Two and a Half Men Season 11 to Introduce New Series Regular

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Charlie Harper lives! Sort of!

With Two and a Half Men having been renewed for Season 11, and yet Angus Jones only set to recur as Alan's teenage son Jake, sources tell Deadline that the CBS sitcom has a plan to fill the young void:

It will introduce a new series regular: Charlie's long-lost daughter!

Alan's Unexpected News

The character will be in her late teens or early 20s and show up on Walden's door this September in search of her father. Look for her to eventually move in to the main home.

What do you think of this plan, Two and a Half Men Fanatics? And which actress do you think is right for what ought to be a highly sought-after role?

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The show is not the same without Charlie Sheen. Please just leave well enough
alone and let Angus come back I only watch sometimes. I watch all the reruns with Charlie Sheen. Sorry, the show is not the same.I love Anger Management If
Angus doesn't come back I hope he will be allowed to be on Charlies show.


I agree Ashton is terrible but John is still so funny...he needs another actor to interact with!!! Maybe a child of Charlies is jut the thing...time will tell!!!


I think the only reason this show is still on after Charlie left is the time slot it's in. Aston and the Jake character are just plain boring. Jake was funny when he was young but not anymore. I was hoping it would get cancelled and something funny given a chance.


I think that more gratitude should be shown to the true star of the show, Jon Cryer! He's the true heart & soul of the show now! Although this change could be a good one. It's about time one of Charlie's children showed up! There had to be some & I don't know why none were written into the show before now. Nothing against Ashton, but his character is not a good fit for this storyline. I think the title of the show has certainly gone out of the window!


I think john cryer is the heart of the show, along with Berta, and Herb. Don't really care for Ashton Kutcher, never have. But i tolerate him because the writing is good. I still watch Charlie reruns every night before bed.


DUMB idea! Rather have Alan ( the real star) win the lottery, buy out Walden and get married and move in the new wife, with two sons of her own!


What? Now I hEAR that Angus Jones is also leaving the show. John Cyr is a great actor. The show needs Charlie and Angus and of course Angus Jones. There will be no show with just that guy that was married to DEMI mOORE. Come on, you know he can't act and is certainly not funny. Oh well I did enjoy the first many years it was on with Charlie, John Cyr and Angus Jones. All good things do come to an end.


Loved this show. Watched it all the time. Now I only watch the reruns with Charlie Scheen. Sorry but that new character is not even funny. Actually he is totally boring. I never watched any of his movies or shows. He can't act. The only thing I know about him is that he was married to Demi Moore.


Yeah, it sounds interesting. I can not wait eleventh season. I hope the record and the twelfth season. I'm glad that the series has a plot. The tenth season is also a good one. It bothers me that Ashton paid more than Jon. When Charlie Sheen is gone Jon Cryer must tu be a face of "Two and a half man".


Sounds interesting - Glad to hear Jones is no longer a regular - In fact he should be black listed though out the industry and sued for everything he ever earned on the show.

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