Scandal Review: Give For What You Love

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Scandal is really heating up leading into the final two episodes of the season. And I'm not just talking about those closing scenes!

The drama is getting intense. The secrets are coming out. And Mellie's spilling half of them proving, once again, that Hell hath no fury like "A Woman Scorned."

Very Intense Olivia

This episode was so intense I barely have any notes. From Olivia and Fitz to the team's search for Charlie, I was completely riveted.

I actually thought Cyrus was going to try to have Olivia taken out! Or that he would have a heart attack from all the angry screaming and tunnel traipsing he did tonight!

Cyrus going back and forth trying to broker a peace between Mellie and Fitz was great. He seemed to be the only one who was aware of just what, exactly, would happen to their entire operation should Mellie go public with the news of Fitz' affair. 

Mellie, like he said, was thinking like a wife whose heart has been broken too many times. Fitz was thinking with his, well, his heart. 

He may have just tossed aside an entire nation for Olivia Pope tonight and if that hadn't been enough to earn her then I don't know what more she could've wanted him to do. 

I don't really ship these two because I find their relationship more unhealthy than whole most of the time. Having Jake follow her everywhere to keep her safe was creepy. He's kind of volatile. When he's mad, he's really mad. And when he's saying the right things, they're a little too right. He's cocky and used to getting what he wants. Fitz can't really be there for her the way a guy who isn't President could be. 

Olivia will always question all that he gave up to be with her and wonder whether or not he truly believes that it was worth it. Happiness isn't something she can trust. And, quite frankly, given her speech to Edison about wanting a heartbreaking love, I don't think she can really handle a normal relationship with Fitz. If they're happy together and there's no Mellie in the way, what then?

There are so many reasons why these two do not work and why I want to see her with someone else. 

But then Shonda Rhimes puts Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn on a set together and it's like the Fourth of July and I find myself cheering on their affair and sort of hating that they have so much chemistry.

The fallout from Mellie's proclamation is coming. What it will be, I have no idea. I imagine Olivia will be the one to help Cyrus spin it somehow, but how, exactly, I don't know. She's in this up to her eyeballs and Olivia can't nor should she ever trust Mellie to keep her name out of the news. 

Mellie's out for blood. I can't really say that I blame her.

If she ruins his career, she can always start over and rebuild her own without his help, denying whatever allegations Cyrus spreads. Once Fitz is ruined, that's it. He's done. 

In other marital strife, James and Cyrus! Cyrus can't really hold the interview against James. James had no idea what Mellie was going to say and this is his first day on the job. Somehow, I think he will though. It seems like Cyrus to misplace his anger, at least temporarily. I suppose he could always be mad that he didn't get a phone call that James was conducting the interview. I just hope Cyrus is on an aspirin regimen. And that he has Tums. And gets his blood pressure checked regularly.

In non-White House news, Huck identifying Charlie from a picture of his ear made me chuckle a little, as it was supposed to. Watching Huck try to list all the information he has about Charlie was sad.

One of Charlie's likes? To kill people. And cannoli. Good to know.

Charlie's playing double agent and it seems like the guy Jake keeps meeting with doesn't know Charlie is alive. I'm really interested in the Charlie-Jake-Huck spy-assassin showdown that is no doubt coming. Huck has a score to settle with Charlie. Jake needs to cover his tracks. It's only a matter of time.

Charlie has a target on his back. And since he's playing double agent and working for Albatross and Cyrus, he really needs to watch out.

Bits and pieces:

  • David is slowly becoming one of the OPA team. Harrison seems not to like it, but there's no denying David's a valuable asset.
  • Quinn showing David how they do things without a badge was a nice nod to all the things she's learned.
  • Huck telling Olivia he doesn't want her to die was sweet.
What did you think of "A Woman Scorned"? Were you excited by Fitz and Olivia's reunion? Who do you think Albatross is? Don't forget to check out the Scandal quotes page for more Gladiator goodness!


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I just love Mellie ! Was it a passionate love marriage with Fotz ? No but they have 3 kids and she never strayed with her committmend to Fitz until he treated her like garbage one too many times, He agreed to marry her .. he had the 3 kids with her and now he will suffer the consequences for breaking up his family. I never liked Fitz. He is arrogant , very aggressive and i would be scared as a woman to be with a man like this. How can anyone cheer for this murdering cheating man ? I hope Mellie will run for office while Fitz wont win reelection as he didnt win it the first time either.


