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NCIS Sneak Peek: You Weren't There

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At the end of last week's NCIS, we learned who Richard Parsons' real target was.

Now, in a sneak preview of this evening's Season 10 finale, we find out why.

Any NCIS fan knows Gibbs is a man who isn't afraid to bend (or flat-out break) the rules to get the job done, so it's not a huge surprise that his track record has come under scrutiny.

Still, it's interesting to watch Colin Hanks' character, a clearly ambitious DOD investigator, lay his motivations on the table like he does here, and make Gibbs the "offer" that he does.

Jethro's response is typical of the man. But how our fearless leader fight back?

Watch the scene below from "Damned if You Do" and see what you think:

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Looking forward to new season. Don't care for Parsons character even though Colin Hanks does the part justice.
I am a late watcher and have been watching all the reruns I can. Great format, great acting and now I am hooked. I have discovered many our my retired peers love this show.


Why wait twenty years before the DOD do anything to bring Gibbs down, does not make any sense, all it is is another boring Gibbs story, all the bluster but it will just end being the same old thing Gibbs will get off and everyone will live happily ever after, boring. Colin Hanks is a good actor,but I did not like him very much in Band of Brothers.


We all await..


agent Parsons remind me of gibbs from season 1 and 2


I am thinking Gibbs will fake his death and make everyone including his team think he is dead. This will allow him to investigate who wis behind Parsons etc.


The problem is: Parsons is absolutely right. I sense an ex deux machina in our future, people.


I would give agent Parsons some advice DiNozzo gave agent Barret concerning Leroy Jethro Gibbs:
"Don't mess with the great white." LOL Look forward to the finale and also look forward to next season when Parsons finds DiNozzo's advice to be soooooo true.


Well, let's see. Gibbs leaving? Been there done that. Breaking up the team?? Ditto. I really doubt that the "unexpected" will materialize. I don't believe anything GG says anymore and MH is towing the company line. We'll see.


Mark Harmon was on Live with Kelly and Michael this morning and said that the finale would be some things expected and some unexpected stuff especially the end. GG also made a comment similar to this in an interview. I hope this is true and we are not getting the same old Gibbs in trouble story. I really hope they hit us with something out of left field. I would have to say that I think season 10 has been full of surprises so I am hopeful for the finale.


All about Gibbs. Boring. Give me something else. That being said, I am going to watch it and hopefully, be surprised. lol