Grey's Anatomy Review: Breakups, Breakdowns and Babies

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Grey’s Anatomy. No matter what goes on during a season, you are always able to pull off an unforgettable finale.  And"Perfect Storm” was no exception.

From explosions to operating in the dark, to the arrival of a beautiful McBaby Boy and the realization of feelings by many of the doctors, the hour was jam packed.

Grey-Sloan Memorial experienced power outages and a bus crash during an intense super storm. The hour was loosely based on Super Storm Sandy hit the East Coast endured this year. I live on the East Coast, and trust me, it wasn’t pretty. As always, Shonda Rhimes company found a way to do it justice.

Callie With Bailey

Tiny Babies & Low Batteries. Arizona, Jo and Alex faced the challenge of keeping the Nic-U up and running with the loss of power and no batteries for the ventilators. Who was there to help? Lauren, of course. The uncomfortableness was all over Arizona’s face after her cheating tryst with the hot blonde. But Callie’s face said even more. 

That fight was not what I expected. You expect the fight to be over the fact that Arizona cheated, but she turned it into the plane crash and losing her leg again. We cannot even begin to relate what Arizona went through, but that seemed a little uncalled for. Is this the end for Calzona?

Jackson Avery, You Are A Hero. The crazy bus crash led to Jackson saving a young girl in the nick of time before the explosion. Watching him walk away carrying that child moved him up the hotness scale... if that was even possible. April’s reaction was just as stunning as she told him she wants him and won’t marry Matthew if he doesn’t want her to.

It seems that Jackson and April are end game. What’s the next logical step? Bring them together now or drag out the angst for another season? My vote: Jackson and April. NOW!

The End of An Era. The Ethan situation was a great side arc that has gone on over the past several weeks. It brought out a change in Owen that needed to come out. The series had been telling us that Owen wanted children, but this allowed us to actually see it. The truth is... Owen wants it and deserves it. That means him and Yang are once again on different pages. It doesn’t look like there is any way of going back after this.

Jalex? Looks like it is time we come up with an official shipper moniker for Jo and Alex because it is on, baby! These two really deserve each other. Both characters have been written in a way to make you root for the underdog. And after nine seasons, all us hardcore Alex fans want to see is him happy with someone who is not crazy...or at least doesn’t see ghosts? 

McBaby Is Here! A complicated night for Der and Mer, right? After doing a c-section in the dark, a baby that needed to go to the Nic-U, and emergency surgery by an intern...I mean, wow. Meredith turns out to be okay after Bailey sucked it up and got back in the OR. In return, a beautiful baby boy named Bailey. LOVE IT! 

Can we just acknowledge for a second that there is nothing sexier than seeing Derek hold a newborn? Well, maybe Jackson saving that little girl. Since it’s the finale, they both win.

Shocking. After Webber discovered Frank, the man in charge of the generators, on the ground from a heart attack, it was proven once again that he can always save the day and make things better. After finding him and sending him into surgery, he went down to flip the switch. Who else was completely shocked to see him laying on the wet ground with the generators and electric sparking? 

Here is one thing that I know I am not alone in saying: Shonda, if you kill off our precious Dr. Webber, you will never be forgiven. Case closed.

Side Notes:

  • Could Bailey be a more perfect name for McBaby? Instantly made me think of when she named her baby after George. Oh, the days of interns past.
  • How nostalgic was it to see Derek and Cristina sitting on the bed in the hallway? Mer and Yang have done that so many times, it felt natural to see these two.
  • Yang was on fire with one-liners in this hour. Check out the awesome Grey’s Anatomy quotes section for them. 
  • Big kudos to Ellen Pompeo and Chandra Wilson for amazing performances.

So, let’s wrap it up. We’re down two couples, up one, in limbo on another, gained a baby... and possibly lost the best mentor ever. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Was the finale up to Grey’s Anatomy standards? 

We now have all summer to debate it. Are Owen and Yang done for good? What will happen to Calzona? Should April call off her engagement for Jackson? A bigger question - does he want her to? Are Jo and Alex in it for the long haul? And, the most important, what is the fate of Richard Webber?

Overall, a great finale once again. Until September, Grey’s fans. If we can wait that long. 


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You would think the would honor mark and lexie by finding a way to name the baby after them.


give Jessica Capshaw a break with having to strap her leg up----let Arizona get a leg transplant


I love Greys anatomy keeps me wanting more every time. Season 10 is just a month away and I'm trying to find ways to get a glimpse of all the action. I have no idea how this will play out it could go either way for everyone. One thing I do know is that Dr.Weber better not be dead! He is to important to the show, please don't let him die let him continue to bring out the Greatness in everyone! Keep on doing a great job cast and creators of my #1 Show! Aloha from Hawaii A Hui ho! ( goodbye until we meet again)


Please shonda and grey´s writers and producers, stop killing everyone. a break up,or cheeting is enough for a season finale. ok, maybe richard's not dead. but please stop! u don't need to kill a character to make a good finale episode! it's so sad that every tv series nowadays kills characters to make an exciting final. death is unnecessary! george, lexie and mark is enough!!!!!!!!!


I'm a big fan of grays anatomy, watch all seasons several times and love all the episodes. What a shame to have finished ninth season.


Wow is this formulaic or what! Someone breaks up, someone gets together, someone dies! Well it is a night time soap. It's kinda scarey to watch the distracted conversations they all have mid op! But still looking forward to nxt season.thought the arizona storyline was pretty silly and unbelievable,didn't really gel or the whole leg thing, sounds like


DON'T CALL JO AND ALEX'S SHIP JALEX - That ship name has already been in use in another fandom for over 4 years now, and it's a really, really low move to steal a ship name from another fandom. Think of something else, please, for the common courtesy to the All Time Low fandom and to myself!


Richard Webber isn't dead...about 99.9% certain of that. I'm not even concerned about Calzona; the relationship was getting tired in television anyway (just my honest opinion); TV is not real life. My biggest peeve is "Bailey Shepherd". That poor kid. Bailey has been predominantly a girl's name for decades. Very seldom do you see male Baileys. I'm really disappointed in Shonda's choice for his name; yucko.


the fact is, everyone on this show cheats, yet we still love them anyone. while arizona's cheating was out of character, she still lingers with ptsd. and how she chooses to deal with it is up to her. as these are characters on a TV SHOW, what fun would it be without drama? while i think choosing the cheating path was stupid, i think it'll bring them closer together next season when they try to work on things to try and repair for a better relationship. i hope they keep laurin. it's nice to see arizona being her smiley self again. it'll test whether or not her and callie truly are meant for each other. i don't see shonda ending them though. probably just put through the wringer. this is typical shonda writing afterall.


the season finale is great but abit hanging.. im way curious on what's gonna happen to Richard Webber.. i hope there's one last episode that wont be hanging lol

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