them first because I can't wait another hour. The writing and acting is superb. It going to be a long summer without Sherlock and Joan. Hopefully there will be some reruns to sustain me.

Sue ann

I cannot recall where I read it, but there was a spoiler out there, telling that Irene Adler was alive. So, not surprised by that. I did like her paintings... Coming on the same day that CBS finally managed to re-sign the ladies of Criminal Minds, although still at lower salaries than the males, I found it lovely that Watson was the one who figured out the case of the week, not Holmes. I also appreciated her comment about the police captain packing a penis. Through my entire working career, I saw men hired in at lower positions than mine or those of other women, and at higher pay. Most recently, in this century. Watson has a valid point.

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Elementary Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

Gregson: I've been a cop for 30 years, I carry a gun.
Watson: And a penis.


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