The Mentalist Season 5 Report Card: A

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As we struggle through the long summer hiatus and await the return of The Mentalist this fall, let's relive some of our favorite - and not so favorite moments - from The Mentalist season 5. Read on for our latest TV Fanatic Report Card and grade the CBS drama below...

A Red John Lead

Best Episode: The Mentalist gave us a really solid season so picking one favorite episode was pretty darn difficult. But in the end I've got to go with the season finale, "Red John Rules." Between floating the idea that Red John is psychic, to breaking into Jane's memory box, the finale was filled with twists and turns. When Red John used an already deceased Lorelei Martins to tell Jane he'd predicted who would be on the final list of seven suspects, even before Jane came up with them, that really got my attention. Knowing that the serial killer will be killing a lot closer to home…let's just say I'm hooked on season 6 and it hasn't even begun.

Worst Episode: I can't say there was an episode that I really hated but "There Will Be Blood" was disappointing. I was a big fan of Lorelei Martins and it felt as though there was more story there to tell, so finding her as Red John's next victim may have been inevitable but was still a disheartening turn of events.

Most Improved Character: Wayne Rigsby. I've never been a big fan of Rigsby. Other than his arson investigative skills, he's always felt like the weakest member of the team.  With "Red Velvet Cupcakes" Wayne finally stepped up and told Grace how he really felt. I didn't even care that it was undercover. The words were honest enough to garner my respect and win back his one true love.

Most Disappointing Character: Grace Van Pelt…and only because she was either stuck behind a desk, or plant, or file box for most of the season and then shipped off to Los Angeles for training. I'm happy for actress Amanda Righetti and her new baby but I'll be thrilled to see Grace back full force next season.

Most Intriguing Return: JJ LaRoche. I had hoped we'd see more of this season and The Mentalist gave me my wish, culminating with "Red and Itchy." The fact that LaRoche not only worked with Patrick Jane but asked…no make that begged for his assistance to find his missing Tupperware made for a gratifying episode. The story behind what was in the mysterious container gave this already compelling character yet another curious layer.

Most Disappointing Return: Lorelei Martins. I was captivated by Lorelei from the beginning. She was the smart and seductive Red John disciple who had reason to turn on the psychotic madman. But watching her run around shooting at people and ditching Jane to go rogue was discouraging. Having Red John murder her may have been inevitable but it felt like a mediocre ending for such a unique character.

Hopes for Season 6:

  • More danger. I'd love to see Red John go after the core members of the CBI team. Not that I want to see anyone's blood drawn in a smiley face on the wall but I'd love to see how Patrick Jane deals with the people closest to him being in imminent peril.
  • With Red John playing head games with Patrick, it would be great to see Teresa step up her game. I'm hoping she's an integral part of keeping Jane on track and hunting down the serial killer.
  • Red John. I'd love to see him caught by the end of the season. As show creator Bruno Heller has mentioned, it will be interesting to see how Patrick Jane gets on with his life once Red John is no longer his focus. That said, at the very least I want to know who the maniacal serial killer is before the season ends.

Final Grade: A

How would YOU grade this season of The Mentalist?


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hi all!
hey watcher good to see you again! have you changed your mind about the 6th season? one month went by, god it's SO long. I watched the show on French tv earlier, I miss it:-( hope the summer flies!


@KM Your idea about season 6 starting Sept 29 sounds right on the money. Such a very long time to wait, isn't it? Fan fictions and old seasons and reruns and movies with Simon or Robin are great. But it just doesn't fill that old Mentalist void. :/


@bonaduz Glad you had fun with that! Yes, another one up today, and it will probably be more what you were thinking lol and I liked writing it, too. I have to admit I was LMAO writing them acting like total kids!


@Watcher I know what you mean about the reviews on baby stories. I wrote one that only led to the night of trying, and I got requests to see the baby, etc, "finish" the story. I'm really just not ready to write there, but I'm glad there are people who do so most can be satisfied lol @rationalgal Wow, that's quite a plot! You should write that! Cherish was very good and Robin Tunney excellent in it. Interesting story line and I'm not totally clear about what she did at the end.


Hi Huisclothes,
I can't stay away! No, I haven't followed silently, but did drop by briefly the other day. I will probably pop by more often now. As to what I am watching, Game of Thrones and Mad Men are my two favorites right now. I did recently finish the first seasons of Sherlock and Downton Abbey - both were very good by the way. I have been collecting recommendations for new (or old) shows to watch. If you have any favorites, let me know. As to the baby thing, I'm glad somebody has them. It is necessary for the survival of the human race I suppose. I just don't want to read about every diaper changed or bath given! @Rationalgal, I would not be at all surprised if somebody has written that story, or something very close to it. People seem to love to kill off Lisbon's brother! Not sure what the poor guy ever did to the fanfic writers :D


WATCHER. YOU CAME BACK!!! how are you? what have you been watching? do you follow us silently?
yes, people love the baby stuff for this is the stuff of their lives and this is why parents socialize with other parents. the thing that's annoying is most of them have probably passed on the bad grammar and punctuation gene to their progeny.


Watching this movie Cherish right now. I hope nothing bad happens. Robin Tunney is a caution! She;s wonderful in this movie. :-D


No no no, you guys. Here's how the post-rj scenario plays out: Lisbon's brother Tommy shows up and gets involved in the RJ hunt. He gets killed by RJ or a minion and RJ gets killed. Everyone devastated by Tommy's death. Lisbon gets custody of niece Annie, who gets along great with Jane (he taught her pickpocketing). Jane has a great time teaching Annie more shenanigan stuff while Lisbon pretends irritation but really loves it. All get along fine and the family type interaction helps Jane recover normal life quickly. Jane and Lisbon get married with everyone - including the judge while performing the ceremony - keeps asking Lisbon if she knows what she's getting into. All very humorous and teasing stuff. Jane now has his family back, there are lots of cute eps of Jane and Annie sparring in a loving uncle/niece way, with Annie doing teenage things to stir things up. Annie gets her gun and they become a crime solving trio. Someone please write this neat story!


Hi all,
I agree with your points about babies and tea towels and squirrelly names. I never read baby stories. I made the mistake when I first started reading fanfic of reading one. It just never ended- chapter after chapter of "cute" baby/child anecdotes. I am not a kid person, so needless to say this did nothing for me. I stopped reading when I realized nothing more substantial was going to happen. But I noticed that the writer kept posting new chapters. Out of curiosity, I took a look at the reviews. I was shocked to find that people loved it. Dozens and dozens of reviews begging for more! Oh well, I guess it is no wonder I don't write a TV show for a living, I clearly am very out of touch with what the masses want!


No! No double wedding! I never think about Bingly or whatever his name is. Just wedding as in happily ever after. Just a thought. Not worth a lot. :-)

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