Modern Family Review: Breaking the Rules

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Humorous and heartwarming. Those are the two words I would use to describe the Modern Family season 4 finale. It was a perfect balance that proved once again why Modern Family has won all of those Emmys.

"Goodnight Gracie" brought the family down to Florida for Phil's mother's funeral.

Heading to Florida

Obviously the word funeral doesn't conjure up any heartwarming or humorous thoughts, but on this show that's exactly what we were treated to. Phil's father has always been a sweet character who was basically an older twin of Phil. The notes that Phil's mother Grace left for all the children gave me a similar impression of her. In her letter to Phil, she specifically requested that he set his dad up with a woman down the block.

Although Phil felt really awkward, Claire insisted they at least meet her and try to carry out this request. Little did Phil know that she would be the woman he ended up opening up to emotionally. Maybe there was a reason his mother chose her; some quality that would feel familiar.

Elsewhere, Manny was in hog heaven, livin' it up at the retirement community.

I love it here, manicured lawns, planned activities, early dinners, what more does a kid need? | permalink

Talk about an old soul! Cam settled in pretty easily too. It seems that the old gossipy ladies down in the sunshine state weren't all that different from his clique back home. I love how Cam thinks he's the one that drama follows, rather than the one who creates it. He and Manny were like regulars at the club.

Meanwhile, Cam's other half was off getting inspired. When taking Gloria to contest something in court, he ended up sweating his shirt off and helping out all these random other people. Only Gloria would somehow get accused of being involved in running a whorehouse. By the time the judge got to her case, she was so sick of Mitchell she just let it slide. Maybe it's time for Mitchell to head back into the courtroom after all.

Last, but definitely not least, we had Jay reliving his past. Jay ran into the woman who took his virginity; a woman with the "ass of a young Ann Margaret." Despite his fond memories for her, it seems that she had a hobby in sending young men off to war as newly minted non-virgins. 

I’m down there for a funeral. It’s such a sad event and I end up finding something that I thought was lost forever. This beautiful moment that meant so much to both of us, set against the backdrop of fighting commies. There’s your movie. | permalink

I'm with you Jay, that would be a great movie. In fact, I'm pretty sure it already is a movie. The various plotlines all merged at the end to wish goodbye to Gracie. Alex finally figured out why she was given the lighter. I loved the story about how the lighter was Paul Newman's and Grace swiped it when he left it behind at the restaurant. The only witness who promised to keep her secret turned out to be her husband. The moral of the story? "Don't be afraid to break the rules."

And a firework display will always mesmerize an audience. Well done, Modern Family.


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Yes, well done, Modern Family.


Yes, well done, Modern Family!

Sarah silva

I enjoyed the finale.
It made me laugh and the end when Alex read the letter from her Grandma it made me cry.
There was no Lily or Joe in this episode though.
Jay's storyline was funny, all I could think of was Top Gun, but then when we found out the lady had slept with tons of young guys, we find that Jay was not that special to her.
I know lots of people think Cam is over the top, but I like him and I think the bit about him no realizing he was the gossip was to poke fun at that.
The end with Manny and Luke was great!


Modern Family knows how to make a season finale! Not only was 'Goodnight Gracie' a touching episode, but somehow they found a way to put some great jokes in there too. This episode really brought all the season's threads together and me glad that I've been recording every episode since I got the DISH Hopper (now that I have more than enough storage space to DVR everything I want to). So I can't wait to rewatch this season shortly before the next starts. Working at DISH, I was eager to get a Hopper installed in my house as soon as it came out. It's is an amazing Whole-Home DVR, and this thing has constantly impressed me. It has so much storage space--up to 2,000 hours of it--that I've been able to hoard entire seasons of a number of my favorite shows, and I still haven't even made a dent in the memory!

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