I love there are so many layers to each scandal. When you look closely, peel back a layer, you'll find yet another scandalous event/activity. I imagine Fitz & Olivia will continue this dance for the duration of the series. Each has a secret that will rock the other (Verna & Jake). I love what each character brings to the story and yes that includes Mellie, Cyrus et al. There is no moral high ground so it's fun to watch moral relativism in action. While I enjoy the tangled relationships, the mystery and intrigue is the most compelling for me.


If my husband has expressed that he wants a divorce it means that the marriage is over and he wants a divorce why stay in a relationship with someone who does not love you and is in love with someone else and he has already openly express this to Mellie. I was to the edge of my seat as I watch this episode. I do really want Olivia to be with Fitz because they love each other and Mellie deserve better she deserve someone who really loves her I cannot say that I'm angry with her because her marriage was violated but then again it was over way before she got pregnant with her last child and way before Olivia and Fitz started their affair. with that being said, Cyrus needs to handle his husband! I cannot wait for the season finale its gonna be the bomb


Loved the episode and all the Jake and Olivia scenes. I love the Jake character. He's sexier, prettier, and hotter than Fitz, He seems to care about Liv. I wonder where Jake really lives given that both his apartment and Liv's have cameras in them. That was an interesting twist. I sure would like to know what his real mission is. I am not a fan Olitz. Fitz has gotten increasingly aggressive toward liv, e.g. demanding that she come to the WH and threatening to have the US attorney pick her up as a material witness and jail her if she didn't allow Jake to continue to protect her. I think we are seeing Fitz' loss of executive function due to the head shot. I loved that Huck was able to identify Charlie by his ear. And I'm going to predict right now Harrison is the one who betrays Liv and the Team. I'm on Mellie's side as the president is her husband. Fitz should have divorced Mellie before he had three kids with her.


Actually, I think you can see Fitz mudering Verna as him not only protecting himself, but also all the other people complicit in Defiance--his beloved Olivia included. Meanwhile, Verna just gets to drift off peacefully after dropping the bomb? She should have taken that secret to the grave--which Fitz made certain that she did. Not saying it's right, but I think that explains the conundrum of how he was willing to kill someone to remain president, but unwilling to cut Olivia off (permanently) to appease Mellie so he could be the president. One way or another it all seems to come back to him and Olivia.


LOL. I love how @DeAnn thinks. I'm still on a high from the last episode :)Right now I prefer Jake staying on while Mellie takes a walk. Can't stand her at all. All the empathy I felt for her in the past just went down the drain. Vacuous, evil, manipulative & delusional excuse for a first lady.


I must have watching a different show Kay - Fritz murdered Vernia while she was in a Hospital bed and was no threat. Even if Vernia had tried to kill him a dozen times in the past (which she did not) it is not self defense. I do not agree with what Vernia was threating but that is not relavent to the Law. As far as Millie's actions this week all I heard was her telling the people that she was a bad wife and the President had to turn to another person for what he needed. I think the people will understand that divorse was not an option. In reality Fritz did not have an extramarital affair since he has not been having a marital affair in the first place. It would not effect my vote


@Lizzyb. I beg to differ. Killing Verna was self defense. She wanted to ruin everyone else just cos she had no future. She tried to kill Fitz, so while it is technically murder, it was in reality self defense./ revenge. Serves her right.


I don't condone extra material affairs; however with the morals or lack of our society, why would having an affair end his presidency? The public will get past it. We did with Clinton. Having said that, their affair will not end so let's move on and concentrate on other facets of the show. Who is Albatross? Is Albatross the man Jake meets with? Jake plays both side of the coin and Oliver is right not to trust him. Will Huck get killed because he knows the name of the mole? The one thing I find impossible to accept is Fritz killing Verna. Yes, she would have died soon anyway and it could be construed as mercy killing. .Nevertheless Fritz killed her. In the end Shonda should not ignore this. We tried Kevorkian for helping people commit suicide not for actually injecting the needle. Allowing no repercussion for this act would be sending the wrong message to us. People forget TV is not real.


OMG so obsessed. I hope Olivia is pregnant from the last hottest, steamy love scene.

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