Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Perfect Storm"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Our Grey's Anatomy review broke down "Perfect Storm" in great detail. Now, TVF's Courtney Morrison, Christina Tran and Sean McKenna are back for a Q&A discussion of the Season 9 finale.

Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?

Courtney: I really enjoyed all the scenes between Derek and Cristina, but I may have to go with Jackson emerging from the fire holding that little girl. HOT.

Sean: Gotta go with Jackson walking out from the smoke. Kind of a cool moment, even if I was prepared for the slow motion walk through. Plus, he saved the little kid, so what's not to like?

Christina: My favorite scene was the McFamily together with a new happy and healthy addition.

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2. What will happen to Calzona? Can they work it out? Will Lauren stick around?

Courtney: I wouldn’t mind if Lauren stuck around, she brings a new dynamic to their situation that they have never dealt with. These two will have to try and work it out because they have a daughter, right? One thing is for sure. Callie doesn’t deserve to be cheated on, not even a little bit.

Sean: I'm a bit shocked Arizona dived right into cheating so soon, but I hope the show commits and keeps Lauren around then to have some real repercussions to deal with. Sure, it may have been Hilarie Burton, but you can't just cheat and get away with it. I'm not sure if Arizona and Callie's relationship will survive from all this.

Christina: I, too, want Lauren to stick around as Calzona's marriage will be put to the test once again. I think it will take a very long time to move past what happened, but they've always found a way before and they'll eventually be okay.

3. Bailey’s back! What made you happier - her return to the OR or seeing Derek and Meredith with their children?

Courtney: Gotta love Bailey doing her thing in the OR, plus she saved our precious Mer. But nothing is better than seeing Derek and Mer with McBaby Bailey and Zola. These two, especially Meredith, have come so far.

Sean: Bailey coming back. Glad that Meredith and Derek had their kids and things were OK, but Bailey had been down in the dumps for the longest time. It was good to see her back in action.

Christina: I'm going with the latter. It was nice to see Bailey back in business but I was already too annoyed by her at that point. I get what happened to her was a big deal but felt like she needed to step it up earlier.

4. Should April call off her engagement to Matthew or will Jackson tell her not to?

Courtney: CALL IT OFF! Not only is Jackson sweet, caring, and gorgeous. But he has stuck by her through everything. She hasn’t even known Matthew that long.

Sean: She should call it off whether Jackson says he should be with her or not. Sure, I think April and Jackson seem to be sort of meant for each other, but it's not fair to Matt because now he's clearly second fiddle. Picking him because Jackson said no would just be wrong. Good for Jackson and April, but let Matt go find another girl.

Christina: I completely agree with what Sean said. April needs to be a grown up and end it with Matthew regardless if the ball is in Jackson's court or not.

5. Will Webber live or is this the end of Richard?

Courtney: Webber better live!!! It makes sense to move in that direction for the dramatic effect, but I don’t know how everyone can recover from another loss, especially of the man who has molded all of them into who they are.

Sean: I knew he was going to be the one to "die" at the end as soon as I saw him alone traipsing around looking to turn the power back on. I would have believed a guaranteed death had we seen his eyes open at the very end, but I've got a feeling that there's a possibility he pulls through. If this was his final episode, at least he went out a champ.

Christina: He's going to live! He has to...

6. Grade Grey's Anatomy Season 9 from 1-10.

Courtney: 8. Throughout all the ups and downs, Grey's always manages to tug at the heartstrings!

Sean: I'll give it a 7. Interested to see where the show goes from here, especially after nine seasons.

Christina: 6. This past season hasn't been one of my favorites. Maybe it's the absence of Slexie, but it's felt felt quite different. Here's to hoping Season 10 will be one to remember!

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses below!


1, Mer telling the intern how to operate on her.
2.Bring back Dr Wyatt( Mer's therapist) to help Arizona cope with the loss of her leg.
3.No surprise Bailey is back. But looking at McFamily, ahh bless. MerDer have grown so much as a couple. I'm gonna call McBaby boy Lee so I don't muddle him up with Bailey!
4.Run Matthew. Not sure Avery wants what Kepner wants
5.Webber being written out would be a real surprise, but it makes sense
6.I'm happy we had a S9!


or "NOT FORGET" lol


"cdeno" i have to agree, and let us forget (and hopefully writters will keep this in mind to keep credebility on the storylines) that callie was already cheated on by George with Izzy!!


I think Calzona is done. I really don't see how they can come back from this. Trust is fundamental to any relationship and these two don't have it. Nor do I think they can get it back. Callie did the worst thing Arizona can think of apparently, and Arizona betrayed Callie.


No much to say, just painful, and on her style of writing Shonda left us believing that Calozona had dealt with all their problems and all was fine, as Callie even says to Arizona, all excuse for Shonda to bring up her favorite topic Cheating, adultery, that is what she wanted to write about, the rest was just excuse for accomplish this goal. Will Dr Lauren come back for Shonda through Arizona rub that on Callie's face? Did she bring into the story the woman Owen cheated with and rub that on Cristina's face? They dealt with it without the presence of that woman, why not the same with Calzona? No she wants to destroy Calzona, why? What is really behind Shonda's new Calzona SL?


Callie and Owen, ok, I think that Shonda is not all that bad writer because she has already answered that, do you remember Mer's Dream, the What that dream Callie is with Owen and many babies, right, but in the end what does the dream says," Celebrate, drink", for Callie means "sex", so she will always be attracted to Arizona. That dream-episode answer that Callie and Owen, unless Shonda wants more contradiction than she is doing with this PTSD- Cheating story line. That only hurt fans and made many of them go away from Grey's? Was that Shonda's goal?


Oh! I Almost forget... I think Lauren will stick around for 2 or 3 episodes and she would be a Psycho... one of the fatal attraction type. She doesn't look normal to me.


.... asking myself if Shonda will have killed everyone for the show finale.


Owen and Callie???? Ofcourse NOT, Owen is a really negative person, EVERYTHING it's personal for him, he always acts like the world it's againts him, with Cristina he always tried to hold her back... I can only imagine what he can do to Callie, he needs someone like the girl he was going to marry (don't remeber her name)... But I think season 9 was the last for him, don't know if he signed for season 10, but to me it seems like Owen is done. I really hope that Jackson and April get together, but I don't think he's going to make it easy to April. Praying for Webber to be alive!!! I hate Arizona right now, yes she has PTSD, yes she lost a leg, I know she's traumatized, but she's also egoistical, we know Callie wasn't on the plane but she had to make the most difficult choice between AZ leg and her life, and she knew that Az might not ever forgive her... and surprise she didn't!!! I guess she would have prefered to die, so much for a good man in the storm.
I give the episode a 8.5... asking myself if Shonda will have killed everyone for the show finale.


SR won't hook up Callie & Owen. No way. For one thing, Callie and Cristina are great friends. Cristina is Sofia's godmother. How ridiculous would it be to have Callie and Owen (Cristina's love)get together. It would be a slap in Cristina's face from Callie if that were the case. And that's not Callie's character. I find it funny when people automatically start linking people for the sake of linking them and not actually understanding their history and backstory. Callie & Arizona are the love of each other's lives and they've messed up. But they'll find a way back to each other, one way or another.

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