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If it were acceptable to write an entire review in nothing but screams and exclamation points, I would try it. Because there's certainly a lot of screaming and exclaiming going on inside my brain after watching Scandal tonight.

So much, in fact, that I stopped taking notes on "Any Questions?" somewhere around the time when Cyrus cut James into a million little pieces and then I just watched the rest with my mouth hanging open until... OMG Billy Chambers is the mole!

BILLY CHAMBERS IS THE MOLE. Billy. Chambers. Is. The. Mole. And David Rosen is a double-crossing, crazy-helper.

Scandal Season 1 Scene

I said it in Round Table after Round Table that I didn't think Billy Chambers died at the end of Scandal season 1. We never saw a body and rule #1 of killing people on TV means if we don't see the body there's always a chance the character didn't really die. I love being right!

Billy is the perfect kind of crazy. I mean, he sent Amanda Tanner to seduce the President, knocked her up and told her to pretend it was Fitz' baby. He is a loyal devotee to the Vice President for reasons that aren't entirely clear. And he stabbed a man to death with a pair of scissors! (RIP, Gideon!) 

Billy Chambers is certifiable. And he's back!

More shocking than Billy Chambers being the walking dead is the fact that David Rosen is his accomplice. David double-crossed Olivia, stole the Cytron card back and delivered it into the hands of the one deranged man who is more hellbent on taking down Fitzgerald Grant than any other. 

Let's be clear. David has plenty of reason to want to double-cross Olivia. Plenty. She and her quest to protect Fitz cost David everything. His career, his reputation, his ability to practice law. All of it was lost because of Olivia Pope. He's got a bone to pick and it's a big one. 

But I still never saw that reveal coming. Never ever ever. I was totally shocked. When the camera panned to show his face, there was an audible gasp in my living room and my eyes were as big as saucers. The writers have done such an amazing job of insinuating him into life at Pope and Associates and had him go so far tonight as to say that he's a gladiator. They did such a good job of making me like him and want him to be a part of the team!

It was perfect! PERFECT! Well done! Ah! I love surprises!

I also love that Quinn was the one to talk Huck down from shooting Charlie. She really is becoming, as Abby called her, "baby Huck," and it's really giving Quinn something to do besides fetch coffee. 

Huck is so broken. Wanting to shoot Charlie made sense. Charlie has taken everything away from him. But not shooting him showed courage. It showed just how far Huck has come since he and Olivia found each other. And Charlie had to live to see another day. Because Jake still has to catch him.

Speaking of Jake, I really want to know what his boss' deal is. Is Billy Chambers working with him? Why does he care what's going on with the President? Or with Olivia Pope? What's his plan with the video of Olivia and Jake? Will he use it to drive a wedge between Fitz and Olivia?

I could see that being a reason he would want it. He tried to tell Cyrus to use it for that same purpose, but Cyrus didn't, for whatever reason. Maybe Cyrus realized, after going to Olivia's apartment to retrieve the President and remind him that he does in fact have a job to do, that the video wouldn't work the way he wanted it to work. It wouldn't turn Fitz against Olivia. It would turn Fitz against Cyrus for showing it in the first place. 

The Mellie/Fitz/Olivia triangle is such a weird dynamic. Mellie and Olivia both know Fitz better than he knows himself. They both knew there was no way he wouldn't run for a second term. 

Olivia was right when she said that if he gave that up, eventually, that would be the thing that came between them. Defiance will always creep in between them somehow. 

Defiance will never die. 

Two other things that need to be mentioned before wrapping this up: Cyrus and James, and Harrison.

That fight between Cyrus and James was absolutely brutal. Cyrus Beene! Stop being an ass! He was so unbelievably mean to James tonight and even though it's probably true that Mellie requested him strictly to take a stab at Cyrus, wow. Cyrus cut him to the core. I hope the couch in his office is comfy.

Harrison was straight up shot down by Olivia tonight. He tried to stand up and be her protector, to be brave and save the day for her the way she's done for so many others, but she wouldn't acknowledge that anything was wrong or let him help in any way. She froze him out.

I know I'm probably forgetting something. It's impossible to cover everything in a show with so much to talk about, particularly when my brain is still running in circles yelling "Billy Chambers!!" So, let's talk Scandal in the comments!

