Modern Family Review: Holding Out for a Hero

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The best episodes of Modern Family are the ones where everyone is united or involved in the same activity. In "My Hero," the Pritchetts and Dunphys all gathered at the rollerskating rink for a fundraiser thrown by Mitchell's ex, Teddy.

You can obviously imagine how this affected Cam's jealousy issues.

Mitchell's Ex

Although Cam was the one who suggested they go to the fundraiser, he quickly changed his tune when Mitchell's whole family showed up. It's not that he doesn't love family time, it's that he didn't know how tight the whole family was with Teddy! Claire had him over for dinner a month before, Jay sees him as his doctor and Phil helped Teddy buy his last two houses.

Suddenly Cam's insecure and petty side reared its ugly head.

The "animal" took over, as he put it, and Cam pummeled that tiny punching bag to release his anger. Hey, at least he got a big pink teddy bear out of it! While Cam's jealousy bit is somewhat played out, it was interesting to learn more about Mitchell's past. I especially liked how Jay slyly comforted Cam after Mitchell told the family that Cam was jealous of everyone's bond with Teddy. It just goes to show that Claire was wrong and that people can change over the years, Jay included. 

Besides, hasn't Claire grown up since she was having her name scrawled on the bathroom walls? Yet she still knows the routine to work behind the counter like it's second nature. I felt bad for Phil when she almost slipped and said the fourth thing she did to disappoint her dad: marrying Phil. Though we all know that Jay and Phil have had a rocky road over the years.

There were lots of other parts of this episode to love. Haley and Alex bonding and Alex learning how to flirt was fun. Phil teaching Gloria to skate was some good physical comedy. Who doesn't love a good pantsing joke? Then there was the whole "pick a hero in your family" situation. Manny and Luke take such vastly different approaches to things. Manny had a meticulous list and was scrutinizing each relative. As for Luke, he acted on a whim and made himself sick over it.

You know, I've got problems of my own. I can't always be the lovable sidekick on the manny show. Did you even notice I'm binge eating? | permalink

I like how Manny ended up answering the question by choosing his family as a collective unit. I thought it was very inventive. Too bad his teacher didn't feel the same! What did you think of Manny's answer and the latest episode of Modern Family?

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You are right; the family dynamic is the best for tears and laughter. Great show!

Sarah silva

You know it is a great episode when it makes you laugh and cry, at least it did for me.
There were many great moments in this episode.


I find Cam an annoying stereotype at times,last night was a great example. Do the writers even show up to work or do they just use their "canned" Cam jokes.


I love this show, and you are right the best episodes is when they are all together like this. I laughed and felt touched as usual. No wonder this show keeps winning awards. It is wonderful.

Modern Family Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

You've just gotta tell him man to man, woman to man, you're very shapely.


Aww time to heal more, that's so sweet and sensitive. Why did you kill that part of yourself?

Cam [to Mitchell]