Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Keep the Tiny Human Makers Happy

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The superstorm is coming to Seattle, and the impact is sure to be wide-ranging.

In the Grey's Anatomy Season 9 finale, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital enters crisis mode as resources become scarce, patients flood in by the busload and the panic level becomes palpable.

In the first clip from the episode released by ABC, we see tensions rise as evacuations are halted and Arizona tries to keep people from freaking out ... while looking a little freaked herself.

Alex, meanwhile, asks for backup in the NICU given the shortages of staff. Given the events of last week, Arizona clearly has more on her mind than just keeping tiny human makers calm.

Check out the scene from "Perfect Storm" and share your comments below:

In another clip from the episode, we see our very favorite (and very nervous) tiny human maker, Meredith Grey, having major contractions, with Cristina and Derek both by her side:

Finally, we see that when the network teased in its official synopsis that "patients flood in by the busload," they meant it literally. The surgeons are about to have their hands very full ...

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There is a theory that I saw posted in re Calzona/Lauren that at first glance I was like "WHAT?" But after reading the evidence supporting the theory I was OMG this might be plausible. I base this on the nagging feeling that I was being played. That I was being led to believe one thing when all along it was something entirely different. If this goes down the way the theorist says it might then 1) the writers at Shondaland are mad geniuses 2)serious apologies need to be rendered because some of these comments have been vile vicious attacks of a personal nature. Just saying....

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