How I Met Your Mother Review: Can You Dig It?

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Marshall and Lily hit a roadblock in their preparations for Italy this week on How I Met Your Mother, calling in Ted to help sort through their mess.

And when Robin's emotional state was in disarray, Ted cane to the rescue once again.

Yes, "Something Old" reminded us how Ted has always been the glue holding this circle of friends together. Marshall and Lily are starting a new chapter abroad, while Barney and Robin count down to their new future together. Ted is still single and probably should be more concerned with the next stage of his own life, but he never hesitates to answer the call when one of his friends needs him.

It is quite possible Ted relishes these opportunities because it takes his focus off his own issues and struggles. How can he be bothered with finding his soulmate if the people he cares about need him? We saw tonight how you can try to bury the past or compartmentalize your feelings into little boxes, but sooner or later, life catches up with you and demands action. 

Uncovering Her Past

Ted was reluctant to throw away any item possessing some sentimental value from his years spent as Marshall and Lily's third wheel. After all, if his friends could so easily part with things like the bean bag chair, how long would it be before they kicked him to the curb as well? At first I rolled my eyes at this fear of Ted's, but then he admitted to being aware of just how paranoid he sounded, yet he still could not help feeling that way. 

Robin seemed to have the same sort of feelings when it came to Barney. Despite knowing she loves him and acknowledging how much he has grown over the years, she still could not shake the feeling her life was about to change for the worse. 

When things get confusing in life, we tend to retreat back to what we know. Ted and Robin both were confused and insecure, but would they really betray a man they both love? The answer is an emphatic "no way Jose!" Ted would never strap on the emotional equivalent of a hands free belt satchel, so he could stab his friend in the back. 

As absurd as Robin using the simple trowel to find her locket was, her apprehensions about marrying Barney were quite understandable. I just don't see her leaving Barney to go down the relationship path again with Ted. I know I wasn't the only one who had his face half hidden by a pillow for fear of seeing the two ex-lovers lean in for a rain soaked kiss. Thankfully it never came to that.  

Breaking up the more serious aspects of tonight's episode were several very funny moments:

  • Everything about Robin in the Central Park flashback including her dream to one day brush her husband's mullet. 
  • Ted bragging about his ability to pack with Tetris like precision. (I think of the game too whenever packing my car for a trip.) 
  • Ted, Marshall and Lily as Destiny's Child.
  • Barney trying to think of another hockey player besides Wayne Gretzky.  
  • Barney: Stand up straight Cayden! | permalink
The one image I keep going back to though is Ted taking off the yellow rain coat/poncho and leaving it on the bean bag chair to go and buy fanny packs for Marshall and Lily.
Obviously it wasn't the yellow umbrella, but I can't help but think that was a nod to the much discussed symbol for the mother. What did you think? 


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Barney is best when he is hunting for tail and playing laser tag. Obviously due to Robin the first part was gone. Glad at-least the story containing Barney with his true passion. Nice moment with Ted and Robin but girl you want the Barn-man you get him but not to your whining. Respect Barney!!


Has anyone thought of what the kids are thinking? "Why the hell is dad really emphasizing Robin in all 'episodes' if nothing happens?" I think there is a future correlation because as a teen hearing this story, there has to be a reason "Dad" kept focusing on Robin.


This episode is just another example of this season not being good. Let go of the Robin and Ted thing already! We've known from episode one that the mother is not Robin so why keep toying with the idea that Ted and Robin still feel something for each other? Let this go already, I am almost convinced that no matter who the mother is, Ted will always love Robin more than anyone else. Is that what the writers want us to think. Ted hasn't let go of Robin for 8 years, how can anyone else compete? Horrible and redundant episode, no way it is a 4.5 unless you are grading on a curve.


I dont understand Robin ... I mean when she was with Ted she said I dont wanna marry, I dont want kids. Fair enough
But hey didnt burry something u can get out for your wedding one day?
It just feels unfair to Ted


That whole ‘women should just say what they want thing’ I don’t fully agree with and yes, I’ve seen the convincing posts around tumblr. I don’t look at it as just a female thing but …a different people in general thing. It’s more so about not fully thinking you need help or wanting to talk about the thing that’s troubling you. I do it, and my brother’s and mother easily pick up on it. One of my brother’s does the same thing, as well one of my male best friends, and I can pick up on it with them. It’s an individual thing versus making it about women saying one thing and meaning another due to those long running male created jokes, statements, and reasons to excuse rape, etc. Instead of training women to further be aware of, and alter their behaviour; how about we find sexist jokes, statements, and excuses for rape inexcusable? Deep for a HIMYM review, I know.


As funny, awesome and LEGEN..wait for it...DARY Barney is, he is not mature enough to marry Robin and that girl deserves better than Barney - Barney is not in a marriage state, that was evidently in this episode and he doesn't really knows Robin as it seems. Plus a married Barney will be boring as hell to watch


I for one am a BRo shipper as long as I can think of...but there is something about Ted and Robin that still tingles in my belly! I just knew when Robin called Barney and he didn't pay her attention that Ted would come. And when he did I just felt like ..."It's really unfair that Robin preferes Barney." I know that Barney loves Robin and they are indeed perfect for each other but sometimes it still seems like Ted "deserves" her more..however the mother will be a real lucky woman in the end and I can honestly say that I'm really pining for a happy Ted! I just want him to find his "the one" already! I don't even need to see her just let Ted meet her for heaven's sake! -.-


For one - as a woman, I hate when women on TV can't say what they feeling and do that "it's nothing", expecting the guy to know what they mean and want. Ted was right - if she had just TOLD Barney she needed him, I bet he would have been there. Speaking of Ted... Second - I audibly groaned when Ted showed up at the park. Can we just let go of the Ted/Robin nonsense already?? Amen! I liked the rest of the episode, but these parts were annoying.


I really disliked this episode. For one - as a woman, I hate when women on TV can't say what they feeling and do that "it's nothing", expecting the guy to know what they mean and want. Ted was right - if she had just TOLD Barney she needed him, I bet he would have been there. Speaking of Ted... Second - I audibly groaned when Ted showed up at the park. Can we just let go of the Ted/Robin nonsense already?? Third - The whole Barney/Robin Sr thing was kinda awful and forced, and went nowhere. If we need to give Barney a father figure, for the love of all that is holy, bring back John Lithgow! A very tiny part of me is hoping that they're setting something up that is going to surprise us (like Barney's proposal after a string of annoying episodes) - but short of that...ugh.


I felt that Ted responded to Robin as his female best friend. I never really expected them to kiss, and I was glad that they held hands at the end, in a best-friends way. Allegedly next week is the season finale, so Ted will finally meet The Mother, though will we actually get to SEE her?? Gah, probably not. As much as I love this show (I started watching in S4), I really see how high-concept it is and how difficult it's been for the writers (and tiring for fans) to string this out over numerous years. I will be really UNHAPPY if we never get to see Ted and The Mother fall in love.

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