Two and a Half Men Season 11 to Introduce New Series Regular

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Charlie Harper lives! Sort of!

With Two and a Half Men having been renewed for Season 11, and yet Angus Jones only set to recur as Alan's teenage son Jake, sources tell Deadline that the CBS sitcom has a plan to fill the young void:

It will introduce a new series regular: Charlie's long-lost daughter!

Alan's Unexpected News

The character will be in her late teens or early 20s and show up on Walden's door this September in search of her father. Look for her to eventually move in to the main home.

What do you think of this plan, Two and a Half Men Fanatics? And which actress do you think is right for what ought to be a highly sought-after role?

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The show without Charlie sheen went down the crapper. John Veterans is not only a mouch, but the storyline of him living with a perfect stranger is stupid. Ashton is a terrible actor and also He is as funny as a door knob. Now u want to take Angus out and put a long lost kid of Charlie on the show OMG I really don't know what they are doing. I would cancel two and a half men because nobody cares anymore, and sorry but somebody tell me what's left of that show. Put a different name on that show and if u never watched the show before, you wouldn't see the resemblances between the two. Two and a half men died when they killed Charlie.


I think it is a good idea if done right and I think Lindsey Lohan would be the perfect choice and type.


Is that show still on? After THE CHANGE I watched it three or four times and that was more than enough. For all his reputation as a player, the Charlie character was very complex. This Ashton (his real name?) appears to be Mr. One Note. Jon Cryer is a wonderful physical actor, but from what I saw, the writers have made him into a fool. I loved Angus as a little boy, but he probably should move on. He might make a great real estate salesman. The reruns of the show with Charlie Sheen still hold up as great fun. This retreaded tire of a show is dead to me.


ashton kutcher is boring, i prefer watching the reruns with charlie sheen. if they going to bring in a kid of charlies, they should at least make it a boy (as the show name is two and half men)


I think that's a horrible idea. The writers have already turned Jon Cryer's character into an annoying weasel, I can't imagine that introducing this new character (who, apparently, will be smart enough to track down her long lost father - but not smart enough to figure out he's dead) could possibly help. This season may be their "jump the shark season".


I think this show stinks without charlie. watched it a couple of times. they just can,t do it with out charlie. I watch the charlie reruns. Love it.


Ashton is horrible i watched the first show and have never watched another since he replaced Charlie Sheen. Please bring him back or at least get rid or get rid of Ashton. That WAS the funniest show ever.


show is vaulger


It's called Two and a Half-Men! Not Two Men and a Little Lady!! Ok!


BRING CHARLIE SHEEN BACK TO TWO ANDHALF MEN HE WAS VERY FUNNY AND ALOT OF FANS WANT HIM BACK THE SHOW SUCKS WITH OUT CHARLIE SHEEN 500000000000000000000fans want charlie sheen back please bring charlie sheen back to twoandahalf men please john and howard caylor

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