What did you think of "Any Questions?" What did you think of Billy Chambers' return? Of David's betrayal? Leave your answers below and be sure to check out the Scandal quotes page for more Gladiator goodness!


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Cyrus was a complete ass to James tonight. He doesn't deserve a nice and loving husband like James. He's been condescending and disrespectful to James for a while now.


@hk, have you seen the promo for next week? Cyrus IS having a heart attack next week. So disappointed at David too. I was really hoping he'd become part of the team.


I love the show so much!! it's too much to write in this little spaces. I need a one on one conversation and STILL sometimes that's not enough! I knew figured out David was co-mole, when he mentioned choosing the Gladitor position. I loved how the writers made us hate him, love him and hate him again. Cool!


I was wondering what Fitz was going to say at the press conference...
I just loved the way he firmly said." My marriage is none of your business" !!
and then to the next point on his agenda! WOW! Well said!
Its nobody's business!! Just because he is a public figure does not mean people should be meddling in his private life
It seems people have amnesia! Everyday, everywhere, regular men and women are cheating on their marriage partners... divorce is on the rampage..and who is questioning them?
On the other hand, I keep on thinking Cy will have a heart attack soon at the screaming rate he is going! He is screaming too much!
As for David Rosen, I have no words!! Especially after all what Olivia & the others have gone through to protect him!!
Shame on him!!


So I slowed down the preview.... The girl from this bakery breaks into Oliva's apartment ( the girl working with jake) ....but it is a man holding Olivia with his hand on her mouth....I assume it is Jake protecting her still?...


I loved the episode but totally saw that David was part of the mole... They made that way too obvious through out the episode. And WTH did they keep the Cytron card?? Isn't it the only physical proof about election rigging??? Idiotic to keep it.


Honest to goodness when all of this "Mole" mess started going down, the very first person I thought about was Billy Chambers, especially the way season 1 ended with him and Carlile in the elevator. BUT! Hiw is Billy getting the information, he doesn't rank high enough. Maybe I'm seeking a conspiracy behind a conspiracy but this still seems very incomplete to me. I still got my eye on Madame VP. Yes, she threw Billy up under the bus O'Mally style, but she was blackmailed by Fitz. And that will make them a vengeful alliance. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" may have just been a dig. I can't wait until next Thursday!


I love Harrison and I loved when he tried to get Olivia to come out of her "love" haze. I never understand mistresses who love it that a man loves me so much he will leave his wife, kids and his job for me. Really? Did Olivia really think Fitz would stop being the president for her? And she loved that! Girl please! Mellie knows him far better than you ever will. Fitz is a jerk and Mellie knows it. Olivia is in dreamland! I love Cyrus I love it when he told Tom I will have you taking care of the baby if you don't let me in and telling Fritz and Olivia to get up! But I did not like the way he talked to James. Yes Mellie was using him but the way Cyrus hurt James was way out of bounds. James needs to take the baby and leave! James needs to take lessons from Mellie! I love that Charlie is not Mr. Sweets! Knew David Rosen was not a Gladiator. I really find myself wanting to shake Olivia and tell her you are not all that. Get over yourself. Harrison is trying to tell her that be she is not listening!


I thought Fitz news conference where he basically said I am not talking about my personal life but I am rerunning for president bulllshit. No way in hell would he get to walk away from a nees conference without being skewered. There is a reason why Americans dont like cheatinf politicians. Its the entire idea that he can't stay loyal to his own family how can he be loyal to a bunch of people he doesn't know, the american people. He lies to those closest to him. He'll lie to us. But the fact that Fitz basically admitted to cheating by pulling the personal card, didnt seem to care that he hurt his family (will we see the fallout between him and his kids) and announced his reelection bid? Its ludicrous. Thos guy would be done. Toast.


I doubt anyone could have predicted that Billy Chambers would appear at the end of the episode. I had no clue who he was when the camera panned to David Rosen in the car last night. I completely forgot about him until I read this review and what his role was during season 1...and now all I am saying is OH MY GOODNESS. This was another intense episode, and now that I have been caught up thanks to Miranda, I think we are in for a monumental season finale next week!

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